Why and How to Use Salesforce Marketing Cloud?


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful tool that can ease the marketing activities of any organization. It offers several solutions and tools to present marketing solutions that helps the agents to interact with customers. Some of the most useful features in the form of tools offered by Salesforce Marketing cloud are email, advertising, social media management, customer engagement, and relationship strength.

Earlier it was known as ExactTarget solution that was majorly used by the organization in forming their digital marketing strategy. Today Salesforce CRM is used by a number of big brands worldwide and is considered as one of the most powerful digital business process management tools. Some of the commonly used tools of Salesforce marketing cloud are:

Introduction to Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Social Studio
  • Mobile Studio
  • Email Studio
  • Journey Studio
  • Interaction Studio
  • Salesforce DMP

Through Salesforce marketing cloud brands can automate their number of regular business operations right from email marketing to the most crucial cross-channel campaign management.

Do you want to get familiar with the Salesforce Marketing cloud, then do not worry. Just go through this post, here we will discuss Salesforce marketing cloud introduction, its features and benefits for the business organization.

A Brief Introduction to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

As we told earlier that Salesforce Marketing Cloud is earlier known as Exact Target that was like a digital arm of the complete product suite of Salesforce family. Users of Exact Target were able to draft one-to-one emails to enhance customer engagement and improve business ROI. Salesforce Marketing cloud was evolved to improve business image across multiple business channels including web, mobile, social media and ads.

One of the most used and preferred email marketing solutions of Marketing cloud is email marketing. This is a scalable and comprehensive solution and is an executive promotional campaign that can draft highly personalized emails, behavior-triggered messages and personalized emails. It can be used by all size businesses and industries. It can easily ease customer journeys that too by using predictive intelligent customer management platform.

You can develop a real customer relationship with customers that can help you in personalizing your customer journey. Salesforce has put the power of marketing campaigns in the user’s hands by allowing them to form and build their marketing campaign, personalizing and optimizing interactions as well.

Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

1). Customized and Targeted Customer Journey

Every client interaction of Salesforce can be personalized through Marketing cloud. Even customers can easily move through their purchase journey. It can make their journey smooth and remarkable. By utilizing the CRM data, the business organizations can enhance the customer satisfaction level and ease the task of marketing reps by providing them real-time customer information through any device and location.

2). Better Customer Understanding

Salesforce Marketing cloud can connect data that has been accessed through various channels and sources. They can even judge and know what data is suitable for you and what not. Every customer information can be accessed in a visual manner through optimized marketing cloud dashboard. The professionals can access that and provide instant solution to their customers.

3). Enhanced Customer Engagement

The marketing cloud helps the reps in creating a personalized experience for their customers. They can access the complete history of customer that includes not only their personal details but also their likes and dislikes. The companies can become customer-centered and be connected with various similar channels.

4). Targeted CTAs

As we told earlier that now the personalized emails can be drafted and sent to the customers as per their interests, profiles, location, and other attributes, so now the marketing professionals can send them emails through right channel. They may send it either on customer’s mobile or their emails or social media profiles depending on their interest and availability.

5). Power of Analytics

Salesforce marketing cloud is hosted on the cloud, so the IT department does not have to worry about existing resources or infrastructure. They need not to buy any additional device or server to host enterprise data to make a complete service more organized and efficient. Just by using the direct cloud capabilities of Salesforce they can use the CRM to enhance customer satisfaction.

6). Availability of Cross-Channel and Cross-Functional Marketing Campaigns

 Every marketing opportunity can be fueled through Salesforce cloud. It allows discrete customer interaction through any channel. Salesforce marketing cloud allows the professionals to interact with customers at any time and through any device. All information stored in the cloud and gets updated in real-time; this makes customer interaction intelligent. Even customer issues can be resolved quickly and accurately.

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Now, the marketing professionals do not have to take the customer details too many times; the information gets stored just in first interaction.

7). Better Lead Generation

For any business growth, lead generation is one of the most important aspects. Salesforce marketing cloud can automate many steps of sales and marketing so the teams can focus more on making their marketing strategies and lead nurturing; it eventually shows the real promise that proves business loyalty. Marketing automation also gives you a detailed and richer picture or customer behavior.

So, we can say here that Salesforce Marketing cloud offers lots of business benefits that due to which today businesses are adopting it. One of the most important aspects is that it can provide personalized customer service by analyzing their personal interest and automating marketing and sales activities. They can help you to know from where the customer has reached to your site and what product or service interests them most.

If your customer is at the beginning of their purchase journey then they may have to go through various steps like comparing and selecting the product before navigating the product lists. They have to compare the product with almost all similar products on the internet.

Salesforce marketing cloud helps the users in creating trigger-based marketing messages, personalized messages and Facebook or Twitter messages. Apart from this lead, nurturing also become efficient. Now the customers start receiving personalized messages and can provide right content to the right client that too at right time. They can also know what messages are being open by the client and drive and help in making content marketing strategies.

Some of the Imperative Features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Now the companies can develop real relationship with their customers. Salesforce has empowered its clients with lots of marketing essential tools including journey builder that can make their customer journey quite smooth. Some of the other features of Salesforce marketing cloud are:

  • Drag and drop segmentation
  • Predictive Intelligence
  • Pre-built templates and themes
  • Email marketing
  • Deliverability tools
  • Cross-channel integration and CRM
  • Customer data platform
  • Marketing automation
  • 1:1 content personalization
  • Messaging for every step of the customer journey

Marketing Cloud helps the organization in planning, personalizing and optimizing customer journeys. It can help in making customer journey personalized that too in a strategic manner. Agents can interact with the customer at any time and through any device. By combining the interaction details of any customer with their personal information then through that marketer can easily generate the type of targeted content to drive consumer actions.

In-Depth Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features

We have listed some of the features of Marketing cloud in above paragraph, now we will see its some of them in detail here in the next section:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features

A). Email Marketing Campaign Creation

Email marketing has been considered as one of the most effective channels that can help in improving and enhancing customer relationship especially, of online customers. It provides the tools to ease customer interaction regardless of the type of customers, whether they are new or existing ones.

Through email marketing tools, the sophisticated email marketing campaign can be easily designed. Just with the help of drag and drop capabilities with some native recommendations they can be created. Some of the important aspects are AMPscript, JavaScript that can provide personalize customer experience. Mobile-optimized templates can also be created with personal touch.

B). Personalized Journey and Experience

As we said earlier that marketing cloud could create and provide personalized journey across its multiple channels like sales, marketing and service. Such personal experience can help in providing seamless customer experience regardless the channel through which customer has reached to the business.

Through your registed Salesforce marketing cloud account you can map the customer journey. Marketers can prioritize their all steps of their marketing campaign strategy that may be either to enhance customer engagement that too through their real-time interaction or to test the interaction through multiple contents for emails. Even the organizations can respond to customer’s queries and connect various products and apps.

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C). Track Customer Reactions

Now the tools of marketing cloud help the users in tracking customer interaction in a seamless manner that too, through multiple channels that may be either emails, mobiles, web, or social media. Here the web personalization can help in drafting personal content for the clients that can in-turn make the customer interaction personalized through well-drafted content.

Here the web personalization is achieved through web page content that is personalized especially for the web pages that too based on the individual consumer experience. Even the explicit and implicit customer behavior information be collected that can help you in leveraging data collection that may include the information of product recommendations and discounts including many others.

D). To know Customer Preferences

Salesforce marketing cloud helps the organizations in understanding customer preferences and choice. They can track the customer preferences and even optimize the customer interaction as well. Customer optimization is being done across multiple channels as a result, the customers do not have to lift their finger as their information gets managed across multiple channels.

With the help of explicit and implicit customer data, one can create predictive customer profiles for every customer in the database. Therefore the customer preferences can easily be inferred, and the content can then be drafted as per that. You can also automate emails and send them based on customer interest and choice.

These are some of the benefits of Salesforce marketing cloud. Now let us see how you can create the marketing campaign for Salesforce?

Creating and Managing Campaigns for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

By keeping track of your marketing campaign components you can make it successful. This marketing cloud campaigns can group the emails, contact information and mobile information in them that eventually helps in managing customer information. All campaign components can be grouped that helps in planning, executing and measuring the campaign performance. For example, by associating multiple emails of any campaign you can know its performance even the performance of all emails.

As far as campaign creation is concerned then it involves two distinct phases. One of them is to define the campaign itself and then the second phase is associated with association of them with every other campaign components like emails, social and mobile efforts that basically belong to the email campaign. The following associations can be added to the campaigns.

Through Mobile Studio

  • Push Messages: The messages can be sent to the subscribers through mobile app of marketing cloud
  • Mobile Messaging: The simple SMS text message that can be sent to the personal numbers of customers

Through Social Studio

  • Facebook Update and Tab: The updated status can be added to the Facebook page and these pages can again be managed through SocialPages app
  • Twitter Update: The tweets that you want to send to your customers can be sent directly through your corporate Twitter account

Through Email Studio

  • Regular Emails: The regular emails can be sent to your subscribers that may be personalized as well.
  • Triggered Send: Triggered emails are those emails that are sent as response to any click by the users automatically

From Web Studio

  • Landing Page: If any single website is hosted that has multiple pages for marketing campaign, then they all can be managed through single platform.
  • Site Pages: All pages of website are hosted through Salesforce marketing cloud

So, all of these functionalities are part of Salesforce marketing campaign. Now let us move to the next segment of our discussion.

Steps to Create Marketing Campaign

Before using Salesforce marketing campaign you will have to create it, and for this, you will have to follow following steps:

Steps to Create Marketing Campaign
  • From toolbar select campaign and select create a campaign
  • Complete the required information like campaign name, color, date, and description
  • Some fields like campaign owner, tags and code are optional
  • Now click create to get your first campaign.

Now you can associate your customized campaign with the required fields. For this, you can select the fields through the drop-down list and add them. In this way, you can get a customized marketing campaign that you may easily use for various marketing activities. By adding tags with the campaign you can categorize it and define its purpose.

Final Words

One major benefit of the Salesforce marketing cloud is real-time data integration so that the organizations can understand their customers in a better way. Cross-channel customer interaction can also be enhanced, and employee on-boarding gets streamlined through the Salesforce marketing cloud. It can guide the organizations to take certain actions and decisions for their customer journey.

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