Essentials of a CRM Data Migration Checklist


Data Migration refers to the procedure of shifting data information starting with one framework then onto the next, and then to another. This is a regularly an essential stride keeping in mind the end goal to set up multiple frameworks while using the same information that exists as of now in your current system(s). An appropriate CRM data migration is regularly more than a mere simple point and clicks suggestion, in spite of the capacity of custom CRM applications to import information and regardless of the presence of various off the shelf data migration tools you need to take care of certain factors to get it right. Today let us see what all makes to the top of the CRM migration checklist for an essential, specialized system.

 CRM Migration Checklist-

Select the Future Platform

The simple first thing which is encouraged to do is locate the reasonable and rich CRM stage for proficient customer information administration and smooth work processes. You have to investigate the conceivable choices on the CRM market and pick the arrangement that accommodates your organization requests and destinations. Select the CRM that offers a free trial period, so you could test it and see if the stage meets the focused business advancements of your association or not 

Clean Up the Records

Make sure to learn the structure and the upkeep standards of your database, before setting up any cleaning or erasing exercises. You will have to characterize and sort the indispensable records types to guarantee the consistency and importance of the exchanged information. Also, keep in mind that fragmented copies can be consolidated or replaced to remain the things novel and clear.

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Get Organized

Refresh or make information overseeing rules for your group. That will keep your records to be organized sensibly. For example, your association utilizes the business regions, so guarantee every one of the leads, contact, and records are arranged by the geology of those regions. 

Know Your Data

Recognize the modules you need to drive to your new arrangement, and in addition, examine how your current CRM contrasts from the future one. Suppose your information incorporates authentic things like old arrangements or finished gatherings; it’s very doubtful that you will be able to manage it in the up and coming business forms.

Create Migration Tool

The most testing errand, obviously, is to build up the migration device or a script that will consequently relocate all information into the new CRM stage. CRM migration service providers will have the capacity to help you with this. An expert group of CRM data migration designers will precisely and thoroughly consider the relocation calculations and an intricate mistake discovery instrument, and additionally numerous different segments that would make up a viable migration tool.

Secure a Data Backup

You ought to make a backup of all your data information from your inheritance arrangements before you move to CRM data migration. Do not engage with a CRM Migration specialist who doesn’t mention data backup in his CRM data migration plan. Numerous things can go wrong amid your CRM migration, and losing your valuable data is the exact opposite of what you want from a CRM data migration process.

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Run a Couple of Tests

CRM data migration activities may transform into a big disaster on the off chance that you choose to move all your data in one take. It’s smarter to run two or three preliminary migration tests with a few distinct sets of data clusters. Do not be worried about any mistakes, as it will enable your migration consulting team to enhance their migration tool before they move all information into the new CRM. This approach is superb for incorporating a few complex arrangements of data into a solitary CRM.

Migrate the CRM Data

Subsequent to conducting a few test data migration rounds, it is, at last, the time to migrate the entire data from the inheritance CRM, or a scope of arrangements, into another CRM. Obviously, there may be a few issues amid the last migration; predominantly when you work with numerous different frameworks that probably won’t work well at the time of import. In this manner, a group of CRM migration architects will play an essential role in ensuring that everything goes well until the last very minute.


CRM data migration can be a very risky task for your business because your data is your biggest asset. If something goes wrong in this entire procedure, it can turn out to be very fatal for your business enterprise. Therefore follow all the steps carefully and ensure a seamless migration.

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