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 Salesforce for Wealth Management

Know the Potential of Salesforce Wealth Management Services

Walk through the hall of fame of the benefits of this amazing service and focus on nothing but the client needs

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Meet Specific Business Goals

Use the power of Salesforce Einstein and give smart insights to your customers to meet specific business goals.

Address Regulatory Compliance

Manage compliance with repeatable and visible collaboration across the entire firm to secure client and household profiles.

Maximize Every Hour

Collate data at one central location using cloud computing and multitenancy and spend less time on admin tasks.

A Panoramic Client View

Get a single profile for each client with the framework of Salesforce CRM and get all the social, and back-office financial information.

Comprehensive Salesforce Wealth Management Service Offerings

Let us entice you with our wide range of expertise that can revolutionize your entire business workflow to help you deliver more customer satisfaction

  • Client servicing and prospects
  • Difficult relationship mapping
  • Client on-boarding and other standard business processes
  • Client reporting, document management and research contributions
  • Visibility of investments and opportunities
  • Internal collaboration and communications
  • Automation of alerts and exception handling
  • Compliance and due diligence
  • Campaign and communication management
  • Visions and dashboards
  • Capturing mandates and investment guidelines
Salesforce wealth management service

Feature-Rich Components That Ties your Customers to you

Highlights of Salesforce Wealth Management that makes it an important aspect of your business enterprise

Information is the backbone of a viable CRM stage. A better CRM arrangement makes it simple to recover important customer and venture information to give the correct exhortation to customers all through their monetary lifetime.

Decode our Wealth Management Strategy

Only a rock-solid strategy can deliver the functionality to all the financial advisors to service clients at different levels, see how we do it

Optimized Console

We establish a financial advisor console that maximizes productivity by evading context switching which is vital to effective customer engagement.

Mobile Functionality

Appropriate and timely available customer which makes it easy for financial advisors to access from the palm of their hand, anywhere they are.

Collaboration Tools

We build modest silos for advisors and their team to share data, documents, cooperate across departments, and influence the entire firm’s expertise to meet a client’s goals.

Engagement Tools

Our Salesforce experts automate the engagement tools for you so that your company can engage proactively with new clients.

Expand your Salesforce Org for Wealth Management

Complete the procedural setup for a synchronized console that drives unparalleled profits

There are five steps in setting up Salesforce for Wealth Management, they are:


Verify the Contents of the Salesforce for Wealth Management App


Configure Users' App Choices


Verify Record Types


Configure Users' Page Layouts


Verifying the Know Your Client Approval Process

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