Salesforce at the Service of Ambitious Academic Students


Being on cloud nine means to be extremely happy and now navigating to cloud technology means to be letting out a sigh of relief. ‘Go Digital’ saga is witnessing numerous cutting edge technologies and their extraordinary services which leave us in awe.

Data Science has revolutionized the world in unthinkable ways. It also generated humongous data which brought about many challenges. Storing of so much data and processing them requires state of the art technical support.

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology can be described as storing and processing a huge chunk of data over the internet by using hardware at remote locations. Cloud Technology offers services in different forms.

Services of Cloud Technology 

Cloud Technology offers services in the following forms.

Services of Cloud Technology
  • Infrastructure as Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as Service (PaaS)
  • Software as Service (SaaS)

If only hardware infrastructure is required, then, IaaS service is used. And if only a working platform is required, then PaaS service is availed. And if both IaaS and PaaS are used together, then that kind of service availed is named as SaaS where Software Service is provided with both the hardware and platform support completely.


Salesforce is the recent buzz word in the virtual world. The answer to the question, ‘what is salesforce’ is that Salesforce is a company basically that offers Cloud Technology services. To be specific, Salesforce offers Software as a Service (SaaS). Salesforce offers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services and targets on marketing automation, customer service, application development, and analytics.

Salesforce in Different Domains

Salesforce’s services are a great hit in the business sector. Many industries have turned towards Salesforce Services to have a smooth Customer Relationship Management System. Ever since digital marketing soared heights, marketing strategies notched up to an all-new level. Marketing automation is a big plus that is featured by Salesforce. Salesforce has diffused into many domains catering to different requirements. From the healthcare sector to product development and academia, Salesforce has proven to make a difference in people’s life.

Salesforce in Academia

Academia is a place where folks get nurtured to meet the needs of the market. Schools and Universities aren’t just a place of learning the old school way, but they are a place to learn and get enlightened with all the current trends. The technological impact is supposed to be felt right from school and colleges these days to adapt to the real world once students graduate. This is a win-win situation for the students, the teachers, and management.

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Salesforce – CRM as Academia Relationship Management

Salesforce assists in maintaining huge academic data and processing them. This has delivered productive results and the Academic Management has started using Salesforce as Academia Relationship Management System. From desktop to the mobile app, Salesforce has made the whole Academic Management System candid and has helped in many ways. The following are the key aspects of the services of Salesforce in the Academic sector.

CRM as Academia Relationship Management

Key aspects of services of Salesforce in the Academic sector

1). Communication

Communication is a vital part of everything. From a School management point of view, it is essential to communicate with parents and guardians to keep them updated about their wards’ performance and to inform them about the happenings at the school. A similar thing holds good for University management as well. It is essential to have good communication with the following set of people.

Good Communication  with the Following Set of People 
  • Prospective Students- Educational Institutions need to be continually reaching out to the youngsters as they are their future students’ community. Hence a management system to pass the essential information to the prospective students is important. Salesforce takes care of this by organizing the information that needs to be communicated and when they need to be communicated to the prospective students.
  • Current Students- Nowadays, from small information to the assignments, all are sent on digital media. Salesforce comes into the picture, catering to this need by having a management system to send all the necessary information to the current students. This was all are kept updated about the happenings in the class and school/university. Also, from checking attendance to submitting assignments, Salesforce has it all covered.
  • Alumni Group- Alumni groups always are delighted when they are kept in the loop of the happenings of the school/university. Salesforce has them updated by its smart management system.
  • Parents- Sending information through diary was the old school way of keeping in touch with the parents of the students. Later WhatsApp groups were used. Now, Salesforce has it all under control in a professional way. Having separate logins for monitoring their wards’ performance has been a great breakthrough for parents as they will not miss anything important regarding their wards.
  • Teachers- Teachers need to post daily attendance, marks, and assignments regularly. Salesforce makes sure that this is all done systematically and with ease. This way it is easy to monitor the performance of the students and thereby special attention can be given to students who need extra attention to make them excel in academics.
  • Public-The common public must-have essential information regarding the school/university. Salesforce has that taken care of as well. It has important notifications delivered to the common public.
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2). Engagement

Meaningful engagement is the secret to keep a long-lasting cordial relationship with anyone and everyone. Salesforce facilitates in keeping all the parties engaged only with the essentials. For the students’ community, keeping them engaged with all sorts of competitions and scholarship programs, for the parents’ community, keeping them engaged with the higher studies opportunities for their wards and college students, keeping them engaged with life skills and next-level opportunities and job alerts are important. Salesforce caters according to the requirements.

3). Support

Be it technical support in the management system, or emergency support, Salesforce helps the users to reach out to the concerned authorities and thus resolving whatever issues were there in the first place.

Salesforce as a Career Option

Salesforce is picking up momentum in a stable manner and it is a good thing for the budding graduated to be enlightened by the Salesforce magic. This way this might become their career in the future. As Cloud Technology is a booming area in the market, it has various career scopes. If students learn about these technicalities at an early age, it will be of help as they step out as graduates into the real world.


Salesforce has revolutionized many industries and sectors, Academia being one of them. The whole management system that Salesforce provides has made things easy and has fetched productive results. It also gives a platform to grow professionally. Hence students who are used to the system can continue making that their career after graduation.

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Great information on salesforce service of ambitious academic students. Very Insightful.

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