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We help to deliver software products faster with Microsoft Azure and DevOps, no matter how big your Company is and what tools you are using.

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microsoft azure cloud services

Azure application development Services

We design and deploy cloud solutions based on client requirements and develop scalable business solutions using Microsoft Azure Services.

Microsoft Azure offers on-demand storage resources and computing resources. It works best to run big data applications, host collaboration apps, migrate applications from different data centers, etc. It is possible designing, running, and building software for enterprise development and accelerate the overall time-to-value. We at JanBask offer best development strategies, pre-built methodologies along with an open environment to explore Azure operations.
Due to the uncertain economic environment and growing business complexities, enterprises of every size are putting maximum efforts to cut costs, enhance business productivity, and operational efficiency that helps businesses to effectively strategize IT resources to the cloud. The cloud migration is not easy, but it requires experience and comprehensive knowledge, and we are here allowing businesses to gain benefits from our Microsoft Azure Development services.

Harness the power of Azure Platform with Confidence

Microsoft Azure is a rich cloud computing platform to deploy and develop SAAS-based IT applications on the cloud. It is a single solution to manage, develop, and host software apps. A few distinctive features of Microsoft Azure are given below that makes it more powerful from other cloud providers.

Launch website quickly

It allows us to develop and deploy websites in minutes.

Azure Virtual Machines

It allows users to launch a Windows Server or Linux server while working on the cloud.

On-demand Scaling

Microsoft Azure allows scaling on-demand and grows along with the business.

Multiple language options

It allows business to develop apps using a myriad of programming languages like .net, Ruby, Python, etc.

Microsoft Tools Integration

Azure can be incorporated with Microsoft BI tools when required.


Azure DevOps development services for faster product releases with maximum quality

microsoft azure development services

Custom Azure Development Services

Why adopt Azure Cloud platform?

The azure cloud platform allows helps in quick deployment of apps in the cloud that saves infrastructure costs and reduces hardware and maintenance burden too. Here are a few popular benefits experienced by leading Companies who are already using Azure DevOps cloud platform.

Lightning Speed

The unmatched speed of deployment and operational scalability in Azure is the foremost reasons why enterprises love this platform.

Salesforce for Healthcare

Enhanced Security

A wide range of Azure services limit the exposure of business data to threats and quickly find and remediate vulnerabilities.

Ensure Compliance

The Azure DevOps tools like Chef manage provisioned infrastructure and applications to ensure compliance.

Actionable Insights

Azure Log analytics monitors the infrastructure health and provides instant actionable insights to make powerful decisions and improve overall business performance.

Salesforce for Manufacturing

Maximum Agility

As applications are developed, enterprises using Azure can test, feedback, and modify apps quickly. It helps in exploring new features and technologies with ease.

Salesforce for Healthcare

Scalable and Reliable

Azure helps in building apps running reliably and easy to scale from 10 users to myriad users without using any extra code.

Salesforce for Retail

Global presence

Azure allows modifications of apps in a dynamic manner as performance utilization requirements change.

Integrated Cloud Environment

The Azure DevOps tools help developers and Companies in developing more powerful cloud solutions in no time.

Our Methodology at JanBask

We believe in delivering maximum user satisfaction by deploying the most innovative and collaborative cloud solutions in no time. Here is our methodology of how we complete a project.

Share Project Details clearly

It is necessary for clients to explain the project requirements in depth. Our analyst will analyze the project requirements and select the best resource for the project.

Select the flexible timelines

Once project requirements are discussed clearly, clients may choose the best time to execute the project.

Discuss the Project requirements

The selected resource in the first step will contact you shortly to discuss and understand the project requirements. Later, he ensures the best solution delivery for your business.

Ask for the Quote

Start with a stable team of experts at competitive prices and get 24/7 customer assistance to resolve queries instantly.

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