Salesforce for Call Centre

Drive Performance by giving customers a chance to judge your business on the results they see instead of the promises you make.

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Case-Management Feature

With this feature, you can create and track all your incoming cases, irrespective of the channel that the customer uses to contact you.

Case Collaboration

With the integration of all the social media handles and Salesforce Chatter to resolve the customer queries more quickly and efficiently.

Omni-Channel Support

With the ability to integrate every possible tool, plug-in and software, Salesforce gives you the ability to respond to your customer from any channel.

Self-Service Portal

Integrate your existing knowledge base with your customer service dashboard, so that the customers can resolve small issues themselves.

Complement your Call Centre with the Features of Salesforce

Empower your team with the tools and features to help them engage with the customers like never before

Use a digital call-centre to allow your service reps to quickly and effectively provide solutions to problems. Here are a few features that Salesforce provide you with to benefit from

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Get an Insight on Salesforce Specific Advantages

There are certain facilities that you would get only with Salesforce for your Call Centre management, do not miss out on reading about them

Get a Virtual
Call Centre

Salesforce can provide all the features of a traditional call centre to you and your staff on any device of your choice as long as it has got a working internet connection.

Automated Call
Handling System

Set default messages for the most frequently asked questions to save time for the crucial issues and facilitate a better client handling.

Lower Average

With Collaborated Data and an integrated call and messages system, you can have a lower average interaction time which means that your teams are solving customer issues faster.

Lower Case

With automated call handling, self-service portals etc most common issues can be resolved easily and your team can focus on the complex ones completely and lower the rate of case re-opens.

Why Salesforce is your ideal choice for Call Centre Management CRM?

Salesforce brings with it the power to integrate many outside apps that too with a few clicks only. Take a look at the reasons for choosing Salesforce.

Easy to use

Salesforce is easy to use because all you have to do is to run a few clicks and you get what you want.

Build powerful communities

Salesforce allows you to build powerful communities wherever you are the communities give you the tips to solve the most complex of the problems also.

Rapid access to knowledge

With your knowledge base being collated with your dashboard your customers can get all the answers that they need, in a way they want them to be.

Multi-channel customer service

With connected tools and predictive intelligence, Salesforce empowered call centre can give you the power to deliver the customer service of the future, at present.

Partner with a Company that can provide you with Seamless Solutions

Take a look at the Salient Features of our Salesforce for Call Centre Expertise

CTI Integration

Saves your agent's time with an automatic CTI pop up for an effective call routing that would result in a better customer service.

Have a taste of the Benefits that you get by Partnering with Us

Let us charm you into joining hands with a pioneering company for Salesforce for Call Centre Solutions

  • Manage Omni-Channel Interactions Effortlessly.
  • Empower Workforce with Seamless Integrations.
  • Enable your Customer to Self Serve.
  • Simplify Customer Interactions.
  • Create Call Flows
  • Monitor Agent performance effectively
  • Real-time flow of information across organization results in better-informed business decisions.
  • Access reporting in an easier and enhanced way.
  • Create the initial call centre corresponding to the CTI adapter.
  • Create a call centre either by cloning or importing.

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