12 Reasons That Make Salesforce the Best CRM


You will be certainly aware of how a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System is useful for improving sales by providing access to the sales team for tracking the status of leads. But, your business introduces new development and other processes to grow, and your current CRM may not work smoothly with the growing business. Due to the ability of faster and flat acquisition of all new changes, Salesforce is considered as the world’s best CRM. When your business expands and gets successful, you need such CRM for your company that can help you build relationships with new customers and improve the bonding with the existing ones. Here, Salesforce comes as a boon for your organization as it helps to deal with new clients effectively and proceed with the business processes efficiently.

Why Salesforce is the Best CRM

The ultimate goal of every business is to gain profit. And, to do so they are consistently using various tactics to improves sales. Many people think that sales are just selling the products and services to new and existing customers. But, the truth is generating revenue is majorly depends on how systematic and creative approach you follow to generate leads. Once you have quality leads, you can easily convert them and make loyal consumers. Salesforce is considered as the best CRM in the world as it offers all the functionalities that help businesses in quick lead conversion. Here I am going to detail some reasons how Salesforce is the world’s best CRM.

1). Understand Your Audience

An organization always looks for all the important information related to its prospects and customers, salesforce features saving this data on the cloud so that companies can access respective info any time anywhere. The modern world is full of data and market leaders are playing around it. Customer expectation is changing, industries are becoming more competitive. In such a situation, the right collection of information is a need and Salesforce keeps you at the top by keeping you informed with all the latest data.

2). Improved Customer Support

Salesforce saves the data of customer interaction for all the support related issues, tracks it, escalate the problem to provide a better resolution. It helps in providing a satisfactory solution to customers as it involves teams at multiple levels. Hence, Salesforce supports in improving the customer service of an organization. With the help of this CRM, customers can check the chat history of a customer as well as all his necessary information to understand the exact issue and then can work accordingly.

3). The Ability of Long Term Execution

Salesforce started its services with a vision of long term execution of services and by implementing it successfully, it became the world’s most-demanding CRM. Now Salesforce is ruling in the market of Customer Relationship Management solution. Its capacity to adapt new business changes quickly and aiding to perform many customer-centric activities made it a unique and award-winning solution.

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4). Automation Made the Job Easy

The sales team is not responsible only for converting the leads or closing the deals. In addition to it, they have to do many other jobs to keep the whole business process in sync. Updating the action item tracker, preparing a report and sharing important documents are some key jobs that can’t be ignored and must be done correctly. The Salesforce CRM comes up with such functionalities that can automate most of these jobs to overcome the burden and redundant tasks of sales professionals. By cutting down the pressure, this CRM framework helps employees to focus on other important jobs so that they can provide productivity contribution to organization growth.

5). Improved Analytics & Report

Wrong information will lead your business to failure. Salesforce is equipped with quality tools that help you generate an errorless programmed report to make a business successful. You can customize the dashboard, fetch the information important for you, analyze that and create effective actions out of that. For example, as a marketing professional, you will be interested in customer preferences rather than which product is good in terms of specifications. Because customer data can help you understand the trend and set up the marketing campaign accordingly.

6). Salesforce Mobile App

Research says, over 85% of people today use a mobile app instead of visiting a website for doing many tasks such as booking tickets, ordering foods, etc. This is because apps are easy to navigate due to the user-friendly interface. With the increasing use of mobile applications, Salesforce has also developed the app for users so that they can access all the information and work effortlessly. Two key reasons inspire you to use the Salesforce app. First, customers can any time communicate with you and you can address their challenges. This would impact the bottom line of your business. Second, with the mobile app, you can always look into the customer interaction data and figure out what are their pains. Hence, by using a Salesforce cloud app you can improve your relationship with customers.

7). Keep all data stored at one place

One of the biggest advantages of using Salesforce is that all the necessary information is stored in one place i.e. cloud storage. Hence, instead of wasting time to email any information to individuals, it would be great to share the link so that the person can go through it and absorb the relevant knowledge. Apart from this, saving data at the cloud is cost-effect, safe and a great option for data recovery. And, you can access information anytime from anywhere whenever required.

8). Improvised Customer Interaction

You can provide a better customer experience only if you first figure out the loopholes in your existing process. Customer Relationship Management System is developed to take care of all customer interactions. This tool keeps data of all customer-company communication and one can easily figure out the gaps between services offered and customer expectations. With intelligent report generation and meaningful analytics, you can improve the satisfaction rate of customers. And, you can also make note of some points that can help you improve products and services.

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9). All teams remain updated with the latest organization information

Salesforce is considered as the central repository where all the information of a company is stored. And, all the teams like sales, marketing, technical, operations, etc., access old and newly updated data from here only. This keeps the whole organization on the same page in terms of information. These ways, all the teams can communicate and work in sync, and understand & resolve challenges effectively. Another plus point is, Salesforce can be integrated into almost all the applications.

10). Lead Nurturing and Conversion

With Salesforce applications, hot leads are automatically assigned to the sales team of a company. Marketing analyses the customer behavior checks the trend and filter out that audience who can be the prospect of business and makes a curated list of such consumers. This list is automatically pushed to the sales funnel of the sales team, from where they can access and start working for the conversion. Since these are the quality leads generated by the marketing professionals, chances are very less that converting them into the customers would be much challenging.

11). Reducing the time to resolve customer issues

When a customer complaints, he or she wants an instant resolution for the problem and if it doesn’t happen, it makes him or her irritated. With the Salesforce framework, a support rep can fetch all the details of the customer since he approached the organization and check his buying nature, preferences, issues and feedback to provide him with an accurate and quick solution. Also, if a team is not able to respond to the query they can escalate the issue to upper management without letting them know the entire case as with Salesforce, all the team members can fetch the customer interaction history and resolve the case. This way time consumption to resolve a problem can be reduced easily and effectively by integrating Salesforce to your business.

12). Track the sales status easily

One of the great benefits of using Salesforce for your business is that it makes it easy for the sales manager as well as sales executives to check the status of a client in the sales cycle transparently. With this information, the sales manager can analyze the client’s behavior and figure out the probability of conversion. This transparent tracking also helps the sales team to check what is the last time of contacting a customer.


Salesforce is a powerful and most popular customer relationship management solution in the world. The unique features of this CRM – creating intelligent reports, improving customer support, string communication, providing marketing data, automating sales job, lead nurturing, and many others make it power over others. Due to the availability of countless customization options, Salesforce remains the priority of businesses. If you have still not integrated this powerful software, now is the time to welcome it to your organization!

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