How To Become A Successful Salesforce Consultant?


Companies are in great demand of skilled Salesforce consultants as a means to achieve their Salesforce objectives for better output in their business. With the Salesforce becoming a success in the present business atmosphere, the industry is witnessing a shortage of professionals having expertise in providing the right Salesforce integration services. However, there are certain important skills that a Salesforce partner must possess before choosing them and providing them with the tsk of offering Salesforce development solutions. They must be an expert who has better communication abilities along with sufficient expertise in skills such as innovation and knowledge.

Listening Skills

A Salesforce consultant should have better-listening skills. Their ability in understanding the requirements of the business owners and their business goals can be an important factor when it comes to implementing it in to design. Try to receive documentation from the Salesforce consulting companies to ensure that they have come to the right conclusion of your needs and requirements. How much flexible the Salesforce consultant is also remains to be a question of greater significance as far as the businesses are concerned. Ensure the Salesforce consulting partner is ready to adapt to the changes that might occur in the future business of your company.

Knowledge Specialists

The presence of knowledge specialists remains a key requirement in Salesforce development. It is desirable for businesses to choose the knowledge specialists as per their business needs and requirements. There are especially three types of knowledge specialists. They are,

  • Administrator
  • Developer
  • Implementation Experts
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Salesforce Certified administrator will have to effectively manage and maintain the Salesforce development requirements of the company.

  • Responsible for security and user management
  • Service and Sales Cloud functions will have to be maintained by these administrators
  • They will have to manage the workflow automation as well as approvals

Developers certified developers would be guiding the clients regarding the design and development of a constructive data model.

The responsibilities of a certified developer would include,

  • Following the best practices for building custom applications
  • Recognizing and figuring out the use cases
  • Evaluation and configuration of  the security settings
  • Business logic improvement
  • Customization of the user interface

Implementation Experts

Implementation experts have enough expertise in handling the challenges in the implementation of solutions that are customer-centric.

Multiple kinds of Implementation experts are usually available with a Salesforce Consulting company. They are,

  • Certified Sales Cloud Consultants
  • Certified Service Cloud Consultants

The duties of a sales cloud consultant would be in dealing with the designing of the applications along with sales and marketing solutions. They also customize the user interface for improving the productivity. Service Cloud Consultants however deals with the design and building of solutions with a long-term perspective in mind. They design and develop Customer Contact Center Solutions which can be used for adding features such as knowledge bases, customer portals and partner portals.

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Creative Solution Providers

Salesforce consulting partners should be able to combine best practices with creative skills. Each of the business will have their own unique needs and the consultants will be responsible in delivering unique solutions by means of maximizing efficiency.


Stability of a company also gives us a brief overview about how reliable the Salesforce consulting company would be as a Salesforce consulting partner. Figure out for how long the company is doing business with the clients and get more details such as testimonials from their previous clients. The presence of a very good past track record means the Salesforce Consulting Company will be capable of satisfying your requirements in more than a single area of your business.


A detailed research has to be conducted in understanding the validity of the company reputation. It is desirable to ask for references to figure out the customer satisfaction of the previous clients.

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