What are the Top Benefits of Salesforce for Real-Estate?


CRM is considered as an indispensable tool that is used to manage sales and marketing teams all across the globe. It helps the organizations in measuring, quantifying and building customer relationships. CRM can help the organizations in managing and storing the customer information at a central location; this information may include their demographic data, ongoing interaction details and their purchase history including much other similar information.

CRM helps organizations in providing a more personalized experience to their clients. Several features make the tool suitable for various organizations including real-estate.

To some real-estate agents CRM stands for customer relationship management, that is a software that can help them in managing their client’s information, while others consider it as a business philosophy. Even for many others, it is a process that can blend software and strategy to convert leads to the clients.

No matter how you take the CRM, but if you are into real estate and not harnessing the real power of CRM, being a real-estate agent, then you should definitely read this blog. Here we have compiled the information and benefits of CRM for real-estate agents.

CRM and Real-Estate Information Management

If you are from sales then may be familiar with the term leads or may remain worried about closing the leads. Well, leads or referral leads you can improve the quality of referral leads be leveraging your database. Just through the existing information, you can maximize the referral leads, and this is where CRM or customer relationship management for the real-estate tool can help any real-estate business or agent.

So far the real-estate agents are using Excel spreadsheets or a contact manager like Outlook or Gmail to manage the database. For them, the database means a list of names and numbers. They are not aware of the fact that by automating the database they develop and maintain the relationship with all of their prospective clients.

A CRM is not just a list of names and contact information of the clients, even the information of CRM can be integrated with their emails so that the agents can directly contact with their customers. The dashboard and calendar can help you in managing the contact day and tracking the lead progress. CRM can automate much of the marketing tasks that may include sending emails and tracking the leads.

Top 10 Reasons to Use CRM

Here are the top ten reasons due to which the sales agents should use CRM to manage their database:

1). Developing a Daily Five Routine

Daily five routine is important because if you do not follow this then probably you may miss one of the most effective businesses growth hacks for a real-estate business.

Daily five can add the discipline to your process of contacting your clients or prospective, whose information is saved in your database. Everyday simple picks up the five clients from your list and call them throughout the year.

In this way each week you will contact 25 people and will spend 25 minutes talking them. By following your daily five routines, at the end of the year, you may have made total 1250 calls. If you have 300 contact names in your existing database, then you may have spoken nearly times to them in a year.

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If only 5% of these contacts results in a business opportunity, then you may have 62 transactions in a year that can have a great impact on your business.

2). CRM helps you in focusing your follow-up efforts

Lack of follow up can be a reason behind the referrals not turning to actual business. Referrals are the lifeblood for any business and businesses must know when and how should you manage these referrals to convert them into leads.  Through CRM you can know how and when should you contact your referral either by sending them an email or a message through social media so that it can become a lead for you.

3). Digital Marketing Automation through CRM

Earlier real estate marketing was all about postcards, today in an online era the emails are to be sent to the customers for lead generation. These emails can be either for a monthly newsletter to every customer of the database or can be your custom marketing reports. CRM can drive offline and digital marketing campaigns and track the leads in a potential way. It can be a successful tool for any of the modern sales agent.

4). Stay in Touch with Existing Clients

It is quite genuine that due to high involvement in today’s business you can neglect those customers due to whom you have become a brand. It is equally important to maintain a relationship with your existing clients. Well, your CRM can help you in maintaining your relationship with your past clients automatically. Through your CRM, as soon as you make your new client, you can initiate a follow-up plan for them that can help you in staying and remaining in contact. In this way, your client will always remain within your contact.

5). Stronger Customer Relationship

Reliability is the key factor to maintain and form a strong relationship with the customer. Even in your busy schedule your important calls and emails will not get missed. Through tracking and accountability feature of your CRM, so if you say to your existing client that you will call on Monday, then through call reminder feature of your CRM, you will surely make them call on Monday. You can also track your conversation and when you call then next time can just start the conversation from where you left.

6). Use Social Media in More Productive Manner

Today everyone is using social media, so if your agents are also using social media to track and follow the customers, then CRM will help you in your follow-ups. You may not be using social media effectively, but many studies have proven that most of the young generation prefer social media and emails to be contacted rather than by phone. By linking social media accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter with your CRM, you can use social media effectively and remain connected with your clients. The number of customers and prospects can be increased, and a strong relationship can be generated over time.

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7). Help in Closing Your Deals

As your real-estate business grows in size, it becomes difficult to juggle all the activities that can help you in bringing the transaction towards successful closer. Your CRM can help you in keeping track of all of such tasks that may be either application deadline mortgage to inspect and sign the appointments and of all other important dates and milestones of the transactions. This way you can automatically follow-up encouragement, reminders and referrals as and when required.

8). Remain Competitive

Today more than 70% of the real-estate businesses are using CRM to provide help to their sales agents. They are managing their database automatically through CRM. Additionally, it has been proved in a survey report that the sales agents of real-estate have become more productive after the CRM implementation. You can track the performance of your competitors and change and manage your business operations accordingly to ripe more business benefits.

9). Referral Generation

Giving is considered as a more blessed deed than taking or receiving. But in the case of real-estate business, it is considered more important to get the referrals, and it can also be nice to give the referrals.

CRM can make giving part easier for sales agents. The CRM can feature your existing and prospective clients or contacts, that may also contain the names of various other and new business owners and professionals.

You can also provide other appropriate required information like the contact details of any pest control, mortgage lender or carpet cleaner to your clients just to help them out. This way you can also inform them that soon they will get a phone call, and later can check how everything is going on?

10). Information Organization

To become a successful real estate sales agent, your information must be properly organized. All of the successful agents have several information sources and streams to collect information.

These sources can be your website contacts, influence sphere, online sites or social media networks. If you want to keep track of all of such information efficiently, then your Salesforce is there to help you.

Sales agents can consolidate all of such information at a single place or central location in easy to manage manner. Moreover, you can also access your information from a tablet, smartphone, PC or laptop. It can make your information access and retrieval easier.

Therefore we can see that Salesforce can help the real-estate business organizations in managing their business operations smoothly and efficiently. These benefits can be retrieved and accessed by Salesforce like featured CRM users at any time.

Making Your CRM Personalized

CRM is playing a critical role in the life of Sales agent, especially in managing their digital marketing campaigns. Most of the important or critical benefit is that you can easily track the performance of your digital marketing campaign and determine its success.

It has been even noticed that most of the top-rated real-estate business owners are earning more due to their personalized CRM implementation. If you also want to be a successful sales person than integrate Salesforce with your real-estate business to manage daily business operations.

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