8 Signs That You Need An Experienced Salesforce Consultant


Why You Need An Experienced Salesforce Consultant

Salesforce is a popular and one of the most used CRM today.  There are organizations which implement it by themselves. But still, there are many self-Salesforce users who could not leverage it just due to improper implementation of this beneficial CRM. Sometimes even they doubt that whether it was right to implement Salesforce or not. Improper Salesforce implementation can even prove useless.

Therefore, just buying a Salesforce subscription may not be enough instead the user may have to implement it successfully if he wants to leverage this powerful system. Salesforce is a market leader just due to the benefits which it offers to the organizations and also it covers all major areas of any organization like customer service, marketing, community areas of business, ERP, community portal and CPQ.

Initially, it may become challenging to understand the capabilities and features of Salesforce. As every day new features and apps are kept on deploying and introduced by Salesforce, so there must be a comprehensive implementation strategy for Salesforce which must be addressed by all business systems.

This is the reason due to which the organizations need to hire the Salesforce consultants to add value to their implementation. As in the absence of the expert help you can waste a lot of time in just fixing and backtracking the system, which may just not work. Due to poor implementation sometimes the organizations miss good opportunities and delay their ROI.

infographic Signs that alarm you about the Need of a Salesforce Consultant

This blog covers the situations and cases when you may need a consultant. These situations relate with the following scenarios:

1). Are the Employees Weak in Adoption?

Salesforce can only become a successful implementation as long as its users can be benefited through its features and data or in other words ensure that your employees are able to use the system efficiently. If they will use other data management methods such as email or Excel which are not alienated with Salesforce then it may result in loss of information and inaccurate reporting, which in turn can affect the sales. As you have made a big investment in Salesforce implementation so you must take it much seriously.

There can be a number of reasons for less or minimum Salesforce adoption by your organizational employees. A proficient consultant can pinpoint the problems and provide a guaranteed and full-proof solution of every problem related to Salesforce.

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2). Awareness of Salesforce capabilities

You must leverage the full Salesforce features and capabilities if you want to get maximum ROI. You can only streamline your business operations if you will be aware of all the functionalities of your CRM. You can also configure marketing, customer service and price quote as per the need and so that your ROI can be maximized.

There are a huge number of business apps available on AppExchange, so it may become difficult sometimes that which will be suitable for your business and will add value to your organizational operations. An experienced consultant can suggest the best suitable app for your business.

3). You are not able to get 360-degree view of your customers

Salesforce is popular as it has the capability to provide a 360-degree view of your customer’s information. As in many organizations they lose their customers due to the absence of valuable customer information. If you want to understand your customers and get the full view of your customer’s information then you can do it easily with the help of Salesforce. As due to the absence of full customer information you may miss the opportunities and it is quite difficult to exchange the information from one department to another internally.

4). Unsatisfied Customers

Are your customers getting delightful experience through your site? If it is so, then there is no problem, but if they are not getting such result then you must think about this. A proper customer service can result in an increase in profit. You can even get a fully optimized result just with the help of proper Salesforce implementation. A satisfied customer may become your lifelong customer even if you will greet him properly and resolve his problems timely and efficiently.

5). The Integration is not Working in the Desired Manner

It may be possible that the Salesforce implementation may not work properly. Training the organizational employees properly and providing them thorough guidance may be a challenge. Even it may become a challenge for you to train and guide them properly.

If you will work with a consultant then the whole process can be accelerated and the full path can become quicker. A consultant can also be certified and scalable resource for your organization which can result in faster and improved ROI.

6). You are not able to get result-oriented reports

Your CRM must be able to provide you proper report, which you can use in decision-making. You must be able to know whether your business is able to achieve its goals or not? For this properly organized reports can help you a lot to take the business decisions.

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A properly and fully implemented Salesforce can provide you with well-structured reports. These reports have the complete detailed information of the business, which can leverage in the decision-making process of your organization.

7). Getting More Customers or Not?

If the number of your customers is increasing then it is a sign of successful Salesforce implementation. In other words, if your sales are going up then it is good, but if it is not, then you may need to revamp your strategy. Every business organization today is implementing Salesforce to increase revenues, which is the backbone and essence of every business.

If you have implemented Salesforce and not able to leverage it completely, then it may not be fail to prove a leveraging investment for your business and also will fail to identify whether your customer and sales increasing or not post CRM implementation.

8). Are you able to prove ROI?

You might have a guess about the increased ROI as a result of Salesforce implementation, but if you do not have the data to prove your statement, then there might be a problem.Without a  proven ROI you may not be able to justify your investment in Salesforce. You may have to prove it with the help of a number and which can reflect the progress of your organization. Again, you must have a proper implementation of Salesforce to know this number which can justify your statement and investment.

Final Words

Finally, it is quite clear that though Salesforce has lots of organizational beneficial features, but if you want to take its complete advantage then the proper implementation is equally necessary. For successful implementation, you may need a Salesforce consultant with the experience and guidance of whom you can leverage your investment done in this implementation. There are many technical and non-technical aspects associated with this implementation and a Salesforce consultant can guide you throughout this implementation path. So implementing Salesforce may not be enough to increase ROI, but also you need to do it properly to have the bang on advantages.

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