Traits to Look For in a Good Salesforce Consulting Partner


Salesforce setup, Salesforce integration, Salesforce implementation are a few things that are integral to your Salesforce CRM. All of these processes can be quite cumbersome for you as they require a special skill set. You need a person with a good Salesforce background, someone who is skilled enough to look after the job details you wish to get done. It is very important for you to look for the right professional since he can make or break the entire Salesforce set up for your enterprise. We are here to guide you through the process of choosing a smart Salesforce Consulting Partner. In this blog, we will discuss-

Good Salesforce Consulting Partner

Types of Salesforce Partners

  • Consulting SI Partner
  • Appexchange (ISV) Partners

Consulting (SI) Partner

  • These are the System Integrator and can be found nearly everywhere in the world, if not all, markets for sure.
  • System Integrator is skilled in the best methods of implementing, adapting, training, developing and ongoing setup of
  • Certifications play an exceptionally significant role in the System Integrators’ partnership with and the ensuing Certifications hold countless value in the Partner Program-Architects, Developers, Implementation Experts, and Administrator.
  • Excellence of work is also tremendously important inside the Partner Channel; all SI Partners are asked to not only catalog their Leads but also catalog Projects, discuss Case Studies and Investigate their Clients post-Project to certify that the level of excellence and maintenance anticipated of all workforces is being extended by Partners as well
  • Studies show that there are currently five (5) levels of SI Partners – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Global Strategic – which are ascertained by a host of factors counting, but not restricted to the sum of certifications an Organization holds, the number of certified workers holding numerous certifications, quality of work, survey outcomes and obtained revenue.

AppExchange (ISV) Partners

  • They are mostly the Self-regulating Software Vendors with listings on the AppExchange and can be located nearly worldwide.
  • Apps can range from being free to paid and, idealistically, are well-suited with as many Versions (Group – Performance and Developer) as technically conceivable.
  • Apps may be services, packs (reports/dashboards or graphics) or complete applications.
  • Idealistically, an App listing will consist of documentation and, in several cases, provision offerings or a good knowledge base.
  • All Apps on the AppExchange must go through a Security Review by the AppExchange Team when they are posted and each and every time it is advanced; ideally, Apps, mainly the full applications, will be restructured in concert with every Release.
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Things to look for in a good Salesforce Consulting Partner

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while selecting a Salesforce Consulting Partner.

Good Salesforce Consulting Partner


Looking at the credentials of your future Salesforce Consulting Partner can be very much essential simply because you need someone who will last long enough to cater to all your needs. Someone who is not competent enough will not last until the end.

Is it an individual or a firm?

Check whether the person is an individual or a corporate entity such as a small firm or a company. Assess which is better for your setup, an individual will never be a good choice wherein large-scale implementation is required. It is better to hire a team.

Client reviews

The reviews say a lot about your consulting partner. Your consultant should have received far more affirmative reviews than the negative ones, and the best case scenario would be having no negative reviews at all.

It is important to look for the content of those reviews as to what do the positive ones say about the consultant? Look at the statements about timeliness, productivity, addressing all needs correctly, the number of projects completed, and drills and training.Also look for when those reviews were submitted. Look, if there have been various latest reviews (in the past three months). This actually signifies that the consultant is still generating outstanding work.

Diversity of clients

It is always better to look for a partner who has worked with a diverse set of clients. With varied clients in diverse fields, the more proficiency they will have in catering to your needs. This is merely because every association is poles apart; each project will bring new learning practices and added tools. This diversity empowers your consulting partner to advance the most effective, tailored solution for your institute.

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Assess the nature and needs of your organization

In case you’re a small business, you require a consulting partner who comprehends your needs, but also has the assets gained from working with a larger corporation. The same can be said if you’re a non-profit. Consulting partners with knowledge with both non-profits and for-profit companies will help you well in the long run. For this, you can browse the consultant’s website or their particular listing on the AppExchange to learn more about their past clients.


Most of the Salesforce consulting partners will definitely have certified employees. The thing to look for his how many certifications does each member hold? Much like looking for a partner with a variety of client types, you should also look for a partner whose teams hold numerous certifications.

At the least possible level, your consultant should definitely hold together Administrator and Developer certifications for sure.

After Services

Everything has an end, be it the life or a project. Projects don’t always wind up effortlessly after their launch and specific training. Supplementary needs and nominal issues can be encountered at any time. A good consultant should be accessible to you even after your project has been finished. Make sure that your agreement with your partner comprises a component of follow-up or support facility also.

Geographical presence of the Salesforce consultant

The physical presence of the Salesforce consultant is of great significance. Guarantee that your partner is positioned nearby and can be accessed without difficulty, actually. Eradicate the language obstructions and time zone reliance, as these can possibly cause miscommunication, therefore postponing or endangering the result of your project.

Final Words complexity is rising at an astonishing rate. Their agile development methods enable them to issue huge quantities of new features with each seasonal release. You need technical assistance to be on par with every new release. It is necessary for the professionals also to maintain their certifications. Therefore, to keep up with the technology, take help. We have already informed you as to what you would need to see in a partner. Make the right choice, Good Luck!

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