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If you want to get a promising career in IT or business management this year, then addition of Salesforce in your skill set can help you a lot. Today Salesforce is one of the highly in-demand skill set. Salesforce can provide a number of types of job options to the aspirants, including technical and non-technical like administration. This skill set of Salesforce can benefit almost the professionals from every field like, software developers, sales, marketing, project managers, solution architects and many others. However Salesforce certification and training is also recommended, if you want to have long lasting career in Salesforce.

In this article I am going to focus only on two types of jobs, which are highest paying and can provide a better career in the technology i.e. IT and Business:

Salesforce IT Jobs:

There are a variety and types of Salesforce roles, which you can opt for your career. Moreover depending on the organization, these jobs may fall under IT and non-IT jobs. So , here are listed a few of the IT jobs, available in Salesforce and the certifications, required in order to get these jobs:

  • Salesforce Administrator

It is one of the most in-demand job profile for the Salesforce professionals and require to manage and the administrative work of the company. Any person with the interpersonal skills and who can handle the technical and operational changes in the organization operation can easily become the Salesforce administrator. Following are a few of the responsibilities of any Salesforce Administrator:

  • To manage Access and Security
  • Building reports, workflow and dashboard
  • Basic knowledge of Sales and Service Cloud
  • To manage Salesforce Content and Folder
  • Modification of Salesforce Pages and Layouts
  • Working with Email Templates
  • Managing Data
  • Automation of Workflow
  • Process-oriented and Logical thinking
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One must have Salesforce Administration certification, one want to become a Salesforce administrator. Moreover Salesforce training can also help you in shaping your career.

Salesforce Developer

Salesforce developers are also called developers and must know Salesforce administration. It is a technical job, so involve coding and OOPS concept. Apex language is used for Salesforce development. A Salesforce developer generally performs following tasks:

  • Build customized apps
  • Integrate Salesforce apps with other applications and tools
  • Provide Salesforce CRM implementation services
  • Design business logic, data model and implement security

To become Salesforce developer the recommended certifications are Salesforce Administration and developer.

Advanced Salesforce Admin or Developer Certification

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These certifications or roles of Salesforce generally involve advanced level tasks of technical and developer. For these roles strategic thinking is also expected. Following are a few of the major responsibilities of advanced administrator and advanced developer:

  • Managing Product Catalog
  • Change Management Implementation
  • Custom reporting
  • Territory Management
  • To manage the need of Salesforce implementation
  • Salesforce Catalog Management
  • Inbound Email Handler
  • Managing Many to Many Relationship
  • Managing workflows, escalation rules and assignment rules
  • Controlling Visualforce

Salesforce Business Operation Jobs

Business System Analyst Role

This role is suitable for both business and IT, but lets look at this from business prospective. Many times Salesforce Admin plays the role of BSA. Following responsibilities are for the BSA:

  • Planning, conducting and analysing the business processes to map the Salesforce functionalities
  • Creation of functional specifications and use-cases
  • to support business system configuration

For this role you can have Salesforce Administrator, Service and Sales Cloud Consultant.


Salesforce Marketing and Analytics Roles

Salesforce has an important role in Marketing and analytics role. For Salesforce majorly used tools are Salesforce Analytics, marketing clouds, Pardot, and for this role one can apply for Salesforce Sales, Service cloud and a few other Salesforce certifications.

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