What Is Salesforce Flow? Create Surveys by Salesforce Visual Workflows


There is no wonder if you are not familiar with the term Salesforce flows. Technically, this is a business workflow wizard or it can be defined as the set of screens that are generally required to complete or assist a business process or business workflows. In this blog post, our main focus is to discuss what is Salesforce Flow, how Salesforce.com Flow is different from the workflows, and how to create surveys with Salesforce Flow?

Quick steps to help you with creating surveys using Salesforce Flows –

  • Create an object
  • Add a new Flow
  • Add the text screen
  • Create the survey screen
  • Store the values into objects
  • Create the survey ending screen

The explanation for each of the steps will be given in the later section below.

What is Salesforce Flow and how is it different from workflows?

Earlier, Salesforce was capable enough to allow developers in creating powerful business apps. This might be due to normal sales tracking and data analysis features. The cloud capabilities of the CRM system make it suitable to integrate with almost any database legacy system in no time but the process was highly complex for such simpler integration tasks.

To make the business processes simpler, more user-friendly, making data entry faster, developers need to create separate web-based apps to display or update the Salesforce data. With the launch of Salesforce site.com and VisualForce, this was easy for developers creating cloud-based web apps within Salesforce. Further, Salesforce Flow is one of the marvelous features of the platform for VisualForce users.

Difference between Salesforce.com Flow and Workflow

Salesforce Flows are usually mistaken for the word Workflows in Salesforce. This is because they both help in automating business processes but their essence is slightly different from each other. Let us see what makes them unique in essence.

  • Salesforce flow is a front-end tool that is generally needed to collect or display information from a set of screens and making it more visible in front of users. Further, Workflows are responsible for executing pre-defined rules behind the scenes. They are needed to process the information instead of collecting them.
  • Workflows are usually triggered by events and Salesforce flows are triggered by user actions.
  • Salesforce Flows can trigger or start a flow without any user interatom but workflows cannot be started without user interventions.
  • Flows can affect multiple objects or records together but workflows are designed to affect a particular object only.
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The other name for Salesforce Flow is Salesforce Visual Workflows that is taken just the great option for designing or creating survey pages. Before we go deep into the topic, we assume that you have a decent idea of Salesforce and VisualForce pages. So, without waiting anymore, let us discuss how to create surveys with Salesforce Flow.

How to create surveys using Salesforce Flow?

In this section, we will focus on steps that should be followed in the same sequence when you are planning to create surveys using Salesforce Flows.

1). Create an Object

The first step in the process is to create an object within the Salesforce ecosystem that could store the values of the survey. It signified that the creation of custom fields for an object usually depends on requirements and the actual script of the survey. Well, script means the information collected for the survey. Additionally, you need to store customer relate details here like name, address, phone number, or email address etc. This is the reason why another name for a survey object is kept survey_ latest here.

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The general syntax for creating a survey object within Salesforce –

Survey Object: survey_latest

A complete List of custom fields for the survey object –

Create Surveys by Salesforce Visual Workflows

2). Add a new Flow

In the second step, we will create a new Flow. For this purpose, Go to the –

Setup -> App Setup -> Create -> Workflows and Approvals -> Flows -> New Form

It will open a new form that can be used to create or structure the Flow.

Create Surveys by Salesforce Visual Workflows

3). Add the text screen

In the next step, add the text screen and the required fields to display the text messages. Here, you use a set of multiple screens based on required and configure them one by one properly. The next step is adding user details to participate in the survey. So, go ahead and add the radio buttons on the screen one by one.

Create Surveys by Salesforce Visual Workflows

4). Add the survey screen

In this step, you are free to add the survey screen and store values in the object one by one. In the end, click on ‘Ok’ option and save the values immediately.

5). Add survey ending screen

The last step is thankyou screen that is required to check the user consent and record the elements.

Create Surveys by Salesforce Visual Workflows

Congratulations! With these five simple steps, you can create surveys using Salesforce Flows. They are just the awesome style for creating apps faster. You can quickly customize the Salesforce Flows to make the filed appealing visually.

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