Top 10 Reasons to Switch on the Salesforce Lightning


Salesforce Lightning is the latest version update that is available in the Salesforce domain. The underlying idea of introducing Salesforce Lightning is to speed up the entire CRM process. With Salesforce Lightning you can administer your business faster by creating robust, customized Salesforce Lightning apps that your employees, as well as the customers, would love. You can sell more easily and serve in a more customized manner. The companies who have been using the Salesforce Lightning framework have reported that you can easily boost the total productivity and save up to an average of 10 hours per employee per week.

Salesforce Classic is still in place and is not going anywhere. It still provides you with all the support and functionality of a good CRM software. The major difference between the underlying architecture of Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lighting is the factor of speed. With the features like no-code builders and pro-code tools, you can save up to 25% of the time that your developers spend in building customization for you.

On a fundamental level, Lightning has been specially designed to enable you in building the apps faster than ever, find insights more quickly, and to have a connected experience everywhere.

infographic Top 10 Reasons to Switch on the Salesforce Lightning

Let us look at the reasons as to why one should switch on to the Salesforce Lightning

Top Ten Reasons to switch on the Salesforce Lightning

With the amazing underlying architecture that Lightning platform has, there are more than ten reasons for you to switch on to the Lightning yet we have collated a list of the reasons that top the charts.

1). Scale your Profits with a fully optimized mobile experience

Lightning was a planned endeavour of Salesforce starting from its earliest stage with a mobile-optimized upgraded UI. Its structure was first created for the Salesforce1 Mobile App and framed the premise of Salesforce’s reimagined dashboard experience. This means mobile users can really maintain their business from anyplace, any time — even when they are disconnected and then sync whenever they get connected again. From deals examination to handling field service, it’s all there readily available at your fingertips.

2). Harness the Power of Electric Speed

In the present day’s always-on digital world, business achievements are all about speed — swifter application advancement times, accelerating how you work, and having the capacity to go to the market rapidly. The majority of that detached information and siloed data is backing you off, adding to incoherent client encounters. Lightning is the quickest method to construct applications and associate with clients. The Lightning Platform empowers your clients to assemble applications and modify them quickly with drop and drag methods. By rapidly conveying redid, associated applications, your business, marketing, and service teams work all the more effectively to team up and make clients happier.

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3). You get the flexibility to work the way you want

For quite a while, sales and service administration teams needed to tailor the manner in which they attempted to coordinate the framework they were utilizing when it ought to have been the other way around. Innovation should make your life less demanding, by working the manner in which you work, not compelling you to fit in with the way another person supposes you to work. Lightning was outlined with the goal that anybody at any time can alter their CRM, guaranteeing that regardless of the business procedure, Salesforce enables its clients to be more powerful and effective.

4). Transform your apps with the Lightning Builder

You don’t need a tech-junky or a hardcore developer to construct applications for your CRM. With Lightning Builder, anybody can drag and drop Lightning Components to build mobile and computer applications, and tweak pages in Lightning Experience. There are three kinds of segments in Lightning Builder: Pre-constructed segments from Salesforce, segments from Lightning Exchange worked by accomplices and custom parts.

5). Lightning connects Salesforce products into one powerful platform

We’re living in a super-connected world, yet an excessive number of encounters are disconnected. Siloed data, different advancement conditions, and disengaged applications all add to fragmented, sub-par client encounters that the present clients won’t be okay with for a long time. The lightning interface connects Salesforce instance items with one great stage, making a solitary, connected experience for each client.

6). Lightning empowers you to work in a smarter way

It has been a long-standing IT tradition that analytics was an ivory-tower device, open to IT and the information researchers only who created reports for the leadership to settle on business choices. On the off chance that any other person needed data to educate their choices, they would need to present a demand; data was conveyed gradually and used. Analytics shouldn’t be an intricate or baffling thing to do which is just open to a bunch of individuals in your association. It’s likewise not only a device for settling on post-hoc choices any longer, yet to get real-time knowledge when you require them. Lightning encourages you to discover business insights rapidly through embedded analytics and notifications. By having analytics accessible locally in your Salesforce system, your workers don’t have to sit and waste their time shifting between separate programs — they get to pick up on the insights in the instruments they’re utilizing each day.

7). Rise and Shine with Lightning for Outlook

Salesforce and Microsoft have developed a strategic partnership which brings on the world’s #1 CRM and the world’s leading productivity suite together. Presently you can get to Lightning from your Outlook, without hopping between programs. The 100% cloud-based Lightning Sync likewise keeps your contacts and timetable up and coming across your Salesforce silo and your Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange accounts.

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8). Use the power of the Lightning Voice

Discussing new highlights, Lightning Voice for Salesforce is a distinct advantage for sales representatives. It provides them with an interface to clients and prospects quicker than at any other time by empowering voice calls specifically inside the purview of the Sales Cloud itself. This implies wherever you are utilizing Salesforce, including your tablet, cell phone anything, you can make and receive the calls in context, while at the same time you can be taking notes and logging these calls at the very same time. You can even pick a number that is nearby to your territory.

9). It is Clad with New selling features

Lightning offers in excess of 55 new Sales Cloud pages and well more than 150 new highlights. That is beyond any reasonable amount to list independently over the Salesforce space, yet rest guaranteed that they have conversed with a large number of sales representatives to surface the instruments they needed the most. This is the reason why every one of the tools and features is intended to make reps more profitable and drive their business forward.

10). It is the latest technology in the market

For almost 16 years, Salesforce has characterized the cloud computing space. Lightning is the CRM they would have worked in 1999 if the majority of the innovation that they have today had existed in those days. By switching on to Salesforce Lightning, you get to access the most recent innovation. You likewise get every single Lightning upgrade they make, and that is nearly thrice in a single year to stay up to date.


Salesforce had launched the Lightning platform for a particular reason and that reason was to enable its users to match up the pace with which the world is innovating. Every business has got different needs and these needs also keep on changing within no time. This is why you need an empowered system that can help you to spin up the necessary apps without any hassles. Create noteworthy apps with simple drag and drop techniques or by using a few clicks here and there. Speed is of the essence in today’s market and that is the leverage that Salesforce wants you to have with Salesforce Lightning.

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