How to Use Salesforce Campaign Effectively?


Salesforce has a number of beneficial objects and one of them is Salesforce campaigns, but it is one of the most under-utilized objects within the standard of out of the box Sales Cloud product. Several Salesforce users hesitate attaching even a single record with this object either due to lack of appropriate information. In this blog let’s discuss more about Salesforce Campaigns to understand how to use them effectively

Salesforce campaign is one of the most powerful but under-utilized ways to connect leads or opportunities with marketing initiatives. You can track the prospects right from the moment when they enter your system through any opportunity. You can also measure their progress and evaluate them as per campaign goals.

Why Use Salesforce Campaigns?

Every business has to create new leads and sales opportunities and through Salesforce Campaigns you can measure and manage your marketing activities. If you are not using the Salesforce campaign, then you may be missing on many of the benefits. Salesforce Campaign can offer you the following features:

  • Comparison of the effectiveness of various marketing initiatives
  • Easy management of marketing activities
  • Tracking sources of leads
  • Awareness of the history of lead’s activities

Salesforce Campaign can act as a hidden ingredient for your effective marketing activities and initiatives.

Five Must-Use and Imperative Salesforce Campaign Elements

Today through this blog post we are going to explain 5 effective ways to use Salesforce campaign that can help you in understanding the way to use this object of Salesforce CRM.

1).  Campaign Vs Lead Source

How to Use Salesforce Campaign Effectively

Well from a long time, users are using lead source field that looks like shown in the above image to define the campaign functionalities. If you are a Salesforce user or Salesforce developer then you will be definitely familiar with this field. Many a times the user attributes a lead to this Lead Source field that may be sometimes not a beneficial and a great idea.

Here in such cases, the user should prefer a picklist field rather than lead source field. Especially for any high-level value like Partner, Tradeshow, and Customer Referral like fields, one should use Picklist field. Following listed reasons make the point more clear:

  • If every event and newsletter will be added to the Lead Source field then it may become difficult to manage the Lead Source field. Many users even add more than 50 values with this field, which makes it clumsy
  • Multiple lead sources cannot be attributed to a single lead. If a number of event messages or newsletters will be sent then the user can’t capture all with only one field. In case of Campaigns, you can manage multi-touch attributions easily.
  • Lead Source reporting is not much functional and has only basic functionalities, while Campaign reports are more powerful and have more attributes.
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2). Members of Campaign

You can connect the leads and contacts directly through Campaign member functionality feature. The leads and contacts can be connected to more than one campaign. Users can manage their relationship through schema builder as well. 

The object of campaign member is in itself a child object of Campaign itself. There are various methods that can be used to add members to any campaign like by searching, importing a file and many other methods. The user can also note down the response of any campaign.

How to Use Salesforce Campaign Effectively

AThis feature may not be useful in itself, but when it is merged with email tools and Campaign influence than it becomes powerful for marketing activities.

3). Campaign Influence

Campaign influence is an automatic and astounding tool that can help you to see the influence of any of your designed campaign on the targeted opportunities.

Here the general principle that is followed by this element is that if for any Opportunity the Contact has assigned a role and the same contact has also been a part of the latest campaign, then this associability of Contacts and Campaigns can help you to view the influence of that campaign on that particular opportunity.

How to Use Salesforce Campaign Effectively

AHere the user can also set a number of parameters with the campaigns like a timeframe can be set up for which the contact will be associated with the opportunity. As while designing any campaign you will not like to target a new customer or contact. Through this auto association feature, you can effortlessly connect opportunities with the campaign and manage them as well.

4). Campaign Reporting

As it has been mentioned at the start of this blog, one of the greatest advantages of Marketing Campaign is its reporting ability. Here through Campaign influence feature data gets collected automatically that in itself an invaluable feature and advantage. We can easily know the total number of opportunities that are connected with the campaigns and therefore the following information can easily be retrieved for the opportunities:

  • Various opportunities that are associated with any campaign
  • Total number of created opportunities
  • Value of all open opportunities
  • Value of closed and won opportunities
How to Use Salesforce Campaign Effectively

In this way and with the help of such organized information marketing team can easily see the effect of their campaign and know their exact effect and output. Through the information of these campaigns, a number of facts can be derived like the marketing professionals can know where is the process gap? As it may be the case that leads are being generated through marketing campaigns but are not being closed by the sales department or vice versa. So by Campaign reports, you can know the current performance status of your campaign.

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5). Email Marketing

However, Salesforce campaigns can be extremely effective and helpful for anyone, but if they will be merged with email marketing tools. The email marketing tools when combined with Salesforce Campaigns then the user can easily build the user list and send the email campaigns to the user and create data segments.

Through email marketing tools the leads or contacts can be automatically transferred to Campaign members and the emails can be sent to the members of campaigns. The emails can be sent automatically to all campaign members and the status of them automatically gets updated that can be either Responded or Opened.

Some of the popular and most used email marketing tools are Pardot, Mailchimp, Dotmailer and Campaign Monitor and all of these tools have their own Salesforce connectors.

How to Make Salesforce Campaign Effective?

Designing an effective Salesforce campaign can help you in utilizing it with its maximum capabilities. Most of the users are not utilizing their vigour to its optimum. Even a certified and experienced Salesforce consultant can help you in utilizing it effectively. Following tips can make this campaign effective:

  • Connecting Campaign Members with Multiple Campaigns
  • Field customization as per key metrics
  • Effective Campaign setting
  • By utilizing reporting of strong campaigns
  • By integrating Campaign with email marketing tools

Final Thought

Salesforce has become one of the most used CRM and when you will utilize it with appropriate Salesforce tools, it yields the best results. A high conversion rate can be achieved through a properly designed and optimized campaign. Such managed campaigns can also play a key role in increasing the business profits.

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