How To Make Career As Salesforce Developers Or Salesforce Administrator


Salesforce is a most popular CRM even it has become the market leader as a cloud-based CRM. As day by day the number of Salesforce implementation companies is increasing, so the demand for salesforce experts in various roles have been increased. There exist a number of Salesforce customers in the market and so the career as a Salesforce expert is also growing at a rapid speed, therefore, Salesforce offers a number of types of certifications. Companies are recruiting Salesforce Developers, Administrators and Architects to implement Salesforce for their organization properly. The demand for Salesforce professional is on a high rise, since the companies which have implemented Salesforce, want to maximize their investment.

This article discusses the career for Salesforce Developers and Administrator roles, which are high in demand. Salesforce also offers certifications in these two roles, which helps the aspirants to make the career in these roles or make them marketable. For those who want to have a long-lasting career in Salesforce, the certifications are also necessary. Here we are going to describe two majorly in-demand Salesforce expert roles, from which you can choose any as per your expertise and interest:

  • Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce offers two level certifications for administrators first is Certified Administrator and second is Certified, Advanced Administrator. The exam is conducted to check the Salesforce customization and configuration skill of the applicant and for this, he is expected to know about Managing user data and security, building dashboards, reports, and workflows along with customization of Service and Sales Cloud. There is no pre-requisite for this exam and following are the exam details:

Exam Requirements for Salesforce Admin:

  •        $200 Exam Registration Fee
  •        Passing score is 65%·   Total 60 MCQs
  •        Total 90 minutes time to complete the exam
  •        Retake fee is $100
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 Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator

This is the next level Salesforce Administrator Level exam and the candidates are supposed to have advanced knowledge of Salesforce administration with the experience of dashboards and report designs along with an automated process. The exams judge the skill of advanced administration capabilities of the candidate and optimization expertise level of Sales and Service Clouds along with designing reports, dashboards, and business process automation skills. The pre-requisite of the exam is the completion of Salesforce Certified Administration certification. Details of the exam are as follows:

Exam Requirements for Advanced Salesforce Admin:

  •       63 multiple choice questions to be solved in 90 minutes
  •       Passing marks 65%
  •       Registration fee is $200 and Retake fee is $100

The Salesforce administrator is mainly responsible for managing and administering the Salesforce configuration in the organization for performing a number of declarative changes and managing the new releases as well.

Most common skills for the Salesforce administrator are listed below:

  • Complete understanding and information about business processes and organizational structure
  • Excellent analytical and project management skills
  • Extraordinary communication skills, motivational skills, and presentation skills

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These skills are sought by the organizations, which have implemented Salesforce to streamline their organizational process. The Salesforce administrator profile is a non-technical one, so anyone either from the technical or non-technical background can become Salesforce administrator by getting Salesforce Administrator certification either advance or basic.

  • Salesforce Application Builder or Developer
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This certification is for Salesforce developers, who can design, implement and build custom Salesforce applications for Salesforce Platform and requires more engineering and programming skills. The certification requires the knowledge of platform. It tests the skills of customization of application for mobile, designing reports and dashboards, deploying applications and designing of the user interface, business logic, and security for the custom application. Exam details are listed below:

Exam Requirements for Salesforce Developer:

  •  60 MCQs have to be solved in 90 minutes
  • Passing marks are 65%
  • Registration fee is $200 and Retake fee is $100

Salesforce developers develop the functionalities inside Sandbox either by using Visualforce or Apex, these functionalities are then used by Salesforce administrator and then he can schedule the deployment. Usually, the Salesforce developers have following responsibilities:

Responsibilities of Salesforce Developers:       

  • Process Creation using Salesforce triggers
  • Visualforce page creation through tailored customer requirements
  • By using point-and-click capabilities, building customized apps
  • New solution designing and project plans

Skills Required for Salesforce Developers:

  • Information about new developments in Salesforce
  • Quick Adaption of organizational culture
  • Remarkable management skills must have incredible vision and patience
  • Long-term thinker and strong CRM believer

Final Words:

Day by day the two profiles, Salesforce developers and administrator are getting similar. To become a Salesforce professional you must have certifications, Salesforce admin, and Salesforce developer. The developer must have full knowledge of the Salesforce admin profile. So, the two most in-demand profiles of Salesforce are linked to each other.

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