How To Configure Mass Mail Merge In Salesforce


Extended Mass Mail Merge is an amazing component accessible from Salesforce that regrettably isn’t turned on “out of the box.” Natively you can utilize the “Mail Merge” tab in the Activity History related list to make a single Word reports that populates (i.e. mail merge) with information from the record you are seeing. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you need to have Salesforce to make Word documents for many records, the Mail Merge tab would be a mind-blowing repetitive approach to achieve this undertaking. Luckily “Mass Mail Merge” achieves this effect.

In this blog, we will show you how you can configure mass mail merge. The blog covers the following topics-

Steps to Configure Mass Mail Merge

To produce mass mail merge reports utilizing the Extended Mail Merge, pursue these means.

  • Click the records, contacts, or leads tab. Different sorts of records are not as of now upheld.
  • In the Tools zone, click Mass Mail Merge to begin the mass mail merge wizard.
  • Choose a fitting list view from the View list.
  • Select the records to incorporate into the mail merge. To choose all the records that are shown on the page, select the checkbox in the segment header.
  • Click Next.
  • Select the kinds of Word reports you’d like to produce. The supported record types are archives, envelopes, and marks.
  • Select the ‘Log an action’ checkbox to log the generation of these mail merge archives by including a complete task on each record.
  • Click Next.
  • Select the suitable mail merge formats.
  • For archives, pick whether to make single word report that incorporates all yield or a different Word report for each record.
  • Optionally, click Preview Template to survey the Word record with merge fields yet without your data. Note that in spite of the fact that you can alter the Word archive that opens, those progressions won’t be connected to your present mail merge ask. To make a recently reconsidered format accessible for mail merge, it must be transferred first.
  • Click on Finish option.
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 Mail Merge Considerations

Broadened Mail Merge underpins the accompanying extra situations: the Mozilla Firefox Web program and the Apple Mac OS. Besides, it doesn’t require the establishment of an ActiveX control.

Expanded Mail Merge underpins Microsoft Word 2007.

  • Extended Mail Merge does not bolster layouts spared in .dotx document designs.
  • Mail merge reports give you get to just to the fields that are open to you by means of your page format and field-level security settings.
  • Extended mail merge doesn’t bolster organizing from rich content region fields.
  • Using mail merge from a record detail page consequently triggers the standard work process and approval decides for that record. Utilizing Extended Mail Merge, in any case, doesn’t trigger those guidelines.
  • With Extended Mail Merge, a mail merge task can’t surpass as far as possible:
    • 1,000 records
    • The chose mail to consolidate template(s) add up to estimate can’t be bigger than 1 MB.
    • For mass mail blends, the number of chose records increased by the consolidated sizes of the chose mail combine layouts can’t be bigger than 50 MB.
  • When you see a mail merge record, you see just the format. The review doesn’t populate merge fields with your information in light of the fact that there’s no record detail accessible to the see layout.

Additional Things to Note

Contingent upon the span of the activity, Salesforce may append the record as either a Word archive (.doc) or a Zip document (.zip). In the event that the attachment size surpasses your association’s maximum permitted email attachment size or if your executive has set all mail merge archives to be saved to the Documents tab, at that point your created records will be naturally saved on the Documents tab and you will get an email with a link to their location.

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Standard mail merge requires:

Extended Mail Merge supports the following additional environments: the Mozilla Firefox Web browser and the Apple Mac OS. Furthermore, it does not require the installation of an ActiveX control.

Extended Mail Merge supports the accompanying extra conditions:

  • The Mozilla Firefox Web program and the Apple Mac OS. Besides, it doesn’t require the establishment of an ActiveX control.
  • Standard mail merge and Extended Mail Merge bolster adaptations of Microsoft Word 2000 or more.
  • Standard mail merge as of now underpins Word 2007 layouts saved in .docx or .dotx record positions, yet Extended Mail Merge does not.
  • With Extended Mail Merge, a mail merge activity can’t surpass more than 1,000 records.
  • The chose mail blend template(s) add up to estimate can’t be bigger than 1 MB.
  • For mass mail consolidates, the number of select records increased by the joined sizes of the select mail combine formats can’t be more than 50 MB.


Mail Merge is a very profitable feature for any business. This is because every day the businesses deal with so many emails. This way they can consolidate their mailing channels and send out mass emails in lesser time.

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