Things You Need to Start a Salesforce Consulting Business


I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”  –Steve Jobs

Business ventures are all about three Ps Things You Need to Start a Salesforce Consulting Business

  • Product- The quality and effectiveness of what you are selling.
  • Perseverance- Rome was not built in one day and so can’t be a business venture, you need to stand tight to see the results coming.
  • Providing- Develop the best process methodologies for everything

Setting up a business is like having a child. You are excited about everything about it. It is what brings you to hope in your life. You are worried about everything about it and many more things. There is a huge deal of thinking, planning, and brainstorming that goes into setting up a business. There are many things that need your undivided attention. Today we are going to tell you about a few things about starting a Salesforce consulting business. Our aim here is to provide you with sufficient details to make your roadmap of Salesforce consulting business a piece of cake.

Things You Need to Start a Salesforce Consulting Business

Questions to Ask Yourself before Venturing into Salesforce Consulting Business

Things You Need to Start a Salesforce Consulting Business

Why business, why not a job?

When you are thinking about starting a company, this is the first question that you need to answer. The person who has always felt job security as a very comforting thing should really consider it at length. You need to settle down on whether you want to be an employee or an employer. Your answer to this particular question will be the determining factor of your role in your future business.

Do you have the sources for requisite investment?

Money plays a huge factor when you are considering starting a business. Initially, you may not even reach a breakeven point for your investment. You need to see the viability and the inflow of cash. You need to design timelines and goals according to the money you have and the money you can procure by the time you reach the certain milestone. 

What would be your process methodology?

If you have to succeed in the business you need to have a farsightedness. You have to plan everything way ahead of time because even after a strong planning many things go wrong so just imagine what would happen if you don’t have a plan or a process methodology in place at all.

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Where would you get the deals from?

Before starting with a business you need to see where would you get the business from. Just imagine you plan everything, hire the requisite people everything is there but the clients. Think about your prospects of clients. For Salesforce Consulting business Account Executives (AEs) are driving good business for both consulting firms as well as the ISVs.

Things You Need To Do

After reading several reports and expert views on a typical good business strategy for starting a Salesforce Consulting business following points have been jotted down

Things You Need to Start a Salesforce Consulting Business

Find a Niche

The best way to start your business is to develop a target area. In the beginning, you can plan on targeting a specific group of clients. For example, you can consider targeting start-ups or a particular type of industry-specific clients such as Media companies, finance companies etc.

Focus on Process

Like we discussed in the very beginning “Process” is the key to success. Streamline all your business processes and create strong internal processes. A process-oriented consulting is always opted first by all the clients as it gives them a sense of surety of work. 

Maintain Good Relationships

This is one business mantra that never fails. In business, you need to first make good relationships and then maintain them too because of it all about word of the mouth in the end.

Build a Flexible Structure

Initially go for a setup that is flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of your firm. This is because starting is all about trial and errors. If you make a very rigid structure it will cause troubles as it may render your structure redundant for changing needs.

Leverage Technology

There are no shortcuts to success. If you have to succeed you need to excel in your niche and field and or that you need to leverage a technology. Make the best use of CRM systems, tools and software at your disposal.

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Be the pioneer of your niche

Be the first one to come up with new technology, idea or solutions in your niche. Be the business that people look up to for agile methodologies and newest technologies.

Must-Have Professionals on Your Team

Here is a list of professionals that you must have on your team to be successful in your Salesforce Consulting Business- 

Things You Need to Start a Salesforce Consulting Business


You need to necessarily have to have a Salesforce Administrator who can effectively manage as well as maintain the Salesforce development requirements of your clients.


Salesforce is technical, you need to have a developer who is Salesforce certified. The Salesforce Developer is the one who develops the apps for the clients with clicks or codes.

Implementation Specialist

If you have to succeed in handling the implementation challenges that many clients are likely to approach you with then you need to have a Salesforce Implementation Specialist to provide implementation solutions that are customer-centric.

Knowledge Specialist

Choose an experienced knowledge specialist for your business as he is the one who provides solutions to the challenges that seem like huge hurdles. The knowledge specialist manages your internal as well as external operations. 

Creative Solution Provider

If you have to provide something that only you can provide, you need to have a good creative solution provider for your organization. They are the ones who make your services special and exclusive.

Salesforce Consultant- Why is there a need?

Infographic Salesforce Consultant- Why is there a need?


Starting a business and running it efficiently is surely a herculean task. Nothing is sure shot in life but we can only plan and avoid every possible risk. I hope that this blog will give you clarity of thoughts in case you are wandering in that employee, employer zone. This is pretty much everything that is required to ensure a good start for your Salesforce Consulting business.

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