How to Integrate Salesforce and SAP?


Integrate SAP With Salesforce Today!

SAP plays a very central and important role in the most significant business procedures and models for many companies of the world. This is because of it being of the most extensively used enterprise resource planning solutions on the market currently. To be to fully automate and as well as optimize their business procedures, almost all the companies require integrating SAP with the several other applications they use within their organization.

As per the field and market experts, one of the most common SAP integration rundown in SAP is its integration with the customer relationship management (CRM) tools or applications of a company. A frontier of Software as a Service (SaaS) apps, is the present market leader in terms of CRM applications. Therefore, the integration between your SAP module and Salesforce app, in particular, has turned out to be a quite typical challenge for almost all the organizations worldwide.

Here is a quick list for you hinting on the points of the integration process of Salesforce with SAP

  • Login to your Salesforce Developer account
  • Select Setup option type API in the Quick find box.
  • Download a required WSDL file
  • Use Salesforce WSDL and create a SOAP project
  • Create 2 ICO’s using ECC data

For a better understanding the blog is divided into the following parts-

how to integrate salesforce with sap

In this blog, you will learn about –

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Benefits of SAP and Salesforce Integration

Here are a few admitted benefits of Salesforce and SAP integration-

  • Companies are easily able to make more efficient business models and fully automate their business processes swiftly
  • Removal of the requirement for dual data entry, which helps in saving you a lot of time and money
  • Lesser data redundancies and errors are caused by way of manual data entry
  • Improved dexterity to act on new information more rapidly

The Process of SAP and Salesforce Integration

Let me take some burden off your shoulders and guide you to integrate Salesforce with SAP. Here is how to integrate SAP with Salesforce.

  • Login to the Salesforce Developer account
  • Then go to Setup option and type API in the Quick find box.SAP and Salesforce Integration
  • Download a required WSDL file that you wish to use.SAP and Salesforce IntegrationSAP and Salesforce Integration
  • Create SOAP project by utilizing Salesforce WSDL, you will see that there are all the operations on the left side of the window. Use the login operation to notice if you can easily login with the username and password.

note: that the password is always “password + Security Token”.

  • Create WSDL/XSD with the help of the following steps-
    • Firstly, create a successful upsert request using SOAPui
    • After that create XSD for that particular request using the external tools (jedit/XMLSpy) or tools that are obtainable from the internet.
    • By importing the external definition that you created in the previous step, create another ESR object.SAP and Salesforce Integration
    • Next step is message mapping by creating SOAP requests.
    • After that, you need an API lookup code to get session ID and a server URL.
    • Thereafter you need an ID configuration.
    • In order to do that first create 2 ICO’s by getting data from ECC and then sending it to Salesforce.SAP and Salesforce Integration
  • Once you have successfully followed the steps given above you will be able to integrate your SAP with Salesforce account.
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All of the steps little more technical, so you should have hands-on experience in Salesforce when processing the SAP integration. If you face some issue then try to understand it properly and take the relevant action that is required. Salesforce Lightning features keep changing from time to time, so there are chances that SAP Salesforce integration can be made simpler with future versions.


The aim of every company is to earn revenue. Revenue is the ultimate goal and therefore companies wish to do everything that they can to successfully achieve that goal. SAP and Salesforce integration is a huge step towards that. Needless to reiterate the benefits it provides, it is a need of the hour for every market enterprise. Integrate your SAP with Salesforce today and get all the benefits as already discussed.

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