All that you should know about Salesforce Marketing Cloud Lightning


‘Salesforce’- the CRM system that has revolutionized the world of CRM. now gives different programming arrangements and a juncture for clients and engineers to create and disperse custom programming. It has various types of services available and you can choose the one which suits your needs. This particular article will guide you about Salesforce Marketing Cloud Lightning.

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All that you should know about Salesforce Marketing Cloud Lightning

salesforce marketing cloud lightning

What is Salesforce lightning?

Modern day era longs for innovation that connects people, and nothing is more crucial for business development than client satisfaction. There is no better way to deal with it in an accomplished manner and raise your association with your clientele than with Service Cloud Lightning administrations given by the Salesforce. Inserting of the powerful tool of Customer Support in your system, applications empowers you to adequately share, examine and acknowledge, a complete 360-degree viewpoint over your association. Salesforce Lightning administrations prepare your agents to turn your leads into clients successfully. The highlights that are offered by lightning’s administrations are a coordinated ordeal, where it benefits in representations and at the same time empowers a fresh client experience. It provides you with an interface by getting to that information only which they have to gather essentially rather than getting involved in many potential fields.

Below screenshot explains how a typical Salesforce Lightning Screen looks like.

marketing cloud connect

What Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Lightning?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a platform that is turning out to be a blessing for all the marketing teams who are using it. At the present time, clients have access to more data, decisions and power than at any other time, making a customer experience valuable has become critical to organizations. Making a consistent, customized client service requires a coordinated effort on the part of the organization, in any case, as the lines between sales, services and marketing keep on blurring, marketers are driving the charge in this huge effort. Truth be told, as per Salesforce’s current 2016 State of Marketing report, the larger part of high-performing, promoting groups (58 percent) are driving customer experience activities over the business, contrasted with 8 percent of the ones who are underperformers.  All this made possible with nothing but Salesforce Marketing Cloud Lightning.

What are the features of Marketing Cloud Lightning?

Marketing Cloud will give clients more noteworthy control over each progression of the procedure. This change brings about more genuine feelings of serenity while making promoting computerization. Marketing Cloud will likewise give more straightforwardness to clients about their picked activities for showcasing exercises to better control clients toward their expected outcomes and keep away from potential mistakes. This release is tied in with helping clients with choices before they settle on them. Marketing Cloud will give more direction on the most proficient method to oversee information and journeys. The following are its highlights

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 salesforce marketing cloud features

New Android App:

Customers would now be able to maintain their business from their Android device or platforms. This new form incorporates a simple and user-friendly Lightning experience, beginning with the most utilized functionality of the iOS adaptation of the Mobile App. This application is accessible now in the Google Play Store.

New Home Dashboard for iOS:

Customers would now be able to use the home dashboard on their iOS cell phones to perceive how their every day and weekly advertising activities are performing. Clients can set up daily or weekly reminders to keep an eye on their promoting endeavors and many more. Make certain to keep your app updated in the Apple App Store.

New Themed Templates for Content Builder:

This element enables clients to construct messages significantly faster and gives them an ideal place to begin their email creation with newly designed themes

Lightning Overview Enhancement for Automation Studio:

The Automation Studio Overview page is now upgraded with Lightning. This update carries arrangement with the other Salesforce Clouds and Marketing Cloud applications. Clients will now experience enhanced execution with great ease of use.

URL Redirect to Email Studio:

This update enables clients to configure and organize when links in their email, send expire and where expired links divert, and Marketing Cloud enables clients to finish this with a simple to-utilize interface. Take in more!

Excursion Builder Email Personalization Update:

Customers will now have the capacity to use event information as the hotspot for email personalization rather than contact information from the event information extension.

Adventure History Tab:

This release replaces the Journey Builder Contacts tab in the principle Journey Builder navigation bar with a Journey Builder History tab. This gives clients a running status of the most part of their trips and the capacity to affirm that its functionality.

Step-Level SQL Query Limit:

This release constrains the quantity of SQL Query exercises added to a single activity of an automation to 20. This point of confinement prevents increased system strain and performance risk and errors for customers by preventing unlimited query activities from running simultaneously.

What are the benefits of Marketing Cloud Lightning?

It is essential for you to understand how Salesforce Marketing Cloud Lightning can transform your business. Here are some exceptional benefits of using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Lightning.

benefits of Marketing Cloud Lightning

Integration: marketing, sales & service team

To lead the activity, advertisers require another stage that empowers them to convey a steady brand understanding over each touch point, paying little attention to the channel or gadget. The appropriate response? Advertising Cloud Lightning—another client experience, stage and environment that gives advertisers the ability to run 1-to-1 client travels across sales, service, marketing and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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Recently, Salesforce presented Sales Cloud Lightning and Service Cloud Lightning, the up and coming generation of its sales and service arrangements based on the Lightning Platform.

Have a reliable user experience over the Customer Success Platform.

The new Marketing Cloud Lightning will offer an advanced and shrewd client encounter over any gadget, empowering advertisers to work quicker and more astute, and convey better outcomes. With normal Salesforce identity and navigation, advertisers will now have the capacity to work flawlessly over the whole Customer Success Platform—streamlining processes that enhance marketing, sales, service or different divisions and empowering more complete and coordinated client ventures.

Use Lightning Components to develop and construct new applications.

Promoting Cloud Lightning incorporates new Lightning Components—the reusable building blocks for collecting applications with drag and drop ease—empowering organizations to create and tweak new business applications that meet their exceptional needs, utilizing the joined capacities of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, custom applications and now Marketing Cloud. Salesforce will convey Lightning Components extending from core email functionality, such as message previews and tracking email, to journey capabilities, as consequently adding a lead or contact to an excursion and checking on the adventure history of a particular lead or contact. Clients will have the option to utilize third-party components by Salesforce associates and accessible from the Salesforce AppExchange.

Enhanced data analysis & forecasting.

With new Predictive Journeys innovation, advertisers will have the capacity to utilize analyze information to investigate data from the web like browsing activity and buy history, alongside the majority of their Salesforce data, similar to service hold times, consumer satisfaction details and email promoting effort execution to foresee customer behavior and ultimately govern the business.

Construct and automate journeys for entire customer experience.

Using the assistance of the Marketing Cloud Lightning, any activity using Salesforce can initiate a client journey. For instance, if a client taps on a Facebook Lead Ad, which naturally populates the lead with the data the client has imparted to Facebook, that lead would then be able to be steered to Salesforce where a more customized adventure can be activated in view of what is thought about the client. Correspondingly, if the client demonstrates in a post buy follow-up email study that she’s not fulfilled, a case could be consequently opened, setting off another excursion.


Joining forces with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Lightning can change the dynamics of your business organization. You are by now well aware of its aspects. You have seen how it can be that saving grace that you might be looking for. Get your subscription now. Save your customers, save your business, save your bottom line.

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