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Salesforce Community Cloud enables associations to create branded community spaces—or data sharing entrances—where clients can interface, team up, and complete work. Salesforce communities are gainful environments inside a Salesforce association, and they are very easy to build and work with Salesforce’s natural instruments and templates. Today, we shall talk about Salesforce communities and the reasons for which they are beneficial to you. The blog covers the following topics-

What is Salesforce Community?

Salesforce characterizes Communities as marked spaces for your workers, clients, and partners to associate. While this is valid, that definition does not completely incorporate all the things that the Communities can do, particularly for a nonprofit. For a large number of the customers, Communities are ways for associations to impart and gather data from their constituents and partners, eventually streamlining complex procedures that had recently included endless forward and backward messages, connections, administrative work, missed due dates, and confusion.

The magnificence of a Salesforce Community is that it is totally incorporated into your Salesforce silo. Everything that happens inside the network is being caught inside Salesforce, enabling you to make direct move dependent on the Community data. Moreover, you can even give an account of the information you gather!

An association can easily build a community to meet many of their business needs, but there are three main types of communities that you can build in Salesforce:

Community Builder makes it too simple to alter your Salesforce community. Essentially after a couple of segments to incorporate data about your community, add pictures to broaden your marking, and you’re prepared to go — without any coding! Likewise, in case you need a progressively custom encounter, you can make custom pages, add parts to pages, utilize custom Lightning segments, and uncover more Salesforce objects.

Community templates let you assemble responsive networks for conveying rich, branded spaces for your clients and accomplices. Templates are pre-packed arrangement structures worked with the Lightning Community Builder and empower you to rapidly start your site and afterward effectively style the pages to coordinate with your organization’s marking. Every format is pre-stacked with page designs, parts, and business forms that are normally utilized for the corresponding industry use case.

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Regardless of what sort of community you build, it can give your business a lift in the following positive ways:

Enhance Brand Experience

Any entrance you manufacture utilizing Salesforce Community Cloud can be tweaked to mirror your brand’s look with the goal that it fills in as an expansion of your online presence. Offering a natural, intuitive, engaging experience for clients, representatives, or partners can boost the satisfaction score and upgrade your brand image. Furthermore, you can screen questions or exchanges in the network to find pain points or territories for brand improvement.

Empower Users

Communities are wise spaces where clients can search out the data they require on their own. Clients can without much of a stretch access FAQs, look through the learning base, or offer conversation starters to other network individuals. Representatives can discover significant onboarding documentation or audit organization declarations at their very own accommodation. Accomplices can get to basic information, or register leads in a hurry. Also, Salesforce Community Cloud consequently gives singular proposals to applicable substance, gathering, and master associations—so clients are engaged to customize their community experience.

Foster a Culture of Collaboration

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Salesforce communities is their collaborative nature. Regardless of location, users can connect and work together in real-time. Customers can answer each other’s questions and team up to solve problems. Employees can share expertise and files or collaborate on content. Internal and external sales teams can join forces to qualify leads and close deals. Anyone can contribute ideas and insights from anywhere. And to encourage collaboration, community managers can reward active community participants with customizable badges and incentives, as well as enable users to endorse each other for specific skills.

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Five Reasons to have a Salesforce Community

1). Build branded portals and communities in a snap.

Use Lightning Community Builder and Templates to send your portal or community without even hardly lifting a finger. Furthermore, Lightning Bolt offers industry-explicit arrangements with inherent business rationale, work process, and UI so you can work for your utilization case without thinking twice.

2). Empower customers to manage their account quickly and easily.

Give clients one branded goal where they can get to data from back-end frameworks, applications, and records. Presently they can perform errands like paying bills, documenting cases, and making arrangements rapidly, effectively — and on their own timetable.

3). Give your self-service a 360-degree boost.

Out-of-the-box integration with Service Cloud gives consistent self-administration that additionally gives client administration operators a 360-degree client sees. Give operators and clients similar data so that specialists can tackle cases all the more effectively, and clients can find the solutions they need quicker than at any other time.

 4). Deliver answers from experts — your customers.

Make an energetic community that keeps clients returning. Include Q&A, gatherings, and client MVPs to keep the community individuals locked in. Also, offer a customized feed to make it simple to team up and transform clients into brand ambassadors.

 5). Create a richer customer experience with intelligent self-service.

Customize each touch point by shrewdly conveying content dependent on a client’s profile data, interests, and exercises utilizing Community Cloud Einstein. What’s more, make each client a know everything via naturally surfacing the most important answers with related Q&A.


Salesforce communities are a great way to accelerate your business sales and ultimately, your revenue. Read more about building and utilizing Salesforce communities and let us know if you have any queries.

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