What are the Benefits of the Salesforce Community Cloud?


Salesforce is one of the most used and popular CRM or customer relationship management tool all around the world. However, for any business, the business owner may require several tools to manage business operations. To provide a one-stop solution to the business owners many CRM tools are offering a variety of features.

For the same reason, Salesforce is also offering a number of additional features, that are advantageous for business organizations. One such add-on feature of Salesforce is the Salesforce Community Cloud.

In this post, we would discuss the reasons due to which you should use the Salesforce community cloud. Firstly, we will discuss the introduction of the Salesforce community cloud then will see the benefits of this community.

An Introduction of Salesforce Community

Prior to know what Salesforce community exactly, firstly you should know what is the need of Salesforce community cloud? Firstly Salesforce.com was launched to provide help to the sales guys of the organization so that they can keep track of their relationship with their customers. However, many of the sales guys started sharing lots of business stuff as well with their customers. But most of this process was manual.

Here Salesforce launched earlier Salesforce Customer and Partner Portals to manage the relationship between customers and sales guys. Later this community was renamed as Salesforce Community Cloud.

Through this community Salesforce Developers got the options to create and get the help for their work. The user can share the information, communicate with the client and collaborate internally for project and tasks in a personalized manner.

Salesforce community cloud comes with the Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer Salesforce editions.

Well, in short, we can say that Salesforce community cloud is the platform that can be used to share information without creating any additional user that can be a costly affair. Community cloud has many features and in our next section, we will discuss these features of the community cloud.

Why Use Salesforce Community Cloud?

Salesforce community cloud helps the users to create online and customized communities that may be optimized for mobile and on-brand. This can be easily done with the help of scalable templates for which no coding is required. Custom components and third-party can help the users to create a customized or personalized community that may meet the specific requirement of any organization.

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Three Reasons to Use Salesforce Community

i). To Build Better Customer Relationship

The online hubs can be populated with FAQ tutorials that are built with a community cloud. You can also add tutorials, searchable database or questions and answer and many other things from where one customer can interact with other customers of your organization.

When these various resources are combined then a content-rich hub for the customers can be created through which the users can share their own experiences and find useful information. The customers can also get a friendly response from a customer representative through a forum thread. They can also get a suggested answer by any fellow user or from a database.

ii). To establish a trusted To Save Money

and excellent relationship between customer and partner a significant time dedication may be required. Through a community cloud, the cost and time required to maintain customer relationship can be reduced up to a great extent.

Now the customers can access the information in the way, as you want to show them, moreover the content can be generated by existing online users. Now you need not to spend lots of time to maintain the information and content and it can be just populated in a pre-organized manner.

Through your well-managed community, you will have to send less number of emails and support calls. This way you will have to spend less time in managing larger community website management.

A significant cost saving has been noticed through online communities all over the world and organizations. It has been seen that a million of dollars have been saved in England through their online diabetic and hypoglycemia dedicated communities.

A community can save the organizational revenues in six ways as stated by a report of Constellation Research. They are like revenue increment through new services and products, marketing and public relations, enhanced communication, better business cost efficiency and improved employee engagement are the ones.

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iii). Product Improvement

Through community cloud, you can create three types of communities a customer, partner or employee community. These communities can act as a powerful research hub. By properly collecting communicating data and observing them you can get the most meaningful and uncommon data of your customer, employees and partners.

You can provide and highlight the new features of your product or service, which may be required for your customer. They can also access the solution of most asked and required questions.

It has been seen that online communities help lots of marketing and community leaders to manage their online customer relationships and listen to what their customer requires.

Three Problems that can be solved by Community Cloud

Majorly below-listed three problems of the organizations can be solved by community cloud:

a). Non-Synchronized Partner Relationship

Salesforce community cloud can make sure that you can stay aligned with your partners and share opportunities, quotes, accounts and leads with your partners. With the help of deal registration and lead distribution, you can manage third-party relationships.

b). Weak Customer Insights

Salesforce community cloud comes with the customized Lightning dashboard. Through them, you can measure and analyze the popular topics, users and engagements. You may find it difficult to manage your relationship with your customers without these insights. Instead through these insights, you can improve customer satisfaction easily.

c). Mobile Optimized Community

Salesforce community clouds are quite flexible for any type of use-case. You can create a branded community instantly just through any mobile-optimized community manager. Through this, the challenges of any company can be handled and managed. Through visual community designer, the customized communities can be designed without any technical knowledge.

As far as the cost of these communities is concerned, the user can access a free trial of any of the available community, and contact the vendor to know the price or cost of community.

Final Words

You can use any of the community that may be of partner, customer or employee they can provide a solid solution to grow your business and revenue. If you think that the online community is the thing that is required for the overall growth of your business, then use it and get your plan. To access any of the Salesforce community you may need the best customization that may be taken by any third-party experienced professional as well.

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