Reasons Why You Can’t Say no to Salesforce CRM for Hospitality


The key is to set realistic customer expectations and not to just meet them but to exceed them — preferably in unexpected and helpful ways. – Richard Branson

To provide the best customer experience is a need of all the industries but for hospitality, it even matters more. Do you know why? The reason being, this industry manages accommodations for people away from home. So, the better experience they will provide, the more likely customers will come back again and again. 

But in recent years, the travel industry has seen various transformations due to changing technologies and increasing social media culture. Now the hospitality companies experience more pressure of delivering a perfect and personalized experience to customers. And, it has become mandatory to gain the competitive edge.

Travel trend has reached fever-pitched, and travel prices are touching the ground. In such a complex situation, dealing a large volume of consumers and maintaining a personalized and top class service for each of them is a tedious job.

Reasons why you can't say no to Salesforce CRM for hospitality

The ambition of travel companies nowadays is to find a way that gives advanced information, a deeper insight into customer behavior and, helps overcome the chance of losing a potential customer. Fortunately, there exists all in one solution for this. Yes, I’m talking about Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce CRM, which can be set up easily and with its sales, marketing & service cloud it can automate many time-consuming processes. Not only it does save time but also cuts the chance of manual mistakes. Let’s discuss one by one why using Salesforce CRM for the hospitality industry is always a correct decision:

Salesforce CRM works as per organization objectives

The hospitality industry deals in various verticals – tourism, transportation, hotel, and all those services which serve customer satisfaction and enjoyment. Hence, the sector comprises an extensive range of services that take care of customer-specific needs.

360 view of your business

Salesforce CRM is easy to install, but before that companies must have a clear idea about what services they are planning to deliver their customers so that they can improve it by improving the customer interaction. Hence, CRM for the hospitality sector is installed as per organization objectives to help them deliver great customer experience.

Salesforce CRM provides hotels tons of analytical data

With the help of reporting tools, predictive analytics algorithms, and dashboards driven by Salesforce, hoteliers can easily figure out the common pattern of guest behavior, assess the performance of an employee or the overall team.

Salesforce CRM provides hotels tons of analytical data

This data can be used to make important strategies & customer dragging seasonal offers, change in pricing strategy, and run customer-centric marketing campaigns. Apart from this, businesses can get an insight into what is the actual need of customers, so that existing policies could be modified to upsell and cross-sell the services.

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Salesforce CRM improves customer satisfaction and brand image

Why won’t a customer not keep coming back if he receives a great treatment every time? Turning a customer into advocate consumer is possible if you are using Salesforce CRM as it helps you to deliver an improved experience to your customer. Not only they bring profit to you but also become word of mouth for your brand that ultimately helps your brand to drag more customers.

More often, customers give good feedback if your services are genuinely nice and these feedbacks on various travel and hotel booking websites reinforce your brand image. It also increases the probability of more booking or business.

Salesforce CRM helps run correct marketing campaigns, and increases lead visibility

No surprise, marketing campaigns are the first source for generating meaningful leads. But, what about the leads which you already have? Have you looked into that or are you pretty sure all those would get turned?

Salesforce CRM helps run correct marketing campaigns

Salesforce CRM provides correct customer insights, and with accurate data, it helps marketers to design strategic campaigns that result in better outcomes. Also, sales professionals can easily check the possibility of lead conversion. Marketing & sales team can check when the prospect has clicked and opened the mail.

Salesforce CRM automates many processes of the hospitality industry

Creating less effective campaigns, predicting for lead conversion, and wasting too much time in sending the leads to the sales team of a hospitality organization is an inefficient process. What if all these processes can be automated?

Salesforce CRM helps run correct marketing campaigns

Thankfully, with Salesforce marketing cloud, sales cloud, and service cloud, everything from running an engaging campaign to lead visibility to satisfactory customer services can be done in no time. Cut the pain of approaching and sending leads to the sales department, CRM automates everything – assigning leads and tracking the performance of each campaign every moment.

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Salesforce CRM helps hospitality sector to restructure processes

Transforming the overall business process of an organization is not easy, and it takes a lot to recreate the ideas which can benefit customers as well as companies. Salesforce CRM data keeps track of all the information since the start till present and clarifies that hospitality company is not changing all of a sudden rather accepting the customer feedbacks and reasons of success to make a significant change.

Let’s talk about airline companies of hospitality who have made several deals for frequent flyers based on their needs and comfort to promote business. They used the customer data by CRM to analyze customer behavior and further utilized the information to implement intelligent ideas of converting potential customers.

Salesforce CRM helps hospitality professionals to work from anywhere

Salespeople can’t work whole day sitting at their seats. The hospitality professionals have to go out to take people on touring or property visit. They have to schedule a meeting as per client’s comfort means where and when a client wants to meet. There are no fixed working hours for them; closing a deal is possible any moment of the day.

To assist sales executive better, hotel and other hospitality companies need to use technology like Salesforce CRM, which enables employees to access data anytime, anywhere. Also, they can submit real-time activities to their reporting manager through an interactive dashboard.

Salesforce CRM streamlines customer support

Being good at customer support service is an important part of all companies, especially large hospitality organizations having resorts & hotels spread nationwide. Salesforce CRM provides a unified control for handling interactions across all channels.

Salesforce CRM streamlines customer support

No matter if the communication is via email, phone, message, or face to face – customer support team can access all the information. And, being consistent, active and accessible across all channels is a good thing for a business to grow and run smoothly since the customer might expect his query to get resolved over the call, chat or message. The data is used to deliver better customer experience and perform analytics to develop great business ideas.


By choosing Salesforce CRM for your hospitality business, you can transform the technology picture of your organization which will help you to streamline and automate various processes. Apart from this, making a decision based on a data-driven technique will always help you to grow in the right direction so that you can add to your customer base and profit easily. Taking sales, marketing, and support processes to Salesforce cloud assist you in gaining a competitive edge. These are some of the key reasons which prove that setting up CRM to hospitality company can be a great help for the organization.

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