Impeccable Reasons for Which Thousands of Companies Selected Salesforce


Salesforce is one of the leading CRM. It is a leveraging platform for various organizations including health, financial, educational and non-profits. Many upgrades in a year and use of new technologies are a few of the ground-breaking innovations of this cloud-based platform. This scalable, secure and customized CRM can extend your power to sell your service through smart business apps in this competitive era. The employees can sell faster and can get more ROI from it.

This article is written to enlist the top five reasons due to which Salesforce has been proved as a worthy investment by its clients through following points:

  1. Innovative Platform
  2. Reliable CRM Platform
  3. Unmatched Customer Experience
  4. Salesforce – A Brand
  5. Customer Oriented Environment

Innovative Platform

Salesforce continuously updates its existing versions and for this, it keeps on launching the new and beneficial feature as an add-on in its CRM. Therefore for most of its customers, one of the considerable facts to choose it as their CRM is the innovation. In case of Salesforce this innovation is not one time, instead, it keeps on launching and introducing the most demanding and additional features. Its track record is the proof of this statement:

  • Initially, Salesforce launched cloud-based CRM for SMB customers.
  • The company launched PaaS platform through
  • Salesforce launched TouchForce, an iPhone CRM app
  • Chatter was launched by Salesforce and brought social technology into enterprise CRM
  • Through AppBuilder it launched low or no code development environment
  • The Educational tool of Salesforce Trailhead
  • Salesforce Einstein provides an AI layer to this platform.

It has not been stopped yet, the company is still bringing new features and tools as per the requirement raised by its existing customers.

Reliable CRM Platform

Trust, reliability, and availability are some of the most important features for the existing customers of Salesforce to choose it as their business CRM. Moreover, the seamless upgrades like its cloud-based environment and responsive features are a few of the additional ones. All existing customers of Salesforce are automatically upgraded to its latest version in a tight environment whenever a new feature is launched. Due to this upgrade, none of the API and customization gets disturbed.

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In this way, all the new releases of Salesforce are predictable and consistent. In past 17 years, even a single implementation of Salesforce did not get disturbed due to its new upgrade or launch of any new feature. Salesforce has an impeccable and remarkable track record in launching its new features and never needed any regression during the update.

Unmatched Customer Experience

In this customer focused era of business, Salesforce has come up with a platform which can provide a well connected and featured environment. The companies can deliver unmatched customer experience through the apps. Salesforce principle “Make the Complex, Simple and Make the Impossible, Possible” has made it the first choice for its customers. Moreover, the three advantageous features of Salesforce, which are its key elements, are:

advantageous features of Salesforce - janbask

These three features of Salesforce has made it the topmost choice for its customers. Like aLow code or no code, feature emphasizes on the complete spectrum of development capabilities. Valued and required apps can be easily developed through this feature by anyone either a technical or non-technical person. While its responsive feature gives freedom to the Sales reps to use this CRM from anywhere at anytime, which can increase their productivity as well.

While the metadata model of Salesforce increases its potential as the searched can be performed in minimum time. Moreover upgrades also become faster and convenient due to this metadata feature of Salesforce CRM.

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Salesforce – A Brand

Salesforce has become a brand name due to its high market share and increased revenue in past 17 years. Now when anyone implements Salesforce then it gives a sense that they are going to join a brand. Salesforce has become a brand due to its performance and support, which is provided to its valued customers. A few of the considerable reasons are:

  • Salesforce customers have achieved high business results
  • The customers have received valuable feedback from their customers and are continuously renewing their services
  • Collectiveness spirit of Salesforce with all of its stakeholders and customers to work for betterment of society

Salesforce will always be a top brand and provide the benefits to its customers

Customer Oriented Environment

Salesforce is always a customer-centric CRM service provider. Even at the time when it launched its CRM, it keeps on receiving the customer feedback. Due to the customer feedback, the company keeps on upgrading CRM and has launched many new features. Even in a year, Salesforce has launched three upgrades, unlike other CRM companies. Salesforce Lightning, App Exchange, and Trailhead are a few of the examples, which it launched for its customers.

Wrapping Up!

There are a number of reasons due to which Salesforce is the preferred CRM of its clients. Due to its features and continuous upgrades it has become all time favorite of its customers. It is capable to drive efficiency and growth through its market-leading product. The productivity of the organizations has been increased at the lightning fast speed by using Salesforce CRM. A number of organizational beneficial features like responsiveness, Salesforce Lightning, and cloud-based platform are advantageous features for every organization.

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