How Salesforce Lightning Connect Provides Real Time Access To External Data?


Lightning Connect lets you flawlessly access data from exterior sources, side-by-side with your Salesforce data. You can pull data from inheritance systems such as SAP, Microsoft and Oracle in actual time, without making a duplicate of the data in Salesforce. And it’s all effortlessly configured by a simple yet influential point and click interface.


Salesforce as we all know is the greatest renowned CRM-in-the-cloud of this period. In count to endless top features another vigorous aspect is its capability to get easily tailored and get combined with other system. There is continuously this need of migrating or lifting the data from one system to your Salesforce group but Lightning connect unquestionably permits you to admittance data from outside your Salesforce system.


Prior we have always fixed to the outdated idea of introducing the data into the Salesforce system from your inheritance system, but it had one chief disadvantage that is mainstream of data have unconditionally no use and it is impractically copied wasting both time and competence. On the other hand, Lightning Connect plans the numerous Salesforce external substances to the data tables of the unfamiliar system. So, in a way the idea like Lightning Connect can be used under the subsequent conditions quite plentifully:


  • When you are ever changing your system values and don’t want needless data to be copied to your Salesforce Group.
  • When you want small chunks of data at a specific time.
  • When you want to evade stale data and pointless data accumulation.
  • When you want factual time access to the existing data.
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Thus, Salesforce Lightning Connect delivers a unified interface across cross platform and permits you to view or look up for applicable data outside your Salesforce group and intensely reduces time to solve back office systems.


How does it work?


Data access is real time and it is retrieved by reference. Lightning Connect offers your Salesforce setting access to data from a wide variation of exterior sources. You can effortlessly assimilate tables from Microsoft SharePoint, SAP and an extensive pool of other data sources, in real-time. It can be retrieved as External Objects, deprived of writing a single line of code.


To generate and edit, exterior user permission desirable is ‘Customize Application’. Then you want to undergo the following steps:


  • Go to Setup, type External Data Sources in the Quick Find, and choose External Data Sources.
  • Connect New External Data Source, or click Edit to adapt an external data source that exists beforehand.
  • Complete the necessary fields.
  • Then you must select the most suitable verification protocol
  • If you choose Password Confirmation, you will have to enter the username and the password for retrieving the external system or as an alternative you can select OAuth 2.0.
  • Click on Save.


salesforce lightning and odata concept - janbask

What is the OData Concept and how its beneficial?

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Lightning Connect practices an Open Data Protocol (OData) standard, a contemporary REST based incorporation protocol. OData is essentially a consistent protocol for making and overwhelming data APIs. OData bodies on commonly accepted practices like REST and core protocols like HTTP. SAP and Microsoft have previously executed OData support, so products like SharePoint are directly available.


It is a lightweight and a much easier way to contact exterior data from within Salesforce. But the info so used is not copied and stored. The Lightning Connect is not an EAI substitute that can be used for emerging a united view of master data across systems or driving always-on corporate processes that is the most credible reason why partners have jumped on the Lighting Connect bandwagon — as it is no risk to their ETL or EAI businesses.


The only tricky linked with it is that it only levers reads, but even when it does grip writes; it is not frequently suitable to add data to most applications by just introducing records in tables. Typically, a collection of associated information clubbed together must be providing in order for the update to make intellect. So, I believe once the insignificant glitches are sorted out Salesforce Lightning Connect will be the most progressive and talked about technology helping the innovativeness and especially the ones with large amount of exterior data and who want actual time access to it.

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