Best Stories of JanBask Salesforce Implementation for Financial Industry


Selecting Salesforce for your business operations as Customer Relationship Management(CRM) platform is the first step, which you take to take your company to the next level. The next important step for you then is to select the best Salesforce implementation partner for your business. To leverage the business operations of your company right from business management to those done by your field reps and they would get better connectivity, information insights, and automation, which can provide a well connected and completely supportive platform to your business.

But there are a few considerable factors or questions, which can maximize Salesforce potential if you will solve them properly:

  • How to maximize Salesforce benefits?
  • How will you ensure that it will be integrated properly with your existing system?
  • Who will guide your employees, so that the productivity will be increased?
  • How your reps will be technically facilitated?

The answer of all of the questions is to hire an expert Salesforce implementation service provider, who can help you in getting familiar with Salesforce and provide you and your staff complete guidance, so that the business productivity. The seamless Salesforce integration can be a key factor of business success and JanBask is one of such provider, who has helped a number of organizations in successful Salesforce implementation.


Success Story of a Financial Institute

A financial institute was facing a number of challenges, especially in its MAS (Managing Account  Services) division and private wealth management department, like in managing their client interaction and tracking their relevant information. The division of the company involved a number of key user groups, including Sales Support team, Retail, and institutional Sales Directors,  and the MARC (Managed Account Research Center) and each of them was having their own specific requirement and expectations.

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 What were the challenges for Business?

For the MAS team requirement, which wants to improve their distribution efforts and sales operation, so they want to convert their call center management and contact database from disparate to the scalable, robust and centralized Here the team members of MAS team wants to directly access the portfolio of large institutional managers, other departments and retail financial consultants, they also wanted to know the available potential opportunities and be informed about them.

Apart from this another department of them MARC also wants to know the client’s requirement and manage them as well as they track them as and when needed. Even the Sales team of the business were also in need to be able to access the customer’s information centrally, they want to be able to access, search and access the complete client’s information at any time from anywhere. The existing disparate database of the company did not have such capabilities.

How JanBask dealt with all the challenges?

When the financial institution decided to implement Salesforce CRM for their business operations, then they contacted JanBask to provide the help for Salesforce implementation. The successful Salesforce implementation, done by JanBask enabled the Sales Director to execute and manage their everyday task more efficiently, for example, the Director does not become able to access the task done by any particular consultant, even he was also able to view his overall performance and future goals.

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The MARC department of the institution become able to access and shares the information of every department and they become able to manage and access the client’s requirement and the future opportunities, which were coming directly from their consultants. Even they become able to access such information from any place at anytime, even right from their customer’s place. Presence of mobile solution enabled them to access the customer’s information either from their Android, MAC or Window device.

In this was the proper Salesforce implementation, done with the help of JanBask makes every department of the organization enable to access all information and to use it as well. Not only this even after implementation of Salesforce, JanBask Salesforce certified technical experts/Consultants guided their employees to train the staff members, so that the productivity is increased.  Any business can implement Salesforce for various needs of their business and even can transform your business operations execution way and provide you well managed and adaptable solution.

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