How Salesforce Can Be Advantageous for Small Businesses?


Salesforce is a market leader of CRM solutions due to its innovative and industry-oriented business ready to use functionalities. The features of Salesforce CRM like high customizability, limitless integration opportunities, numerous advantageous add-ons and regularly updated apps make it popular.

Today Salesforce is serving all industries including small and big. Not only large even small businesses can also get many benefits through Salesforce. Many of the large ventures like Google, American Express, Toyota and Adidas have announced Salesforce as their most preferred CRM. The Salesforce users have increased their annual revenues as well.

Having such an enviable customer portfolio some people wonder whether Salesforce can be a good option for small businesses and startups or not. Unlike large organizations, small businesses have different resource needs and IT infrastructure.

Salesforce CRM can serve every business size and industry type equally. Today through this blog we are going to discuss how Salesforce can be beneficial for small scale industries?

Available CRM for Small Businesses

Every small business requires more customers to boost the sales. Due to their small size, they have to put extra efforts and create a systematic business process to gather more leads and to convert the prospects to loyal customers.

How Salesforce can be Advantageous for Small Businesses?

For small businesses, it can be a time-consuming process and small businesses may have to spend lots of their time and efforts along with cost in managing these services. A CRM can cut these efforts into half by automating many of the crucial and business essential time-consuming tasks. By these businesses can free up their valuable time and resources and concentrate on closing the leads.

Today in the market there are several CRM tools and as per the growth and budget of any company, one can choose any of the High-end CRM that may be either Salesforce, Oracle or SAP or they can also choose any mid-range CRM tool like Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho or Nimble.

Salesforce Benefits for Small Businesses

1). 360 Degree View of Customer Information

In Salesforce the information of every customer interaction is stored centrally and immediately as it gets updated. It means that any update in customer information immediately gets reflected throughout Salesforce CRM. As a result, the product owners and reps can see and access the updated customer information at any time. They can know what product was last purchased by the user, when did they make the last call and which product do they own?

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When any customer calls the service provider for any issue then the reps can answer all of their queries. They can know where the conversation was left during the last call? The customer reps do not have to waste time in searching the customer information. In this way, the customer becomes happier and businesses can get and retain their long-term customers.

2). High-Quality Lead Generation

Small businesses now do not have to use the ‘spray-gun approach’ for marketing to enable low-cost lead generation methods due to Salesforce. By analyzing the current and past customer details and by building new customer profiles that can be future prospects, businesses can identify new possible prospects through Salesforce.

With the help of such newly generated customer portfolio, you can know and identify the customers and can closely examine them. In this way deal closing becomes speedy and marketing campaigns can be designed effectively and in a centralized manner.

3). Customer Requirement Prediction

Great and big brands are able to make their customers feel that they know their customers very well. They send them offers as per their requirement. Salesforce Einstein is the tool that helps Salesforce users in identifying their customer expectations.

For even startups or small businesses, Salesforce can help organizations in getting familiar with their customers. Artificial intelligence based Salesforce Einstein tool is embedded in its functionalities and can help user in providing delightful and personal experience to customers.

4). Get Time-Saving Apps in Minutes

Mobile apps are much popular these days. By having the customized and business related app organizational employees can access the business process from any place and use it to generate more leads.

Through Salesforce App cloud one can make any business suitable app and easily discover any of the new purposes for business organizations. Click notes help the organizations to develop their customized apps. This way the apps help the organizational employees by providing them free time in which they can focus on their goals.

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5). Meet the Changing Customer Expectations

One of the biggest challenges for small business organizations is rapidly changing customer expectation and requirement. SMBs are also expected to provide frictionless and optimized service to their customers in an innovative manner. If they want to retain their customers then they will have to deliver quality and expected service to their customers.

Salesforce helps its user in delivering the customer requirement as per their expectation and is able to handle exceeded customer expectation as well. It can delight your customer on every turn and help in converting them as their long-term customer.

6). In Delivering Seamless Customer Service

Salesforce not only helps in managing and accessing customer information, instead it helps the Sales reps in satisfying customer expectation by streamlining their requirement and issues. It provides a shared customer service inbox. Through this inbox, all customer service reps access customer information quickly and easily.

So if any customer complains about any issue and calls the organization again then other service rep can access the last conversation details of that customer and provide him appropriate service. They can access customer information and know what he purchased last time and what was his query?

7). Marketing Automation

Now, these are not the days of mass marketing campaigns. Today marketing has become more personalized and respect customer journey. Salesforce marketing cloud helps the market leaders in planning and shaping the customer journey. Rest of the operations can then be automated and marketing reps can focus on other areas. If your business is continuously growing then still you can focus on customer service and other marketing activities, being a market rep. It has been noticed that a 50% increase in productivity and a 34% increase in sale is achieved by business organizations through Salesforce implementation.


Salesforce is much advantageous for large and small business owners. It can make sales and marketing teams more productive and efficient. Businesses can cater to customer needs and requirements. Most commonly seen advantages of Salesforce for small business organizations are performance management, process automation real-time data access and update and integration of third-party apps. Cloud-based Salesforce platform can easily optimize and streamline business operations.

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