Top Benefits Of Using Salesforce CRM Consulting Services


There was a time when content was considered as a vital factor in the internet. But now, things have changed and context is more important than content. This means, you will have to understand the purpose with which users are visiting your website. By understanding the context of the website visit users make, you will be able to provide personalized services for them. The most popular way of understanding the context is through audience targeting which allows you to classify site visitors according to the purpose of their visit. Thus you can display them the content which would be helpful for them.

Salesforce CRM is the most popular system which helps you gain a lot of information about customer preferences and the purpose of site visit they make. CRM is also a system wherein companies store information regarding the business contacts and also additional information such as the type of industry the business contacts are dealing with, the products they are trying to sell in the market and the local contacts they have with users within the organization. Audience targeting is done effectively by IT consulting companies that offers specialized Salesforce consulting services.

Salesforce API

A cloud-based system with a varied number of different APIs is what Salesforce provides companies with. The benefits include enhanced integration with any other system. Selection of the available APIs depends up on the use case. For getting information about each of the individuals towards the site, Salesforce queries would be performed quickly and synchronously. Of the available APIs, two of the APIs are considered to be most popular. They are REST and SOAP APIs. If you are looking forward for strongly-typed access to Salesforce objects, then SOAP would be the right choice. However one of the drawbacks of SOAP is the need to import SOAP service’s contract and thereby creating classes out of it.

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The objects in the Salesforce would be queried using a query language also known as Salesforce Object Query Language. This query language would be used to recover the fields that are required for use in Audience Targeting. The Salesforce Object Query Language statements would be then sent to Salesforce with the help of REST API. It has to be understood that several authentication mechanisms are supported by Salesforce.

Some of the things to remember include:

  • OAuth has to be enabled
  • Details regarding the customer key generated once the app is created should be then passed on to the Salesforce Consulting Services Provider
  • A user-specific security token would be then retrieved by Salesforce Consulting Services provider. For doing this,
    • User will have to log in to the Salesforce
    • Select the Username and choose ‘My Settings’
    • Select the option denoted as Personal
    • Tap the option denoted as ‘Reset My Security Token’
    • Finally, click on the button denoted as ‘Reset Security Token’
    • The token will then have to be copied and pasted to a safe location.
    • Then details regarding the Salesforce API version have to be determined. This can be done by following the below mentioned steps.
      • Select ‘Setup’
      • Navigate towards the ‘Build’ menu
      • Click ‘API’ option
      • Select ‘Generate Enterprise WSDL’
      • The initial comment line in the generated WSDL would describe the API version
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Implementing Coding

After setting up the Salesforce Environment, the audience targeting rule will have to be implemented. The steps would include the below-mentioned following.

  • A project has to be created using SDK
  • A number of files along with the project would be generated
  • Three dependencies are usually required
  • Property values from the portal’s file would be collected before setting up Salesforce environment for API access
  • The configured values would be then used for making an HTTP request towards Salesforce’s authentication service
  • An access token along with instance URL would be returned. Both of them would be used to create a base URL along with OAuth access header which is absolutely necessary for performing the actual queries
  • Finally, a user interface would be defined that can be used by administrators for configuring the rule
  • Once the user interface is defined, the rule is set to be implemented. The project would be then built completely by the developers. The rule can be further configured according to the results by the Site Administrators


The audience targeting rule would be specifically designed to query the Salesforce Account objects. If new opportunities associated with a user are emerging, then a separate rule will have to be created. It is also necessary for a user to be logged in with an email address so that Salesforce Consulting Company can take a look in Salesforce using the email address. It is desirable to cache the values and query Salesforce on a regular basis for each user.

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