Salesforce Service Cloud Features and Need for a Business


Salesforce is the leading CRM platform to connect the users and information together in a smarter way. One of the best features of Salesforce CRM is service cloud that has revolutionized the customer experiences through powerful interactions process. In this article, we will discuss how can Salesforce service cloud adds value to your business and delivers engaging customer experiences too.

First, we will discuss why do we need the Salesforce service cloud, a quick introduction to the service cloud, and the benefits delivered by the cloud. Recently, Coca-Cola brand used the same technique and it was highly successful in enhancing customer experiences with the help of sales cloud implementation.

Why do we need the Salesforce Service Cloud for Business?

If your Company or brand deeply understands the customers then you immediately need the service cloud. This does not matter how big your organization is, you have to deal with a plenty of customer queries almost every day. The queries will be received by service agents further and resolved gracefully. With successful Salesforce implementation and the service cloud, this is possible to create a transformational customer experience that leaves the long-lasting impression.

  • With the help of the service cloud, this is possible for the agents to work from anywhere. There are a plenty of service management options available that is responsible to enhance the overall productivity of a service agent and reduces the overhead costs too.
  • This is possible to deliver personalized customer experiences through live chats that increase customer loyalty, customer retention and helps in generating new leads too.
  • The service cloud assures maximum data protection and follows a multi-layer approach to safeguard the information that is crucial for businesses.
  • Further, it can be leveraged with social media platforms where this is easy to maintain interactions with customers.
  • The wonderful management of day-to-day activities that results in faster case resolution and chances of error are also reduced dramatically.
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Salesforce Service Cloud Features and Need for a Business

With the above discussion, this is clear that it definitely improves your operational processes and leads to better customer experiences and promising business growth too.

Introduction of Salesforce Service Cloud

Service cloud where software programs are offered as a service to the users and it is built over the Salesforce platform where a 360-degree view of each customer is enabled to deliver powerful customer experiences and more personalized services too.

There are just the endless benefits that can be enjoyed with Service cloud like manage interactions, live chats, connect the knowledge base, everything on the single platform. Also, this is possible to manage interactions where previous interactions were left.

Salesforce Service Cloud Features

There are multiple features that are offered by the service cloud like case management, knowledge base features or more. Here, is quick image what Salesforce service cloud has to offer for the users.

  • Cases – Any customer issues reported or tracked as cases. Cases are further divided into major categories – these are Email2case, Web2case, Escalation & Auto Response. A case will be generated automatically as soon as query mail is sent by the user at the Company address. A case will be generated automatically when the support request is generated from the website directly. With Escalation and auto response scheme, the user will be notified automatically if a case is not closed in a specific time frame.
  • Solutions – For every problem, there is a solution and they are saved automatically for the future guidance of sales reps.
  • Knowledge – This is knowledge based where users can edit, create, or manage the content. These are information documents where users can search for the solutions.
  • Communities – This is the place where users can stay connected with more customers, business partners, developers or anyone who is not the part of your organization but vital for your business growth.
  • Console – The console is responsible to deliver more unified customer experiences by placing all the information together. Here, you can find all detail related to the customer profile, histories or dashboards, all at the single place.
  • Social Media – Service Cloud can be leveraged with social media platforms where this is easy to maintain interactions with customers.
  • Live agent – to manage one-to-one interaction with customers, there is a live agent facility to answer the queries faster and stay connected with users all the time.
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Salesforce service cloud is all about providing amazing customer experiences and building a strong relationship with customers through different features. When everyone is connected to a single platform, service cloud is a definite choice for organizations today. Hope you enjoyed reading this post and learned the necessary facts that are necessary to know by any organization.

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