What Are Benefits & Features of Non-profit Success Pack (NPSP)


Non-profit organizations make this entire world a better place to live in. There are so many people in this world who owe their lives to these philanthropic organizations whose ultimate goal is to bring in a change in this cruel world. These organizations are always working with the minimal budget. This is the reason Salesforce is trying its level best to make the missions of these organizations easier than ever before. Salesforce has launched a lot of features and products that help these Organisations.

An awesome Customer Relationship Management (CRM) framework like Salesforce can truly help, despite the fact that these organizations may not actually have “clients.”

CRM is significantly more than a straightforward contact database. Charitable associations can utilize Salesforce CRM to speak with volunteers, merchants, individuals, purchasers, and benefactors, and even to arrange occasions and track their projects and events.

This particular blog will inform you about Salesforce’s Non-profit Success Pack (NPSP). This blog will cover the following topics-

  1. What is NPSP?
  2. Features of NPSP
  3. Benefits of NPSP 

What is NPSP?

The Nonprofit Success Pack NPSP (previously known as “Charitable Starter Pack) is an arrangement of managed bundles created and kept up by Salesforce.org and made accessible for free through the Salesforce AppExchange. It enables all the not-for-profits organizations to better manage some of their regular philanthropic business forms. It is as of now perfectly in sync with Salesforce Classic, and with some known issues with Lightning version too.

Right from the fundraising activities to projects and more, the Nonprofit Success Pack transforms the world’s #1 CRM into the #1 CRM for charities, so you can focus on the impact. The Nonprofit Success Pack begins with an adaptable, open information design and includes pre-constructed constituents and benefactor administration segments. It’s specially built for philanthropies, thanks to a substantial worldwide community of Salesforce Integration partners, Salesforce Development Partners, etc who are currently supporting the NPSP program of Salesforce.

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Not exclusively does Salesforce.org makes Salesforce items accessible to non-benefits at a lessened cost, but with the help of NPSP, associations can get up and running truly rapidly. In a Salesforce overview of non-benefit associations utilizing the product, they have found that-

  • 22% increase in funds raised
  • 17% increase in constituent retention
  • 23% increase in constituent engagement
  • 52% improvement in operational effectiveness
  • 70% improvement in data quality
  • That 91% would recommend Salesforce to other Non-Profits

Features of NPSP

Here are a few features of NPSP-

1). Sync Everything You Do

Nonprofit Success Pack is the business-standard Salesforce customization for philanthropies. Salesforce realizes that raising money is essential, yet most imperative is conveying an impact. NPSP is the establishment of an adaptable stage that enables not-for-profits of any size to run their associations better and connect all the more profoundly with constituents- – and at last advance their missions more impactful.

2). Bring Agility in Data Architecture

Quicken your opportunity to impact with NPSP by rapidly actualizing Salesforce. Effortlessly grow organization-wide and broaden your range with consistent coordination with a lot of AppExchange applications or other Salesforce devices, for example, Marketing Cloud and Pardot.

3). Methodize your fundraising

Effectively get to the work in apparatuses to oversee programs, gifts, volunteers, and supporters- – all of them at one place. Streamline your fundraising processes around profound donor engagements and not the data entry. Furthermore, unhesitatingly deal with your main goal continuously with preconfigured yet adjustable reports and dashboards.

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4). Global, Community-Powered Movement

Join a trailblazing network of a huge number of associations – and a huge number of clients in more than 80 nations – currently sharing accepted procedures and enhancing NPSP by contributing code, documentation, and the sky is the limit from there. Take advantage of a tremendous biological community of master execution accomplices that are energetic about helping you turn into a Connected Nonprofit.

Benefits of using NPSP

Here is why you need NPSP for your NGO- 

1). Get to Know Your Benefactors

NPSP help you get the emails of donors synced at one place. Securing an email address from your contacts opens the way to the extensive variety of data that individuals share via web-based networking media. You’ll have the capacity to discover what your donor’s interests are and plan events intended to speak to the biggest number of individuals.

2). Finding Volunteers

Enterprises require a consistent stream of individuals to assist, and you can discover them in your Salesforce CRM. Locate the best people for your deals, the most vivacious coordinators, and the outgoing people with huge Pinterest or Salesforce for Facebook followings who will be extraordinary at advancing your occasions.

3). Send Emails to Segmented Lists

Once you have your lists divided for every event, it’s then a simple issue to plan messages specifically from your Salesforce CRM or to benefit from the features like Salesforce for outlook, Salesforce for Gmail etc. 


Salesforce is doing a great job by providing inexpensive features and products to the philanthropic organizations. Make sure you get the right Salesforce Integration Partners for your enterprise. Salesforce implementation is the key to success and only a good Salesforce Consultant can provide you with it.

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