JanBask Driving Salesforce Implementation for Financial Industry


Financial organizations are implementing cloud based CRM services to boost their productivity, ROI, customer satisfaction, revenues and the speed of their operaion execution. Innovative and rapid implementation of Salesforce implementation approach of JanBask helps its clients to accelerate their business operation execution speed and in realizing the business value of any cloud computing aided business processes.

JanBask and Salesforce Implementation

JanBask has implemented Salesforce in almost hundreds of Financial institutions, including capital markets, banking and insurance. Salesforce implementation done by JanBask has helped the financial institutions in realizing the benefits of a cloud based CRM, which include increasing the sales, in getting a better platform to connect with their clients, in getting real time access of their customer’s information and much more. In fact a number of the key operational areas like human resource, customer service and support, supply chain and sales.

Today JanBask has become one of the leading solution providers in the world and we have achieved this designation due to its strategic, creative and hard working professionals. By providing the best-in-class technology solution services. At JanBask, we understand that it is hard to solve the business problems of any financial institution, so by using the latest and proficient IT tools and technologies, we help them to make their business operation execution easier.

 How JanBask can help the Financial Service Organizations

We at JanBask helps the Financial institutions in implementing SaaS and cloud technology to execute their business operations. Implementation of a cloud based CRM helps the organizations in increasing their business value and delivering long term business results to achieve their goals. We at JanBask have served every level of enterprise including small, medium and large level enterprises. By standardizing the business processes. Aggregating the information and providing a single platform to access the customer’s information. Which helps the sales team in identifying the customer behavior and even they can plan the next activity to boost their sales. We at JanBask:

  • Have worked with more than 50 financial institutions
  • Have had good feedback for our services from a number of financial institutions.
  • JanBask has helped every financial institution, including banking, insurance and others.
  • A number of JanBask insurance clients are taking the benefit of successfully implemented Salesforce CRM platform. They are executing their operations like broker recruitment, generation of high ROI, providing training and development to the agents and even can now provide proper guidelines and activities for them.
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JanBask can provide efficient and collaborative solution to the enterprises and provide them a new integrated approach, with which they can achieve their goals quickly, efficiently and reliably. Following listed key factors helps us to provide such an efficient Salesforce implementation service to our esteemed clients:

  • Proper understanding of the client’s needs and deep knowledge, functional implementation of the Salesforce.
  • Complete technical knowledge of the latest tools, Salesforce implementation in minimum possible time, unmatched performance of the Salesforce development team members
  • Deep knowledge and experience in holistically solving the problems of data security and smoothening the execution of business operations.

Result Driven Improved Services for Financial Institutions:

The Salesforce integration and implementation services of JanBask have helped a number of financial institutions, including banking, capital market and insurance, even they can now meet execute their unparalleled business operations and fulfill the technological demand  of various departments of the organization. Proprietary software, outsourcing and consulting, service and solution like assets are used by JanBask to provide the complete solution of the client’s need.

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We at JanBask ensure the guaranteed and successful solution of every problem of Financial service providers by implementing Salesforce CRM. Even the certified and experienced team of Salesforce professionals of JanBask, helps us to achieve such a great and high position in the world of cloud technology. Customized solutions are available for any of your cloud based transformation requirement. As it involves quite a few steps, which, if executed properly, then you may be able to take the complete benefit of the cloud technology, so to provide you a fully integrated and operable cloud platform and experience, our proficient technical experts, remain present to guide you throughout the implementation procedure and even after that as well. So if at any stage you find yourself stucked in any technical glitch, then ask our help and we will be there to help you out.

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