How to Integrate Salesforce With Outlook?


If you are using Salesforce for a while, then there are chances that you must have used “Lightning for Outlook” feature too. This is the best technique to keep your sales reps more productive and allow them to focus on relevant things only. Don’t panic if you don’t know about the feature yet. With this information, you will not only be able to get the complete idea of feature but you would know how to integrate Salesforce & Outlook together.

For a better understanding, the blog will cover the following-


how to integrate salesforce with outlook

Here is a brief of all the steps of integrating salesforce with outlook-

  1. Go to Salesforce developer account > setup > Quickfind box
  2. Type Lightning for Outlook.
  3. You will get the Lightning for Outlook and Sync option, configure as per requirements.
  4. After that enable “enhance email” option.
  5. Next enable Lightning sync option.

How “Lightning for Outlook” is Beneficial for Sales Reps?

If you are new to the Salesforce and Outlook then please take a break and roll up your sleeves to learn something new today. With Salesforce and Outlook together, you can manage data more conveniently like never before. Also, you would be able to run the latest version all the time and makes sure all sales reps are using the same version only. Isn’t this sound interesting?

Further, Lightning for Outlook can go along with you wherever your sales reps are going. It means Outlook can be accessed on the web now, not just locally installed servers only. Further, the sales team will be able to great features only without taking care of updates installation. This is a huge deal, guys! Your friends will be your fans for choosing the right Outlook integration products with minimum maintenance requirements.

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Additionally, one more good news for you is that “Lightning for Outlook” feature is now available for Mac users too.

How “Lightning for Outlook” is Beneficial for Admins?

Based on our discussion, this is clear that Lightning for Outlook is a complete cloud-based solution. This is an advantage not only for Sales reps but admins too. Let us have a quick look why it is important for admins?

  • The administration work has been simplified because you don’t have to take care of different versions update and it would be installed automatically when required.
  • Deploying Lightning for Outlook has gone pretty easier and keep your sales team handy than earlier.
  • The synchronized process is completely under your control because you are sure that you are synchronizing the right items.

Test plan, before you start using Outlook and Salesforce together

First of all, make it clear in your mind how Salesforce for Outlook and Lightning for Outlook are different from each other. One is classic version and other is Lightning Experience. Test the feature on a small number of group first and feel the difference. See the setting how and when you can deactivate the feature if required.

Tell the activation time span to your sales team as well so that they should be completely involved in the process and know about the changes in advance. After this, disable the features for Outlook Configuration. Give your sales team the administrative permission to deactivate the feature if they are not comfortable with it.

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With this test plan, you can set a path for you how to move ahead in the right direction for assured business success.

Outlook and Salesforce Integration

  • Login to your account then click on the ‘Setup’ option in the right and The Setup icon looks alike as shown below in the image.How to Integrate Salesforce With Outlook?
  • Under the Setup option, there is one quick find box at the Top Left corner, type the Lightning for Outlook and select the same option.How to Integrate Salesforce With Outlook?
  • Under the Lightning for Outlook and Sync option, you can configure both the platforms based on the requirements.How to Integrate Salesforce With Outlook?
  • As soon as you enable the Lightning for Outlook option, users could relate emails to Salesforce records more efficiently by enable Email to Salesforce.How to Integrate Salesforce With Outlook?
  • Enable enhance email option with Lightning for Outlook and customize content with App Builder options to make each email communication more worthy and attractive as shown below –How to Integrate Salesforce With Outlook?
  • Next is Lightning Sync option that allow users to synchronize contacts, events or both With Salesforce & the Microsoft Exchange. By enabling this option, keep in your mind that few of the contacts or details may be stored or processed by the Microsoft and Salesforce don’t take any security guarantee here.How to Integrate Salesforce With Outlook?

Congratulations! That’s all for today. With all these steps, you cannot only integrate Salesforce and Outlook together but make your sales team more productive so that they should never miss a beat.

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