Salesforce launched New Mobile App Development Services

  1673 has introduced new platforms for mobile services, with a mission of building mobile applications in Salesforce environment. In today’s generation, people prefer using mobile devices instead of laptops and PC’s, as it offers them more convenience and functionality. As VP of Salesforce Platform marketing Scott Holden stated, “We are witnessing an explosion of mobile apps and these days, mobile applications are utilized over seven times than the web predecessors”. This shows the reality of how effective and engaging mobile applications have become and this is the main reason Salesforce has released two new Salesforce apps.

Salesforce Mobile SDK 2.0

Developer Mobile Packs

The first platform Salesforce Mobile SDK 2.0 is an open source app development equipment built to offer easy connection of data to native, HTML5 and hybrid apps available on Android and iOS devices. This can help you connect the apps to Salesforce data offline, allowing you to develop apps without the use of the Internet. Furthermore, Salesforce launched an open source developer mobile pack that influences the platform REST APIs through JavaScript framework allowing greater flexibility of development. Moreover, Salesforce also introduced a Mobile Accelerator Program, which functions with system integrators like Deloitte and Capgemini that helps offering app development training and practices.

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Mobile technology is certainly the choice of new generation and Salesforce has taken benefit from this fact by launching Salesforce App development services. Mobile development has put software vendors and companies in a tight spot as applications developed on Android, iOS and other operating systems are more powerful than of apps build on HTML5 as it can save both the time and cost. All this brings us on a certain page that concludes the effectiveness and influence of mobile applications and how beneficiary it is for every firm to create a customized and easily integrated app. With Salesforce launching mobile app development platform to enhance the marketing strategies, it would be interesting to see the outcome.

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