What is Successful Salesforce Implementation?


For every business, the owner needs some tools and ideas. Salesforce is one of the CRM companies that help business organizations in solving their various business challenges. Some startups can learn lots of lessons and successfully implement business solutions.

Salesforce can provide lots of tools and services that can help businesses in getting success. On subscription basis, the company provides lots of business solutions. The companies have learned many solutions from Salesforce. The businesses have learnt a lot from Salesforce and implemented it for their business operations due to them.

Today we are going to discuss the successful implementation measures and the modules that provide success to the business. Firstly we will discuss the steps of successful Salesforce implementation and then will discuss the result of these implementations.

How to Implement Salesforce?

Implement Salesforce

1). Integration Planning

By planning a project, one can successfully implement any project. Similarly, by implementing Salesforce in your company perfectly you can get many benefits. To get those benefits you should follow below-listed steps:

  • Define Business Objective Specifically
  • Recruit implementation expert who can guide you in your successful implementation
  • Outline all tasks necessary to be implemented and estimate their timeline.

Salesforce is a cultural and collaborative platform that can easily define and manage the relationship. Its successful implementation can start with senior leadership and sponsorship. It can ensure both vertical and horizontal adoption of Salesforce.

2). Train your Team

Now, when you have clearly outlined the objectives, now is the time to create a plan that can help you in achieving those objectives that can make the implementation successful. If your team or employees do not get trained properly then you may lose something. Following steps can help you in training your employees:

  • Share your goals with everyone, including your employees that will help you in the completion of those objectives. Help your sales team in learning this new system practically. It can give them a better-managed pipeline and make them realize that Salesforce is much more than being just software.
  • Now assign the implementation tasks to every participant of the implementation process. Now also add the name of every person and assign some activity to them as well.
  • Now conduct the weekly stakeholder meetings and make sure the successful implementation. Discuss agendas and goals ahead from their decided time to all the stakeholders and employees and resolve all issues and make important decisions.
  • Train your team and resources adequately for using Salesforce properly. For this, you can conduct training workshops or provide them an online guide or book.
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3). Prepare Your Data

Data is the base of your performance, before moving ahead just makes sure that is your data up to date, or you have merged any duplicate account. Check that whether you have merged all duplicate accounts or not. Follow below-listed practices for this Sort your data in existing platform and determine what data you need to transfer to a new platform or Salesforce

Now customize and configure Salesforce for this. You may also have to take the help of Salesforce Apps present on its AppExchange platform. Do not customize too many fields as it may slow down the efficiency of your Sales team.

4). Data Transfer

Now is the right time to transfer your data from your existing platform to Salesforce. The steps are listed below:

  • Test a small batch of data values to test import. Check whether all the fields are aligned or not
  • You can and should also evaluate your settings and customization moreover tries to fix all issues timely. For this, take the help of a few stakeholders and keep a fresh set of eyes to know all potential and current issues.
  • After performing all of your steps and tests described so far, now is the time to implement all of these changes to track the performance
  • Through the Salesforce report builder, you can make your business reports and format as per sales metrics as well. These reports can help you in evaluating your business performance

5). Performance Tracking

Now, as you have successfully imported and implemented data successfully, its time to think and check how is it performing? By making your data actionable you can check and test the performance easily. Here are some suggestions for this:

  • For each individual sales reps, a separate KPI should be maintained by the organization, which can help them in evaluating team performance.
  • Use reports to measure the performance and help them to improve
  • Proactively take the user’s feedback and review the implementation process
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Result of Successful Business Process Implementation

Successful Business Process Implementation

A). Keep End Users Up to Date and Trained

You can adopt a new system in your company through Salesforce, but at the same time, for this implementation, you may need to train your end-users as well. No implementation can provide success if the employees do not get trained for that completely. The most important and critical factor for that is to have the adoption willingness; by this, the employees can adopt the tool and use it for managing their business operations.

B). Release Management Creation Process

Customization practices are essential for the business processes, and especially for the long term, they prove valuable ones. Most importantly teams find those solutions quite easy-to-use in which they have to follow short learning curve. Moreover, the release management process can manage the complete tasks of the developers and testers. Release management can streamline the application development steps and provide a platform for them to improve their performance.

C). Increased ROI

You can keep your customers engaged, which can, in turn, increase your business ROI. If you get better returns on your investment then in, other words, you can increase the interest of your employees and provide them better results. However, it may be critical to access and provide regular performance updates, but by showing the performance results to your employees and management you can merely increase their interest and reduce cost.

Salesforce implementation can reduce costs and increase business revenues along with the employee’s productivity. By providing data-based performance, results can keep them motivated and help them in managing the system properly.

Here the team managers from every team can help the brand leaders in serving the customers and inspiring the employees. The key people can also serve as onsite subject matter experts and inspire others to stay ahead.

D). Managing Ongoing Improvements

Salesforce is indeed versatile software that can streamline and refine the business processes. It can even turn the users into advantageous customers or leads. If your CRM is maximized for the uses then the technology will surely get aligned closely with your overall business objectives. As a result, businesses can work at peak efficiency and provide maximum benefits to the owners.

Businesses can formalize their process execution and changes achieved through this implementation can help them in implementing changes gradually.

Few More Words

Just implementing Salesforce successfully cannot guarantee complete success; even you may have to take timely feedback and help the teams to take its complete advantage. Make use of your customized Salesforce so that teams can work efficiently, and businesses can catch the track.

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