Predictive Analysis through Salesforce Einstein AI


Salesforce Einstein, is an AI tool developed by The company designed this tool so that the organizations can take the decisions smartly and become more predictive. Now this tool is available as a core cloud product, since the Spring17 release of Salesforce. As an upgrade, Salesforce has launched Einstein Vision as image recognition software. Through Einstein the organizations can generate more comprehensive sales and marketing views. This article discusses the capabilities of Salesforce Einstein through following listed sections:

  • Core Capabilities of Einstein
  • Generation of Data Models
  • Salesforce Einstein and Watson
  • Final Words

Core Capabilities of Einstein

Salesforce Einstein was launched to bring the AI capabilities to the world of CRM. As AI has already augmented the human capabilities to multiple areas, but still it is far away from a number of areas. Through Salesforce Einstein it has kept the AI capabilities to its Sales cloud to implement the following capabilities:

Through Salesforce Einstein the companies can focus on customer services without any hassle. They can know that who is their potential customers and to whom they must contact in order to generate the leads. Predictive analysis is one of the most important aspects of every organization, due to the presence of much data-driven information. For this Salesforce partnered with IBM to take the advantage of unstructured data. Salesforce announced that its Einstein model can build the data model automatically, and the users can easily know about them. Even for customized products the organizations will be able to generate the models.

Generation of Data Models

According to John Ball, GM of Einstein at Salesforce, they wanted to make this process of automation simpler for their customers by integrating the intelligence into the process, but the only challenge was to integrate more customized data and to generate the robust models with the help of such data. He told that Einstein can determine the relationship among various data fields of the customized Salesforce apps and generate a predictive sort of model, using that data, which is used in the customized Salesforce apps. Moreover this model keeps on generating the robust models, using this data and provide the most appropriate and useful model, using AI.

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Salesforce was trying to integrate Einstein from its earlier release and this time it has now implemented it completely along with Salesforce apps. As AI is the technology, which is on the boom so it was necessary for Salesforce to integrate this revolutionary technology into its apps, so that they can provide the most efficient outcome to the customers by fuelling up its capabilities. Even day by day the customer will be able to experience the vast functionality of Salesforce Einstein. Salesforce Einstein can be implemented with the help of any Salesforce implementation service provider, since it may involve certain technicalities.

The automatic model generation can provide the amazing experience to its customers, but many times customers are not concerned with the underlying technology of any app, they only want to have any tool, which can make their task automated by completing it by itself. Ball also told that the Salesforce customers keep on asking them about integrating AI for the Salesforce apps, and this time the company has brought this innovative technology, to automate the sales and marketing operations.

Salesforce Einstein and Watson

From a long time the Salesforce Customers were asking for a tool and the company was in trying to provide such a powerful tool, which can provide its customer structured information automatically. It was AI, which provided the power to Salesforce developers, and by using it and after collaborating with IBM, the company launched Einstein and Watson. Salesforce Einstein can also be easily implemented with the help of some Salesforce consultancy service provider. As they are experienced so know all technicalities of Salesforce and provide the organizations complete technical assistance.

Salesforce has announced its partnership with IBM for implementing AI with its apps, but they also declared that there will still remain the manual interaction and therefore will be called Einstein and Watson. Using Salesforce Einstein the companies can provide better service to their customers by using their historical and huge data volume. Even the lead conversion also has become quite easier due to Salesforce Einstein.  The sales employees of the company can easily analyze the customer’s behavior and as per their requirement they can provide the information to their customers as well.

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The app can automatically learn the customer’s behavior by using the customer’s data which can be customer’s personal information, investments done so far or the behavior pattern of their relatives.  The data models, generated through Salesforce Einstein use the complete historical information of any company, without even letting the user aware about this. So here with just minimum or negligible user interaction the system is able to generate useful and relevant information of the customer. CRMs are generally implemented by the sales organizations just to boost the sales by providing the tools to their sales reps, They can use the tools and perform their responsibilities by responding customer’s queries timely. Moreover for the strategic response, the reps need proper data and information in order to respond customer’s queries and to provide them complete assistance. 

Final Words

Salesforce just launched Salesforce Einstein for their customers, as they were continuously asking for AI integration into Salesforce. After researching a lot, they just released the Einstein, so that Salesforce customers can utilize even the unstructured data, without knowing its internal details or any manual involvement. Salesforce Einstein is like a boom for Salesforce users, they can easily integrate it even with their customized Salesforce app development Einstein capabilities can only be experienced by its users and those who have to utilize the existing data either structured or unstructured in an automated manner. Salesforce Einstein is capable to change the way of using information and data by the organizations.

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