How to Integrate Artificial Intelligence and Salesforce CRM?


Technology is evolving in a fast manner these days. Today everything and every device are connected through the internet. Presence of around 3 billion internet users, around 6 billion connected devices and 5 billion mobile users have created a huge information interaction network. But this is just a beginning and the user can get even better and most integrated platforms.

Smart and Valuable Integration of AI and CRM

Artificial intelligence has become a big business. In 2016 the market value of Artificial Intelligence and Salesforce CRM together is around $7.9 billion that is expected to touch $46.3 billion by 2021. Salesforce Integration of Artificial Intelligence Capabilities for CRM and Salesforce CRM will have a major impact on economics and business ROI.

Through this blog post, we are going to define and discuss artificial intelligence and CRM systems.

How Artificial Intelligence is Related to CRM?

Artificial Intelligence can be used in many ways by companies to improve customer relationship management. One among that is through Chatbot (small programs that can be integrated with the messenger or messaging apps).

Earlier chatbots were mostly used just to display greeting messages to the customers, but now they can do even more. Chatbots can assist the customers to place and process their order. These chatbots are designed by using AI technology.

Artificial Intelligence can also help companies in designing their personalized marketing campaigns. By learning from the past behaviour of customers, Artificial Intelligence can draft tailor emails as per the customer’s preference.  Artificial Intelligence can send the email to the customer at their most preferred time. theArtificial IntelligenceI has been introduced in almost every field even by the large organizations like Google is using Artificial Intelligence in autocompletion of search strings. Netflix program recommendation is also being done through Artificial Intelligence.

Smart and Valuable Integration of AI and CRM

Salesforce CRM users are already enjoying the benefits of IoT and Artificial Intelligence. Modern CRM users are expecting cutting edge and seamless benefits of Artificial Intelligence to provide improved customer experience. Salesforce CRM provides better customer interaction and Artificial Intelligence is a key player that can make these interactions even smarter. The Artificial Intelligence platform of popular Salesforce CRM are:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: It has advanced Artificial Intelligence capabilities that are capable to bring ERP and CRM functionalities together through Azure cloud. Even Cortana intelligence service through which users can use the supercomputer power also use Artificial Intelligence features.
  • Oracle’s Adaptive Intelligence Apps: These apps are capable to add value in ERP, CX, SCM and HCM space.
  • Salesforce Einstein: This is an Artificial Intelligence-enabled platform of Salesforce that is capable to suggest and discover customer insights and is capable to predict customer success platform and provide recommendations.
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Artificial Intelligence Capabilities for CRM

Sales, service and marketing all ways of customer interaction through a CRM can be influenced by Artificial Intelligence. There may be a number of smart ways for customer interactions that are powered by Artificial Intelligence, some of the examples that have already been implemented are:

Smart and Valuable Integration of AI and CRM
  • Automatic Service Request Creation:- As per the customer’s comment on any of the social media platform, the issues can be resolved proactively by the service department.
  • Real-Time Customer Notification:- All information related to product or service like order processing and shipment delay information is conveyed in real-time. A CRM application with Artificial Intelligence feature can also offer an alternative solution and explain the situation to customers for their concerns.
  • Advanced Failure Prediction:- Through IoT and Artificial Intelligence all machine or appliance data is collected in advance and the customers are informed for any mechanical issue before time. This is known as predictive and preventive service through which nearby service centre can also be suggested.
  • Data Collation from Discrete Data Sources:- Customer data and information can be collected from various discrete sources and call centre agents can get actionable insights. They can provide better and improved service in this way.

Ways with which Artificial Intelligence can Complement CRM

Artificial Intelligence can add value to any Salesforce CRM. Some of the advantageous features offered by Artificial Intelligence to Salesforce CRM can be like:

Smart and Valuable Integration of AI and CRM

a). Automated Routine Task

Mundane or regular tasks that are of repetitive nature can be automated with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The tasks that are time-consuming but mandatory like data input and retrieval, call list determination and forecast update can be easily automated. CRM systems are capable to learn more about the pattern and preferences of customers, so they are capable to recommend and implement new processes for the users. This way now the Sales reps will not have to spend much time in managing customer information and they can focus more on building a customer relationship, lead generation and optimization.

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b). Virtual Assistant

Artificial Intelligence can transform CRM systems as a virtual assistant of the Sales reps through which they can become more productive. Their virtual assistant can automate a number of tasks like emails, customer response, data capturing activity and follow-ups.

Artificial Intelligence enabled CRM systems can access client data like their demographic condition, web behaviour etc. Even just by injecting advance intelligence Sales reps can conduct sales conversations more smartly. The intelligent assistant can even generate quotes and respond to emails as well.

C). Improved Lead Customization and Segmentation and Prioritize the Leads

Through intelligent and proactive algorithms one can easily segment the audience as per their gender, interest, purchase history, web behaviour and many other attributes. Artificial Intelligence-assisted CRM can take its own decision based on the past purchase history and decision patterns to qualify the leads. Even CRM systems can generate personalized messages to deal in the best way with customers. The campaign information can be conveyed to them at right time and through the right channel. This way the Sales reps can get a high lead score and prioritize them. Along with the lead prioritization, AI based Salersforce CRM can also suggest the next steps to close the leads.

Final Thoughts

CRM systems are able to analyze data, customer account, policies and profile information and can help in serving them better. Artificial Intelligence-powered Salesforce CRM will enable the Sales team to increase their productivity and can be an invaluable asset to them. It is able to take away all of their monotonous tasks and focus on what matters the most to build client relationship.

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