What is the Future of Salesforce Mobile Applications?


Today almost for every business, including marketing, sales, supply chain management, web technologies, and internal communication, the web is considered as the most effective channel of communication. This is the reason web technology has become an integral part of every small, medium, or large business.  But many businesses pay almost no attention to one more channel that commands more time and attention significantly, and it is the mobile application. Specifically not mobile but the mobile apps for the businesses, that can give a new height to any business and its operations.

The time spent on mobile or smartphones surpasses desktop web time that accounts for 86% of mobile usage. It has been observed that on average, a mobile user spends more than 2 hours a day on mobile apps. Well, it can be said that one cannot ignore the power of mobile apps.

Today in this post, we would discuss the future of mobile applications and mobile application development in Salesforce. Here we will talk about the impact of mobile apps on various business operations, and then the available tools for Salesforce mobile application development.

Benefits of Salesforce Mobile Applications

Well, mobile applications are playing an important role in businesses these days. Sometimes it becomes essential to mark your presence on the mobile platform for the convenience of your customer. Every person of marketing, sales, and service can generate better business and provide optimized service to their customers as well. Let us see how?

1). One-Click Customized Mobile Apps

Mobile apps can transform any business in no time. They can engage the customers, manage the supply chain, business partners, and made internal apps along with this; they can save the time and paperwork required to complete any business task. Salesforce users may think about how they can develop and use their mobile apps without any significant investment in skills and technology?

Salesforce Platform can now be extended for mobile application development for a small or large enterprise. As a result, the businesses can build their customized apps, and for this, they can use ready to use wizards or intuitive drag and drop tools.

Developers can use open APIs, simple legacy integration, and one-click deployment. User can conceptualize and launch their high-speed mobile applications that can respond to their business needs faster.

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2). Connect with Customers

When it comes to customer communication, mobile applications are considered as the best channel to connect with the customers. Today many business models like Airbnb and Uber are developed around mobile apps by taking advantage of IoT.

Smartphones can use location-based and high-speed services and can be integrated with social platforms. As a result, they can change the entire industry. Customers also found the mobiles as the best content delivery platform that can offer mobile-native experience and change the way your customer sees you.

Apple’s App Store has more than 1.2 million apps available, and Android is touching more than 1.5 million apps. It shows the power of mobile application, and they are downloaded by billion of users every day, so it much beneficial and imperative to mark the presence of your business on a mobile platform.

Now you can consider mobile apps far beyond just a content delivery platform that can offer a real mobile-native experience that can change the way your customer sees you. Salesforce mobile applications can pass and bring valuable data to your platform. You can provide campaign-specific marketing to true multichannel customer service.

3). Can Bring Business Together

Not only the consumers and organizers, but your suppliers and other business partners as well can make their lives and way of doing business easier. The mobile apps can provide maintenance, supply chain management, ordering, maintenance, and support.

Here you can take the example of a logistics app that can track the drivers by automatically connecting with drivers through GPS. The logistic customers can acknowledge the receipt through an app that can be accessed by drivers either through their mobile phone or tabs. The complete system can be updated on the back-end, and you can also view the real-time data on your phone and drill-down the required information as well.

4). Employee Empowerment

Mobile app revolution generally starts at home. Almost every employee of your organization either of marketing or IT or finance or operation, once you start using the mobile application, you can move your business at an advanced level easily.

Let us take the example of an inspection app that can capture the images of any faulty part and ask for its repair or replacement. Similarly, an HR onboarding app can automate the recruitment, training, and management processes of the new employees. Even your sales team can take advantage of mobile apps and increase their throughput and improve their work quality.

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Customer service agent’s throughput can be increased as they can resolve the customer issues by tracking them timely. Moreover, customers can also raise and submit their feedback and problems in an easy manner.

Well, we can say that now the Salesforce mobile apps can be created by using point-and-click tools at a lightning-fast speed. Salesforce app is a ready-made power tool that can run your business on the phone and connect you with it from anywhere at any time from anyplace.

5). Organization Transformation

A right mobile business application can deliver the results at fast speed and solve business problems easily by innovatively fuelling them. The applications can be used right across the enterprises and be used by any level of business employees. Just by using their existing mobile phones, they can replace their work and simply make the business better.

Salesforce Tools to Develop Mobile Apps

Salesforce platform provides some powerful and cloud-based tools that can be used to build the mobile apps speedily. So now let us see the Salesforce tools. You can easily build your Salesforce mobile app by using the unique combination of code-driven tools and metadata; here, the right tool can be used for the right task. Even the apps can be easily deployed to the user either through drag and drop component-based development or by using Mobile SDK and Heroku framework.

Salesforce Lightning platform can be used to create and deploy the cloud-based, secure, and scalable mobile applications. Salesforce Mobile SDK can help the developers in delivering iOS, Windows, or Android-based mobile applications. The framework supports a popular scripting language Javascript framework that includes Cordova, React Native, Polymer, and Ionic.

You can also make your Salesforce Mobile App offline just with a click button. SmartSync API can help the mobile users in synchronizing data with Salesforce even in offline mode. So you can focus on business logic and UI.

Moreover, Heroku can help you to design massively scalable mobile applications. Many features can be incorporated with mobile apps, and again, the data can be automatically synchronized as well.


It can be said that Salesforce Lightning App Builder gives you the ability to create powerful apps that can be mobile-friendly. Apart from this Mobile SDK and Heroku like frameworks can also help you in developing mobile-ready Salesforce business apps. By having mobile-ready app, you can streamline and speed up the business process.

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