Top 5 Benefits of Salesforce Lightning App Development


The increasing demand of the business world has led several breath-taking technological inventions, upgradations and developments. These new inventions have not only made the task easier but also have provided lots of product ideas to the business operations.

Salesforce Lightning is one of such newly launched business beneficial platform. It is a predecessor platform of Salesforce Classic and this blog is all about Lightning App Development. You can find the benefits of Salesforce Lightning App Development for a business organization.

An Introduction to Salesforce Lightning Platform

Top 5 Benefits of Salesforce Lightning App Development

Salesforce Lightning is a collection of tools and technologies that can be used to design and develop Salesforce apps. The key to the success of this platform is its component-centric architecture. Through Salesforce Lightning App Builder and Lightning Component, the Salesforce apps can be built by Salesforce developers. Salesforce mobile apps that are compatible with your phone, tablet, desktop and laptop can be built by using Salesforce Lightning platform. IT departments can easily meet agile demands of business through Salesforce Lightning apps. Through Lightning environment, IT departments can get a favourable environment.

Lightning is a latest Salesforce app and UI development framework that is used to develop dynamic web, desktop and mobile applications and even single page applications can also be developed through the Lightning framework. The framework has two popular components:

  1. Salesforce Lightning Component Framework
  2. Salesforce Lightning Design Framework

Component framework is a UI framework while the design system is a CSS framework. These frameworks can help the organizations in designing the appropriate and compatible customized apps for their business operations.

Valuable and Business Essential Lightning Components

As we have said earlier that Lightning tools help you in building mobile, tablet and desktop compatible business apps as per your requirement. Here for this development, there are various components of Salesforce Lightning framework that are used for this purpose. Let us see all of the essential Lightning components used for these apps:

Top 5 Benefits of Salesforce Lightning App Development

1). Lightning App Builder for Customized Business Apps

Lightning app builder can be helpful in designing customized pages for your business requirements. With the help of easily drag and drop and configurable components, you can design the business app. It provides you below listed benefits:

  • Designing custom mobile apps for any business process using responsive designing
  • Ready to use templates and forms to speed up designing process
  • App preview feature to build and optimize apps as soon as you design them
  • Perfect and optimized app interface designing for the tablet, phone and desktops
  • Availability and accessibility of many other ready to use Lightning components available on Lightning Exchange, that may be built by Salesforce partners or Salesforce Labs
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The apps developed through Lightning app development platform can be in a customized form so can provide optimized results timely.

2). Salesforce Lightning Components For Easy Designing

Salesforce lightning components are ready to use reusable building blocks that can speed up app development. The gap between business and IT can be bridged through these components. Through these components, developers can just focus on their IT related work without any repetitive work.

Top 5 Benefits of Salesforce Lightning App Development

Now business analysts can be directly involved in the development process and they can provide fast feedback. They can easily assemble apps that may fit for their purpose. Lightning components can provide below-listed benefits for the IT department of the organization:

  • Convenient page assemble apps with self-contained page building blocks like JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Development of responsive components through drag and drop tools and multitier framework
  • Availability of client-side caching and shared transport layer to reduce server trips and provide better app performance
  • Presence of many out-of-the-box UI components that can help you in kick-starting your app designing and development of customized apps

3). Salesforce Lightning Exchange for Ready-to-Use Apps

Salesforce Lightning Exchange platform is the place where you can get all required components conveniently at one place. This exchange platform is built by Salesforce partners and has many third-party apps that are developed to satisfy various types of business needs and requirements.

Top 5 Benefits of Salesforce Lightning App Development

This platform also includes the apps that are built by Salesforce lab itself. It offers below-listed advantages for any business organizations:

  • Access of all pre-built components that are compatible with Salesforce at one place
  • You can also access and download the components that are out-of-the-box interoperable and can be shared easily. You need not package, save, develop, debug and maintain them separately.
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App Exchange platform can provide business owners with their desired app functionalities without any delay. The online Salesforce store Appexchange can be used by users to buy such apps.

4). Lightning Process Builder to Streamline Business Process

For any enterprise, Salesforce process designer is the most powerful platform. It provides drag and drops criteria to build any process and visualize business actions. Without any technical background, anyone can easily build business workflows and automate complex processes.

Top 5 Benefits of Salesforce Lightning App Development

It provides the user with the flexibility to respond to business needs and take quick action. These needs may be either to create a new record or to send notification or to post a message on chatter. By such integration, you can improve employee’s efficiency and productivity. It can offer below-listed benefits to the business organizations:

  • Automation of complex business processes
  • Automatic creation and update of new records, tasks, emails
  • Easy process extension with the flow
  • Workflow deployment across every device

5). Schema Builder for Data Management

Data modelling can be a complex and time-consuming process. Salesforce provides a schema builder, that is a visual environment from where you can access the Salesforce data objects, view their relationships and custom fields.

Top 5 Benefits of Salesforce Lightning App Development

It can provide you with a detailed relationship between various Salesforce data objects that may include required fields, field values the master-details relationship for standard and custom objects. You can easily update or modify the relationship between objects with the ease of point and click. As soon as you will drag any relationship, schema builder will automatically apply the changes and save new schema relationship for the newly designed schema. It can drastically improve the speed of data management.

With the help of schema builder user have to spend less time setting up a business data model and more they can focus on designing and developing their required app.


Salesforce has released its Lightning version after Classic model. The lightning platform provides attractive charts and dashboards that can help the reps in increasing their productivity and focus. As today responsive and mobile apps are must for any business, so Lightning components can make the customized Salesforce apps mobile compatible. Availability of ready-to-use apps and Lightning components can speed-up the designing part as well and businesses can focus on their goals.

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