Understanding the customization and development of apps with the help of Salesforce Lightning


Salesforce has taken the world by its awe. It has made CRM systems so easy to implement that everyone using it,loves it. The world of Salesforce is so massive that it needs a patient sitting to understand and check out all the wonderful features that it has to offer. First of all, there are a few different versions of Salesforce such as Salesforce Lightning, Salesforce Classic etc.

You need to ascertain what all features you need for your organization, then you need to figure out that how will you implement it in your setup, the next step would be to choose the consultant etc. All this is a vast sea to explore. You need to understand all these in detail if you wish to see the changes you want in your business to actually become a reality. This particular article will deal with only one particular aspect of Salesforce, and that is,how it enables you to get more customized application development with the updates to Lightning version.

This article will focus on:

  1. Salesforce App Development
  2. What are the Various Salesforce Custom App Development Options?
  3. Benefits of Having Salesforce Lightning Customized app
  4. How updates to salesforce lightning can enable you to get more customized apps?

What is Salesforce app development?

Building apps are like an expedition. The process can differ contingent on your application’s requirements and its purpose, but the basic fundamentals of developing a concrete groundwork are all the same. Knowing your organization inside and out, defining and meeting your projected requirements, and systematizing processes to increase efficacy are all building blocks for generating aswift CRM system.

Salesforce Lightning is by far one of the best versions available in the world of Salesforce user interface environments. The new version has been drawn-out from your mobile devices to your desktop and ultimately to your very own Visualforce pages as well. In this way, the user experience has been magnified by the Salesforce team, which in turn makes your Salesforce instance, lightning-ready. In order to get the best out of the returns from an extremely glorified UI/UX experience, you would be required to redo a lot of customization, workflows, information and control panels, applications, and Visualforce pages.

Instead of building your applications from ground zero, how convenient would it be if you could use a simple drag-and-drop library of effortlessly configurable application components? With the Salesforce Lightning App Builder and the Lightning Component Framework, app designers and their respective business partners can now syndicate custom and standard components along with components derivable from the AppExchange to build amazing applications even more rapidly.

What are the various Salesforce Custom App Development Options?

Take a look at all the options that you have if you have to use the Salesforce Custom App Development-

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Understanding the customization and development of apps with the help of Salesforce Lightning

Einstein and the AppExchange

Quite a lot of possibilities for customization exist in the system itself. There is no “one size that fits all” Salesforce custom growth methodology. However, many options which are offered through the AppExchange carry on growing.

Salesforce Lightning Experience

When implemented correctly, Salesforce custom development improves the customer experience manifold which raises acceptance rates and surges Salesforce reliability. There are many features and components associated with Salesforce Lightning that will help you customize your application.

Using Custom Settings and Metadata in Custom Salesforce Development

On Force.com “apps are data-centric and adhere to a metadata-driven development model. Each app is built around a structured database, which is defined as part of the development process.” Because of this paradigm, it is possible to adapt all applications to some of your commercial processes using the Custom Metadata Types.

Integrating Salesforce Custom Development with Existing Tools

Salesforce offers various ways for integration with your already existing app solutions. Force.com allow the app developers to assimilate third-party services into their applications. The APIs can be called from any software design language that supports the web services such as C#, Java, Ruby, and PHP- so that a third-party program can use and employ Force.com apps from other server locations too.

Extending Salesforce Custom Development with Heroku

In various cases, it is essential to implement Heroku in order to extend the capabilities of Salesforce to be able to match the requirements of the business. In fact, many e-commerce titans like Soylent and Macy’s presently use Heroku with their Salesforce experiences. 

The benefits of having SalesforceLightning Customized App

Isn’t it wonderful to work on something that is built only for you.Here are a few quick pointers on why is it good to have Salesforce customized the app.

Understanding the customization and development of apps with the help of Salesforce Lightning

  • Lightning components of Salesforce provide you with an efficient client-server structure that not only accelerates development but also the app’s performance.
  • The Lightning App Builder enables you to build apps visually, without any complicated computer codes, faster than ever before using standard and customized Lightning constituents. You can now make your Lightning components easily available in your Lightning App Builder so that the administrators can shape up really useful custom user interfaces without any complicated code.
  • Every Lightning app comes with a navigation bar on the top of the home page, letting your users:
  • Discover what they require, simply using an item’s name for an easy recognition.
  • Complete their actions and access latest records as well as lists with a single click only.
  • You can use Lightning’s Developer Services to quickly swirl up applications for any and all use cases, as you can easily use again all the code across all the components that too without breaking any of your previous customization.
  • You can add various colours, themes, and your own branding elements just by a few simple clicks, and you can even personalize the content and pages for any of the customers.
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How updates to Salesforce lightning can enable you to get more customized apps?

Understanding the customization and development of apps with the help of Salesforce Lightning

Lightning is the very foundation of everything that you do in order to extend and get more value from your CRM. And currently my Lightning tools are helping everybody do even extra to personalize apps and to brand your employee mobile experience. All of this just with a built-in trust and security with the help of the world’s number 1 enterprises cloud platform.

Updates to Salesforce lightning can enable you to get more customized apps in the following manner-

Understanding the customization and development of apps with the help of Salesforce Lightning

Trusted Cloud Infrastructure

Salesforce is the world’s most relied upon an enterprise cloud infrastructure system. So every app that you create with Lightning comes up with org security, customer security, programmatic security, faith, and effectiveness. 

Built-in Shared Services

You get a head start on an app’s building with Salesforce Lightning’s metadata-driven design, framework, APIs, incorporation, and connectivity facilities. 

Data and Events

You are able to reduce point-to-point combinations with Salesforce Lightning’s event-driven messaging style that let apps to communicate inside as well as outside of Salesforce.

Multi-platform Mobile App Development

You get access to powerful apparatuses for development of multi-platform mobile application development. 


It is a new theming and design feature of Salesforce Lightning that enables business users to select explicit brand images, also the colors, so that their apps can reflect their brands better.

Filter Conditions and logic

An updated version of the App Builder lets the customers build dynamic pages that can offer different experiences to different customers. By way of adding filter conditions and logic, the App Builder customer can now control when certain modules appear on a page and when not.


Salesforce is a CRM system that is helping everyone who comes across it. It is giving you personalized setups which can further be customized. There is a solution for everything when it comes to Salesforce. Earlier you used to configure only your cloud network, but with the restless efforts of the Salesforce team you can now customize your personal apps. You have so many options to do that. You have an array of services to choose from. You already know about the perks of using Salesforce Lightning to customize your app, keep reading keep learning for more.

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