How To Get Salesforce Mobile App Development Services With Low Coding


Salesforce has given a new platform especially for those who do not have any interest in coding or who do not want to code. Focus of Salesforce is on low code development and therefore it has launched its Lightning platform, where even any non programmer can build and design the Salesforce app. Though Salesforce has given such platform, but at the same time, even the coders or technical persons can also do something extra with such platform. Here the low code solutions can be developed by both coders and non coders and they can use them differently.

Salesforce App Cloud Mobile

App Cloud platform of Salesforce has the tools especially for mobile apps. It involve the tools to design front end and back end of the mobile apps, which are compatible with Salesforce’s platform and API, even using the Heroku PaaS. Salesforce launched this platform, just due to demand or requirement of its customers. As the customers want to access the apps on their mobile, moreover they want to have the apps which look beautiful and is completely secure, along with ability to get connected to various data sources.

By considering all of these features, Salesforce launched the app Cloud for building mobile apps on Salesforce Platform. Salesforce, a SaaS vendor of cloud based CRM, spent a lot of time to build a platform, which can provide the featured environment to all Salesforce developers and no-developers both. Such platform was the one, which Salesforce wanted to provide its users, so that they can develop the customized mobile apps, which not only look beautiful, but also have a number of features. These responsive apps gave freedom to the user to access the apps from any part of the world and at any time.

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  Various Salesforce App Development Platforms

 Firstly Salesforce provided Apex for the Salesforce app development, after which it launched platform, so that more complex and customized apps can be developed by the salesforce developers for their use, both of these platforms were based on Salesforce platform. Salesforce Lightning was launched for Salesforce mobile app development, Salesforce1 mobile app platform is also used to develop mobile oriented apps, here the developer can also use Heroku PaaS. So these all Salesforce mobile app development platforms of Salesforce help the Salesforce user to develop any responsive app.

Salesforce app cloud usually bundles all of the three services altogether, so that the user or the developer can control the access of data and services, and distribute the code either inside or outside the business. Through low code technique or the drag and drop features of Lightning platform, developer can build any of the required componenet. Here the developer can choose the tool and language of his own choice in order to make the new app, which is completely customized and as per the requirement. With many technical capabilities the user or Salesforce developer can develop either a code based or direct Salesforce app.

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  Easy to Build Salesforce Lightning App

It is quite easier to build any Salesforce Lightning app, it is just a browser based tool from where you can select any layout of your choice. The required componenets can be directly drag and drop on this layout, and once this complete component gets ready, you can put it on the Salesforce 1 app container. Such components, once developed then can be used at any number of times and to access them, there is no need to download the components from AppExchange platform. Any of the published update is also available instantly for the user.

Salesforce is doing a lot to make its App Cloud feature rich and balanced. Traditional developers are also provided a complete development platform, so that they feel free to use and develop any featured app. Moreover, such platform is provided to the user, so that the data can be accessed stored and used in minimum time and the business can be benefited completely.


Salesforce is improving its features day by day as per its user’s requirement. The responsive feature was not available in the earlier versions of Salesforce Lightning and through Salesforce1 and Lightning platform it gave Salesforce mobile app development.

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