5 Stunning Ways to Optimize Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect


This blog on the ways to optimize Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect features a brief intro to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect and then goes on to discuss the leading five ways in which you can optimize the working of this amazing technology for your advantage.

Introduction to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect

Marketing Cloud Connect incorporates your Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance with Salesforce Sales, Service, and Community Clouds. It’s a simple to-design set of users that can convey extraordinary advantages to your marketers, sales and service reps, and—most essential—your client

Marketing Cloud has apparatuses to construct excellent and very customized email messages. With Marketing Cloud Connect, you join the intensity of Email Studio with access to Salesforce reports and campaigns. That connection lets you effortlessly target clients and customize messages to them utilizing all your CRM information specifically in Marketing Cloud.

Marketing Cloud Connect joins the computerized advertising capacities of Marketing Cloud with the information the executives, division, and crusade management devices in Salesforce. Make unitary client associations with more information-driven, customized discussions and the capacity to mechanize the client journey. With Marketing Cloud Connect, get to amazing Marketing Cloud devices specifically inside Sales or Service Clouds. Guarantee a predictable branding and informing knowledge, while connecting with clients in pertinent discussions, and eventually driving more leads into Salesforce.

With Marketing Cloud Connect and Journey Builder, you can tune in for events from Salesforce CRM, for example, another contact being made or an administration case being closed—to launch clients into voyages and to trigger the underlying email, SMS, or push message.

And after that, contingent upon how your clients connect with those messages, Journey Builder can make or refresh records inside Sales, Service, and Community Cloud as activities within a client journey.

Five Tips for Optimizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect

When executed, numerous teams battle to understand the full advantages accessible with Marketing Cloud Connect. There are frequent key process changes and contemplations that are forgotten yet ought to be on top of the mind of the Salesforce Admin. Here are five things to remember for improving the integration among Marketing and Sales Cloud.

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1). Use Salesforce Record ID as Subscriber Key in Marketing Cloud

So as to reliably distinguish Contacts crosswise over the clouds, it’s imperative to utilize SFDC record ID as Subscriber Key to extraordinarily recognize Contacts in Marketing Cloud. When utilizing the connected application, or sending from Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud consequently references endorsers in email studio utilizing Salesforce record ID. In the event that the record is another lead or contact, they will be added to your All Subscribers list with their lead/contact ID. In the event that you are utilizing an alternate ID value (like email address) for different campaigns, you will make copy endorsers and limit your capacity to use the connector later on without making bad data.

2). Create New Lead and Contact Records in Sales Cloud First

Value-based and activated messages can get precarious while originating from API calls outside Sales Cloud. In these cases, it’s vital to reach is being made in Sales Cloud first. A Lead/Contact ID should be set as Subscriber Key (see above) preceding making calls into Marketing Cloud from outside frameworks. On the off chance that an email is activated in Marketing Cloud for an email address that does not yet exist in Sales Cloud, the record will get added to All Subscribers with the wrong supporter key. This could cause real headaches not far off like duplicates and inaccurate subscriber preferences.

3). Use Salesforce Data as the Entry Source for Journeys

Utilizing the Salesforce data passage source in Journey Builder makes commencing and overseeing complex adventures a lot less difficult. The connector enables you to choose Sales Cloud objects that should trigger adventures, at that point make guidelines to additionally refine your group of onlookers. One precedent is to set up Journey Builder to screen a custom “Cart” object in Salesforce. At the point when a Cart is made or refreshed with a status of “Abandoned”, begin the related Contact down an adventure, urging them to get the latest relevant point of interest.

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4). Replace API Calls from External Systems with Triggers in Salesforce

A decent place to begin in the wake of standing up MC Connect is to recognize objects in Salesforce that when refreshed, should trigger marketing messages or campaigns. There are frequently basic updates to existing marketing programs that can reference Salesforce as opposed to depending on an outside API call into Marketing Cloud. For instance, you can trigger a “Welcome” email when a Contact is made in Sales Cloud. Just go into Sales Cloud and explore to the Marketing Cloud application. Once there, select “Triggered Send” and set up the criteria for the send alongside the Marketing Cloud email that ought to be activated.

5). Segment Audiences using Salesforce Reports or Campaigns

With Salesforce Data Extensions, you can deal with your audience of people sections a similar way you make reports in Sales Cloud. This includes making a report or campaign in Salesforce, at that point making an Import Activity in Marketing Cloud to discover the report/campaign and bring those contacts into Marketing Cloud. When a procedure is set up to deal with the creation and import of reports, it winds up simpler to make explicit portions like “Clients with Anniversaries Today” and send custom-made content. This methodology likewise enables you to use your current reports and campaigns so you can rapidly begin informing the general population that matter the most.

Final Words

Well, in the end, I would also like to mention that Marketing Cloud Connect highlights work well in Salesforce Classic instances too. Those who are using Salesforce Lightning Experience of Salesforce are mechanically redirected to Salesforce Classic once Marketing Cloud Connect buttons are snapped. I hope that the blog has opened new gateways for you in utilizing the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector. There is a lot more than you can do with this technology. Keep Reading! Keep Learning!

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