Next Gen platform to design mobile apps introduced by Salesforce


Salesforce App cloud works with, ExactTarget Fuel and Heroku into one big platform to come up with one of the finest tools to improve sales and marketing techniques. Since they have established in 2013, they have come a long way now and finally released one of their most desirable platforms in the form of Salesforce1, which was created to design social and mobile apps in a very simple yet effective manner.

Salesforce describes salesforce1 as a way to connect the “Internet of customers”. It was introduced with a vision to create mobile apps rapidly to perform with Salesforce’s service, sales and marketing apps including, Heroku and ExactTarget Fuel simultaneously. Salesforce1 is one automatic and free update for existing Salesforce customers.

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How Salesforce1 was created?  

With a new set of API’s and some mobile app development tools that includes AppExchange, Salesforce1 was built. Evernote, Dropbox and LinkedIn also signed up to add apps to AppExchange. But nothing much can be said as API set is indistinguishable. With salesforce1, existing apps can be made social, mobile and future proof.

How Salesforce1 is a must tool for every commerce?

Today, mobile devices has become a usual way to connect with people both personally and professionally. Other than interacting with friends and family, mobile devices are used all around the world for marketing, promotion and reaching out to the people. It gives you the freedom to expand your geographical area to do business, no matter where you are. Salesforce1 aids you in creating those innovative mobile based applications for your business and tackle all the issues related to mobile devices to increase your productivity by maintaining a healthier customer relationship and increasing the potential of your employees, partners and resources.

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Salesforce is now losing shares to its competitors like Microsoft, but with its third party file storage service and other features, it is still leading by a greater margin as the most widely used CRM tools.

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