How to Check CRM System Required for Business or Not?


You must have heard of CRM systems a plenty of times but are you really sure if your business actually needs a CRM or not. If you know then you are ready to make the jump and move ahead. There are a plenty of scenarios that will explain to you why CRM is crucial for a business success. If any of these situations satisfy your business condition then a successful CRM implementation can actually make a difference to your Business ROIs.

Here, in this blog, we will present different cases when you actually need a CRM. Read all the facts carefully and decide either you need a CRM or not.

Why Your Business Needs a CRM System?

  • Need a single view of customers
  • Need meaningful insights into sales and business performance
  • Are you still generating reports manually?
  • Customer Data is not tracked Properly
  • Customer details are accessible at workplace only
  • Facing troubles in personalizing the content and offers
  • Scaling is still an Issue

1). Need a single view of customers

If your customers or the order information are scattered at multiple places? If yes, then this is one of the biggest reasons why someone needs a CRM. When your customer details are spread in a spreadsheet then this is the biggest advantage that doesn’t give complete details about the customers to your sales reps.

When information is incomplete then how would know about customer interests and previous interactions made with them. The reason is information is not updated automatically every time you contact customers. In brief, there is not a single view of customers and it could annoy the potential leads badly.

“With the help of a robust CRM system, you can always bring complete details together from different departments like sales, services, or marketing etc. It helps you to access, track, analyze, or sort the customer details quickly anywhere anytime.”

2). Need meaningful insights into sales and business performance

If you don’t have the single view of customers then you could never gain meaningful insights on sales and business performance too. How would you recognize what sales team is doing and area of improvements for more profits and better ROIs?

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“The best idea is to adopt a CRM system here that could make your sales team more productive and accountable. It will result in more lead generation in the end.”

3). Are you still generating reports manually?

Is your team still preparing reports by hand? Well, this is a highly time-consuming process that results in loss of productivity and wastes the most valuable time of your sales team too. There is no doubt that report generation process by hand is always tedious and painful.

“The solution is to use robust CRM here like Salesforce that results in automatic report generation and gains meaningful insights into the monthly progress of a sales team against their quotas.”

4). Customer Data is not tracked Properly

This is really hard scheduling follow-ups with customers all the time especially when you don’t know either they are interested in your products or not and what is the level of interests? When customer interactions are not tracked properly then they are often lost in between and the potential leads would leave the business finally.

“The best solution is using a CRM here that will keep track of all previous interactions and organize them at one place only. They can be checked anytime even after years too.”

5). Customer details are accessible at workplace only

When the sales reps are out of the field then how would you collect the details that are needed to close a deal? Every time when some sales rep meets the prospects outside and discover the valuable details too then how can you see it. Also, how can other members of the team could analyze the information? In this case, data is generally stored in handwritten form only and the laptop is a gold mine that would take you to the new heights.

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“With the help of a Cloud-based CRM system, the information is directly stored in the cloud and it can be accessed by other employees too anytime anywhere. You could check and analyze the customer details instantly whenever you need it. Also, the same information is available to everyone who needs it from the sales department to the service department within your business.”

The best cloud-based CRM system available so far is Salesforce that helps you to store information in the cloud and it can be accessed anytime whenever you need it.

6). Facing troubles in personalizing the content and offers

Are you sending all offer details and content to your prospects independently? This is true that based on industry, location, and stage of the buying process, you have to personalize the content details but manually? This is not the right away for running a business in case of giant IT companies like Amazon, Flipkart and more. So, what is the solution?

“Well, the best solution is to adopt a CRM system that could help you in personalizing the content and offers. Here, the scheme can be generated automatically based on selected parameters and criteria.”

7). Scaling is still an Issue

What to do when the size of your Company grows from 200 to 2000? Here, the most confident option is a cloud-based CRM system where you can scale all products and services quickly in the best possible way.

So, you must have determined till now either you need a CRM or not. You can move ahead by deciding on the right CRM solution like Salesforce and also check out what makes Salesforce the world’s pioneer cloud-based CRM.

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