Salesforce And The High-Five Advantages Of Using It


CRM heard that word before? You must have, since it is a paramount necessity to know and understand this word and its concept. Salesforce is a form of a CRM system that makes CRM of your company a very easy task. This article will clear a lot of questions related to Salesforce such as Reasons to Choose Salesforce, Why to use Salesforce, Why is it the Best CRM for business etc.

We shall deal with the following aspects in this article.

  • What is Salesforce?
  • Why is it the best CRM for your business?
  • Five reasons to choose Salesforce

Salesforce And The High-Five Advantages Of Using It

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a virtual client assistant that is helping the CRM teams across the world to store their data and keep an easy track of it. It is a CRM system that can restructure and computerize all of your business processes.

In the very own words of the, Salesforce describes itself as “Salesforce is the innovative company behind the world’s #1 CRM platform. Our software is cloud-based, so it doesn’t require a team of IT experts to set up or manage — you just log in and start using it.”

You may call it a virtual bank where you debit and credit all the information of your customers.

The best part of Salesforce is that it is completely Cloud-based or you can say that it is available in cloud computing, which means that all its applications are transported over the virtual space which is the internet and you can run it in any web browser. This facilitates you by granting you the access to them from any smart device. 

Salesforce And The High-Five Advantages Of Using It

Why is it the best CRM for your business?

You definitely do not want to miss reading this part of the article as it gives you some real facts about Salesforce CRM for your business.

If you do not have a good relationship with your customers then it is an obstacle in your path of success. The better the relationship with your customer, the easier it is for you to conduct your business and generate better revenue. Therefore, using a technology to improve your CRM services makes good business sense. Salesforce is that technology which can make your CRM an extremely effortless process.

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Here is a screenshot of a happy user of Salesforce given on the website of Salesforce itself.

Salesforce And The High-Five Advantages Of Using It

The main idea of Salesforce is to give your business a 360 degree turn in terms of all the important aspects of a business enterprise. We have given an image here highlighting how it can affect five major hemispheres of your business namely

  • Marketing
  • IT support
  • Customer Support
  • Application Integration
  • Management

Not only this, it also helps you create a perfect cross-connection among various departments in your enterprise. All your teams work on the same cloud, therefore data and working of one team is available to all others, at the same time.

Five reasons to choose Salesforce

Customer Satisfaction: 

Salesforce is going to help you achieve the biggest bone in a marketer’s throat and that is customer satisfaction. Today’s customers need personalized service across all the platforms. When your customer support team has got all that is needed on a customer’s profile, they can very well meet this challenge.

Salesforce keeps all the history related to a customer at one place. You have everything that you need, his last order, last payment, last feedback, etc. You have details of the social channels your customer is frequent to. You also get a pattern of their choice and the methods they adopt before making a deal. 

Salesforce And The High-Five Advantages Of Using It

Sales team management:

Most of the time your sales team is tied up tallying sales-call sheets on a periodic basis. Salesforce puts a period to all such activities. With precise metrics in hand, it becomes easy for the sales team to form sales data analytics. The risks associated with coverage in a particular area are minimal as you have everything covered thanks to Salesforce.

With the help of AI, you can form a better analysis of the data that you get. It will itself give you the statistical pictures of your sales. You can modify it according to your convenience whether you want it to be graphically represented or tabulated on sheets etc.

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Feedback: also provides for real-time competitive analytics, along with the Lead & Marketing automation tools. This helps to identify customers who are disappointed with the level of service that they’re receiving. A smart handling of feedback is the key to keeping a healthy relationship with your customers or even visitors.

Enhanced lead conversion:

Salesforce not only helps you keep your customers loyal and satisfied with you, but it also helps you with the probability of your leads conversion. Their software is able to extract leads from marketing campaigns, website visits as well as outbound calls. It processes the data and gives a heads up to your marketing team to grab the opportunity at its earliest.

You get a better insight into your clients’ activities so that gives you a chance to personalize your services accordingly and predict the future needs well in advance. When you are already prepared for the future, there is no way that your leads will not materialize.

Increase in revenue:

When your human resources are intact and working in good harmony, your customers are satisfied with what you have to offer them, you are getting opportunities to convert every possible lead to a customer then you expect nothing but an improvement in your bottom line.

Salesforce is much cost effective as it helps you generate more and more revenue. It gives you perfect metrics of all the activities that you are doing. You can actually see everything that is going on and not only that you get automated calculations of all of it.


It is quite evident from the above discussion that Salesforce CRM is something you cannot do away with. You have to keep learning more and more about it. It has everything that you need to get your business ball rolling. If you have to be successful in your business, you need to implement Salesforce on a priority basis. A business is called successful only when it has an organized and effective way of assembling leads, so that they can be converted to actual customers and ultimately to loyal customers.

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