Why Your Business Needs a Cloud Solution?


A plenty of businesses have been shifted to the cloud solutions during the last few years. The cloud computing is described as the system of using computer services over the web and it is also popular as the on-demand computing too.

Usually, Companies have to spend a lot of time in developing or installing software solutions to increase the output from existing business operations. With the help of Cloud Computing, businesses could access software programs on the internet as a service, platform, or the infrastructure. Most importantly, cloud computing is a safe solution to share or store data frequently.

This is possible for staff to access services anytime, from any location to complete important administrative tasks. The cloud computing services are majorly divided into three popular categories – IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS etc.

Why Your Business Needs a Cloud Solution?

You could choose any of the services based on your business needs or demands. If you are still confused, why should you move to the cloud, here are the top seven reasons you should consider to make the choice little clear and more confident for you.

We will discuss on each of the benefits one by one in detail later. First, you should know what is cloud computing and the service modes for cloud computing too.

Infographic Top Reasons why your Business Need a Cloud Solution

Infographic Top Reasons why your Business Need a Cloud Solution

Firstly Let’s Understand What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a new buzz in the technical marketplace where apps or services can be accessed anywhere anytime with the help of an internet connection. In the past, apps were hosted on the personal server located nearby you and it was highly expensive to manage as well. At the same time, cloud-based apps are quite interesting, affordable, and they are hosted on a virtual server away from you. Let us see some real-life examples of cloud computing for a better understanding of the concept –

  • For example, every time you check the Inbox messages on Gmail, you are using the cloud services.
  • The next interesting example is Facebook where each status update is a solid example of the Cloud.
  • The banking system is also using the cloud computing services. Every time you check the balance online or perform some transaction, you are again on the Cloud.

The examples are just the endless but a few are enough for a better understanding the topic. The most popular attributes that are making the cloud computing even more successful are shown in the image below –

Why Your Business Needs a Cloud Solution?

Service Models for the Cloud Computing

The three popular service models for cloud computing are IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Now the choice is yours either you wanted to use infrastructure, Platform, or Software as a service. Most importantly, Cloud computing take care of everything from apps to services or any other particular hardware requirement. You just focus on the innovation and find more ways to enhance the ROI for your business.

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Why Your Business Needs a Cloud Solution?

Top 7 Reasons your business should move to the Cloud

We have already discussed the benefits in bullets earlier. This is the right time for a detailed discussion and why should you choose the cloud for your business ultimately.

1). Highly Affordable

Running or establishing any data center independently is not easy and quite expensive too. For this purpose, you need a complete range of physical resources, and hire technicians to complete the installation work successfully.

At the same time, if you are moving to the cloud then you need to pay for procured services only. You have the flexibility to release yourself from services whenever needed. More interestingly, the cloud helps you to cut down the overall investments for your business and adds to ROI.

You must be wondering how cloud packages are defined generally. They are defined on the basis of features, storage, number of users, memory management, time, space etc. You can always choose the best from the available range and manage the overall costs for your business too.

2). More Flexible

The other major benefit of cloud computing is flexibility or enhanced mobility. It gives you and your team the flexibility to work from remote location whenever needed. Also, employees can complete their work even if they are not available on the desk.

In this way, the total number of workstations are reduced within your office and it allows employees to work from the remote location and save the overall costs for your Company. With Cloud computing, you can always monitor the business operations effectively. With the help of a simple internet connection, get the real-time access to different business operations and manage them in your own way.

3). Can be Scaled-up Quickly

Do you know how growth was planned traditionally? There was a need to buy expensive services, storage plans, licenses, and much more resources. All this you need to plan many years back before you actually start using the reserve resources.

On the other hand, scaling with cloud computing is quite affordable, easy, and a pleasing experience too. You just need to buy one package and start the work immediately. You have the flexibility to change package anytime based on your needs.

This is not necessary that package need to expand only but you can shrink the same if you don’t need that many resources or storage space later.

4). No worries of Backups

In the traditional time, computing was linked to backups, especially for the long time span. In case of any disaster, it may lead to the permanent data loss if you have not planned any backup for your Company data.

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When you store data on the cloud, there is no need for any extra backup plans but it is done automatically at the backed. It means your data is safe all the time even if it is not stored on your personal computer. Doesn’t that sound quite interesting? With a simple internet connection, you are free to access data and for a disaster recovery too.

5). Amazing Data Protection

In a few cases, the data storage is much faster on the cloud instead of storing the same on physical servers or data centres. Also, if data is attacked on your system, it will be safe on the cloud. You don’t have to worry even if your laptop is stolen.

You have the flexibility to access the confidential details on the cloud and switch to another account anytime. Breaching security or data hacking on the cloud is not easy and it assures maximum data protection for your Company. Now you must be sure of the cyber security in the cloud.

6). A plenty of choices

We have already discussed the different service models for cloud computing like IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS etc. You can choose any of them and their subcategories too based on your requirements. Don’t forget to compare the rates or plan whenever needed.

7). Enhanced collaboration

Business owners are always trying to find out the best solution to boost the team productivity and enhance the overall performance of your team members. Cloud computing is one of the best solutions that help you in achieving the goals quickly.

There is flexibility for staff members to share or collaborate complete projects even they are working from the remote locations. They could share the real-time data and updates as it was done in offices. Additionally, the cloud computing eliminates the need for repetitive tasks or data entry jobs.


This is clear from the discussion that the level of efficiency, productivity, and cost savings are improved significantly when you are planning to move your business to the cloud. The best idea is shifting the operations gradually and avoid data loss or data manipulation during the migration.

Further, don’t forget to compare the cloud computing services from different providers and decide on the right provider. Your ability to make the maximum benefits from the cloud depends on the choice of right service provider. Check referrals and conduct a thorough background check to get the most professional cloud computing services.

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