Intensify ROI with Cloud Computing Services


Many businesses seeking to satisfy customer needs have adopted cloud computing services and regressively implemented the strategy. This is a daunting task shifting from traditional IT techniques to the modern cloud system.

For this purpose, it is necessary to encourage adoption and make people realize the true potential capabilities of cloud computing services. The adoption of new and innovative cloud strategy results in cost reductions, improved business performance, and enhanced ROI.

ROI is the most attractive term that measures the financial success of a business. So, ready to explore the cloud computing capabilities that affect the final ROI for any business. ROI is the proportionate increase in investment value over the time.

There are four popular styles that affect the ROI and helps to improve it – investments, revenues, costs reduction, and make the returns faster. With the cloud techniques, this is possible to achieve them but all of them cannot be achieved together.

SO, what are the major factors that contribute to ROI? They are generally related to productivity, speed, size, and quality of the project. In this blog, we will discuss on all of these aspects one by one and help you to build ROI with cloud computing services.

Productivity – Increased business with less utilization of IT

For most of the businesses, there are few months they earn higher as compared to other months. When business is low, in-house systems are used at limited capacity only but in the peak time when in-house systems don’t have enough capacity to handle the workloads, it may result into loss of business ultimately. The solution i+6s cloud technologies that can be leveraged with your current IT infrastructure that finally leads the ROI for your business.

  • Resource Utilization – With the cloud computing, this is possible to share resources to handle the workloads thus improves the utilization. The sharing can be made within an enterprise or it may be among multiple enterprises too. The rewards are generally higher in the end.

The sharing can be done at infrastructure level too where multiple platforms or services can be hosted at the same physical layer that is described under IaaS cloud service model. For PaaS, it means apps from different clients are hosted on the same operating system. For SaaS, it signifies that clients share the same application instances.

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Intensify ROI with Cloud Computing Services

For the shared resources, the cost reduces automatically for support, maintenance, and initial investments etc. Additionally, cloud computing usually results in lower IT costs with an extensive problem-solving approach.

Speed – Less time to deployment with improved operation services

The second major factor that contributes to ROI is the improved speed of operations to reach the ultimate goal faster. With the cloud computing services, this is possible for any enterprise to acquire the resources quickly when the configuration of resources is already available clear to you.

When choice for multiple resources at physical or software level has been speeded up then time to deployment for new products or services would cut down automatically.

With the cloud computing services, organizations can develop new plans to expand their business and services deployment or infrastructure deployment can be completed in more proactive manner.

Intensify ROI with Cloud Computing Services

The speed of cost reduction can be tremendous with cloud services when compared to traditional IT techniques. The higher will be the rate of cost reductions, better will be the profitability that ultimately results in enhanced ROI in the end.

Next comes IT assets management where investment in data, knowledge, software, and infrastructure assets is taken as lifeblood operations for any organization. When execution speed of business operation will be accelerated, the cloud computing services will speed up the IT assets management process too.

Most of the enterprises have wrong assets portfolio that doesn’t reflect their actual requirements. When you are moving to the cloud, you have the clear picture of each and every asset that can be utilized throughout the business process execution.

In brief, cloud computing facilitates better optimization of complete IT assets portfolio. With the cost-effective IT assets management cycle, this is possible to improve runtime and design time performance of a system then ultimately leads enhanced ROI for your business.

Size – Break the grounds with new operative models

The overall cost reduction and faster delivery of services generate more business and lead a larger scale of operations too. The exciting thing is that cloud computing is not only about incremental improvements but disruptive information too that is achieved through the new operative models.

With the cloud computing, the costs for additional infrastructure reduces significantly when you want to test or enter a new market. It enables the quick entry and exit from the market and expands your business services as always expected by you. Existing or new markets can be explored with well-planned and speculative interventions for ultimate growth of the business.

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Quality – A commitment to deliver high valued services

The scalable operation services usually result in more revenues and enhanced ROI. The usage of quality operations, better assets, and faster delivery is the reason for biggest margins and increased profits.

You are not alone planning to adopt or already adopted the cloud computing services but your competitors are using the same tactics to grow their business performance. So, how should you face the challenge?

In the cost-driven market when everyone is focused towards cost-cutting, you have the opportunity to increase the quality of your services with better commitment and hard work. With the effective products, this is possible to sustain the growth for years.

Build ROI with Cloud Computing Services

There are a plenty of things to consider when deciding whether to choose cloud services or not and the most important factor to consider out of all is ROI. For a cloud-based project, the ROI should be compared with the traditional IT solutions and check how it can be beneficial for your business. To see the trade-offs among various factors involved, you need to prepare a model how will you get the ROI.

The model typically includes the study of assets, revenues, time to deployment, time to market, features, quality, size, productivity, scalability etc. You can make the calculations in your head but strongly recommended to opt for a computer modeling tool for the accurate results. Much of the models are based on four popular financial terms – investments, revenues, costs and the return.

Final Words:

When investor just puts the money in expectation of returns then calculation of ROI is much simpler. In the case of a corporate environment where you have to focus on multiple things, the situation can be a little bit complicated for you.

Instead of making yourself confused with so many financial terms, this is always good to opt for four popular ones – Productivity, Speed, Size, and Quality. These are the keys to success that helps to rethink ROI in a more comprehensive way.

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