How Can You Resend Unopened Mass Emails To Those Particular Contacts?


As per the reports of Radicati Group, on an average, 204 billion emails are sent per day. No wonder email marketing and email communication has become a must for every company. The nascent step of every digital campaign, online marketing etc is to send out emails. Email is one powerful weapon which if used properly can yield results beyond expectations.

What are mass emails?

As the name itself suggests, the emails that are sent to a large recipient group. It is the first step towards a communication wherein you wish to receive sign-ups for future communications. Usually, mass mailing is not a very great option to get a good conversion rate but if they are done as a pylon for either a permission-based system or an opt-in system, recipients may tend to sign-up for a further or future communication with you.

Why resend unopened mass email?

A very obvious answer to that question would be to increase your email’s open rate. The email world basically follows three step code, which is either “Open Click Toss” or “Open Click Convert.” If you need more conversions you definitely need more opens. Here is some fascinating data that can help you understand the need of resending unopened emails.

How Can You Resend Unopened Mass Emails To Those Particular Contacts?

Now, studies have indicated that once you resend a mass email to the particular recipients who did not open your email the previous time, these stats have improved in the following manner-

How Can You Resend Unopened Mass Emails To Those Particular Contacts?

If we see them together we can see a clear improvement of about 8-10%. That, my dear friend, is a lot!!

How Can You Resend Unopened Mass Emails To Those Particular Contacts?

You can clearly see that the stats have improved greatly when the emails were resent to the recipients who did not open it the first time.

How to resend unopened mass emails in Salesforce?

How Can You Resend Unopened Mass Emails To Those Particular Contacts?

If you had used an HTML email template which was created in Salesforce to send the mass emails then, Eureka!! You are lucky as you can totally resend the email only to those recipients who did not open it the first time.

Follow the steps given here to resend the unopened emails using Salesforce-

  • Create a new Campaign
  • Go to Campaign Edit > New Campaign > Campaign Information > Campaign name.
  • Give the desired campaign name to this campaign.
  • Do not forget to tick on the small box given right next to the option of “Active” like given in the screenshot-How Can You Resend Unopened Mass Emails To Those Particular Contacts?
  • Once a new campaign has been created, you now need to run a status report called an HTML Email Status Report.
  • This report can be found under the options of Contact and keep on scrolling downwards till the time you see the option of “Reports” given there. Under the options of this “Reports” section, you will see the “HTML Email Status Report” option, select that.
  • Here is a screenshot was taken from the website of the shell back that gives you an idea as to how it would appear-How Can You Resend Unopened Mass Emails To Those Particular Contacts?
  • The next step is to run this report but only after you have applied the filters necessary to isolate the email that you wish to resend. This is because you may stumble upon an email record that is different from the one that you wish to send across. You will have to filter the “Opened?”field to equal “False” in order to know which all recipients did not open your email and to target only them. This is because you do not want to resend the email to someone who has already opened it as it will simply be a repetition and might just annoy the recipient.
  • Once all this is done you have to select the “Add Campaign” option.
  • From the following screen that you are redirected to select the option of “Second Pass Contacts” > “Sent” > “Add to Campaign” tab.
  • Once all of the steps have been taken care of properly, the next step is to send this mass email.
  • In order to do so, you now have to go back to the “Contacts” option.
  • Scroll down to the Contacts option, you will see the option of “Tools” select that.
  • Under the heading of Tools, you will get an alternative of “Mass email contacts”, Select that.
  • From the screen on which you are then redirected to, simply select the option of “Create New View”, fill in the fields that are given there.
  • Click on “Save.”
  • And Pheww!! You are done; your mass email has been sent to the recipients who hadn’t opened it previously.
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What Is The General Way To Mass Email Contacts That Didn’t Open Your Last Email?

How Can You Resend Unopened Mass Emails To Those Particular Contacts?

Many of the small and medium-sized companies are still using the old school methods of indulging in email marketing by way of sending emails through their email accounts such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail etc. if you wish to resend emails, in that case, you would need a mail tracking software. For example, if you are using Gmail you can simply use Mail Track and the built-in reading receipts option for Outlook and so forth. In this case scenario, you will have to assign a person whose job is to keep a track of the emails that you have sent so far.

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This person will create a list of all the recipients who did not open the email and then target them again. You can divide the task between two teams like one for tracking and one for resending emails or hand over the reins to one team altogether. This method is slow and extremely time-consuming. Do not forget that in the world of marketing, time is money!


Email marketing and communication is a great way to generate revenue and drive online campaigns. This is possible only when it works. There is absolutely no gain out of sending emails that simply end up in trash folder or spam folder. You invest your time and effort in spinning up an email that will engage your recipient instantly. Why would you want to give up that easily? You now already know that it can make a good difference to your revenue. Do not give up! Track your email reports, resend those emails and do the best you can to get the most out of that email drive.

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