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The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses- Malcolm X

We are in a digital era; there is hardly anything that has not been touched by the technology. Due to the manifold benefits that we get out of it, we almost depend on it for everything. Similarly the media companies these days are opting for CRM software solutions for their various workings and operations. Media companies of the present day have figured a better way to sustain their relationships with its advertisers and several other agencies it has to coordinate with. Wonder what is the best part about it? They have foregone apps and have gone a step higher by harnessing the cloud solutions to overcome the difficulties they have been facing. The media companies of today are opting for Salesforce to manage their Customer Relationships in entirety and they couldn’t be any happier. Let us take a look how Salesforce is doing that for them.

There is so much that a media company needs from its CRM. You require lead management, reports, viewership, accounts and contracts handling, swift collaboration etc. Salesforce has got something for everything. With easy customizations and a plethora of apps available to you, you can easily adapt it according to your media company’s needs.

Sail on Salesforce Cloud Solutions for your Media Company 

You can tailor make Salesforce Apps and Launch them quickly

The Salesforce CRM gives you a variety of apps, fields, pipelines, work processes, and reports that are all completely capable of being modified to fit your Media association’s needs. For example, each organization has distinctive leads or reports that they need to track with their reporters and Salesforce gives you that by complete customization. Over the years companies have discovered that most media organizations opt for these very adaptable CRMs to utilize its multifaceted nature of the customizations.

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Regular Updates and tools

Salesforce is the leader of the world CRM market. Not only are the media companies taking advantage of it but also many others. There is hardly any sector that has not been touched by this CRM. How do you think it is possible? It is possible because Salesforce walks with time. They release tri-annual updates and by this, they are able to match up the changing customer needs easily. Since requirements of Media companies change frequently so does the working of Salesforce to match up with them.

Salesforce and Social Media Integration

Social Media is one of the biggest aspects that the media companies need to manage. They can easily do so by integrating their Salesforce system with their Social Media accounts. You can go to the apps marketplace of Salesforce which is called AppExchange and get many apps for social media integration for free.

Better Network

A media company with no network and viewership is nothing but a lost business. With Salesforce you can easily put up stronger client relationships with good mobile apps and customizable tools to deal with your company’s subscriptions, look through content, update user profiles, and much more. In addition to that, Salesforce really makes it easy for in-house teams to work together in sync, track the progress of your leads or news articles, and give comments from anywhere.

Automate Daily Activities

We are in the era of fourth industrial revolution if you do not automate your internal systems and day to day tasks now, you will be left far behind by your competitors. It is time that you change your company upside down with Salesforce cloud solutions for ad sales as well as the ad management.  Salesforce offers you a wholly integrated media management solution that can automate your media company’s main activities, facilitate cross-team collaboration, and support total visibility from the point of insertion order to the last invoice fulfillment.

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Content Management

Salesforce can provide you with the amazing content management system. You can go to the app place and chose the Content App from there. Just by clicking on the Content tab you will be displayed several files, Web links, content packs, as well as various Google docs that have been published so far in your Salesforce CRM Content repository. All the content that you have entered so far is in the system and you can easily generate reports that need that content.

Automated Data Entry

The Salesforce CRM helps you to track customers and lead communications involuntarily, whether they’re in your company’s email, across your various social media accounts, or on a call. There are a diversity of automated functions contained by this wonderful CRM that can surely save you and your team a few minutes here and there but can rapidly begin to add up to meaningful hours in a week when used and implanted properly.

Eliminate Mistakes

With Salesforce you eliminate mistakes. Keep the latest data pertaining to your sales, marketing etc right in before your sales as well as marketing teams. Get rid of mistakes in your sales cycle by supervising and publishing the largely precise product specifications, your contract documents, or your price lists. You can take a speedy look for commonly viewed files, get concurrent alert updates whenever any content is updated, and utilize tags to easily categorize content across various libraries.


Salesforce can definitely take you to new heights with its various features. The best part about it is that it is cloud-based. You can host everything in the cloud and be tension free afterward as you can access any information from anywhere. It also accelerates your in-house communication channels as all your teams have got access to same data at the same time. In the media industry, you need to be on your toes all the time and Salesforce lets you do that easily as discussed above.

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