5 Ways How to Keep Employees Motivated


Venture can’t be made successful unless its employees feel motivated and connected. In fact, even the base of an entrepreneurial involvement lends emphasized focus onto good care to be rendered to employees as a strategy of increasing productivity. Besides, another motive of such emphasized focus is to maintain harmonious presence at workforce so that employees come to office under the belief that they are connected in sort of cordial relationships with the company/employer, not under the temptation for paycheck or forced obligation to work.

Motivated employees at workplace are the biggest factors yielding improved productivity and outcome of competitive leads for your organization. This is why enthusiasm, spirits and zeal of employees are well taken care of as tactics to boost up workforce productivity.

Jotted down below are five essential tips about how to keep employees motivated.


So, you are in a meeting room with the team of your best and handpicked think-tanks. Suddenly one of them feels encouraged to share his idea in light of your company’s dream to outmaneuver competitors. You heard the employee’s brainstorming some points, tirelessly in an attempt to win your approval.

What do you think the kind of emotional judgment the employee will have on you if you say nothing to his utterance?

Well, the received wisdom always suggests exercising prudence in circumstances like this, and that prudence is – tell your employees you liked their ideas and acknowledge the same in big round of applause. In this context, you have to think of the situation from the perspective of an employee, not from your standpoint or status as a boss of the company.

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Any words of praise from your mouth will energetically be motivational, galvanizing enthusiasm of your employees and sparking in them the sheer light of motivation.


There is unfortunately no dearth of those types of companies which show callous attitude toward employees, especially in terms of not acknowledging their honest contributions done to their employers. Employees are, after all, human beings driven by feelings and emotions. When they begin to perceive you as a standoffish and cold taskmaster who link contribution of their employees to their obligations for paycheck, then you lose their trust. They do not feel motivated and engaged.

Keep your employees motivated by giving them due credit for their contributions and loyalty..


Productivity runs quite profoundly in an organization that honors instinctive urge of employees to feel safe and important. A safe work environment permits the result of improved productivity, creating positivity in workspace, and which truly gives employees a ground to continue employment in your organization.

Fact is, creating a workspace with no room for humiliation and fear gives them sense of supportive protection. of which employees feel at ease with. The safer work environment, better productivity is next thing a company experiences.

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A workplace sans of freedom saps encouragement, and employees start to feel inertia, thus resulting in decreasing level of productivity at workplace. Therefore, if you want to keep your employees motivated, never let them have a workplace replete with boredom and annoyingly monotonous activity. Just devise plans to innovate workplace with new tasks accompanied by some scheduled short intermission for employees. This will, in turn, give your employees an opportunity to socialize with people, which will later improve overall productivity rate in your company.


If the job of your employees becomes more like an intrusion to their privacy or something as if they are forcibly subjugated to an imprisonment, it will ultimately demoralize and discourage the spirit of employees. As a result, it will damage productivity growth at workplace considerably, let alone making employees feel tensed.

Therefore, make sure that your employees do not encounter the situation of intrusive job, such as – too much supervision of works, and assigning overworks. If you manage to make their jobs cluster-free, you actually give your employees satisfaction, and they start to feel motivated for the job.

Based on the information shared above, you will keep your employees motivated, thereby helping your organization witness increased level of workforce productivity.

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