5 Social Media Techniques to Sell Your Products and Close the Deals


Selling products through social media is now seen to be a profitably useful tactic for businesses from across the globe. However, not everyone emerges to be a wizard of this art known as social marketing. Why? Because it demands certain strategies in place to be exercised prudently so that, the next time you launch any product or service of your brand, it could effectively be promoted and sold out to your target customers on social sites.

Here, we are talking about five social marketing techniques aiming to make your e-selling a success.

Five Social Media Techniques To Sell Your Products And Close The Deals


The intelligence of using social network to sell products lies in the fact that how broadly you are connected with your prospects. Experts believe that shift-gearing your focus on prospective clients and try to understand “client base” of your business can yield fruitful result or else, the sales result in as a worthless effort.

Interact with your prospects on whatever social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) they have chosen to make their presence felt. Facebook is unquestionably more superpower social media platform with increased visibility of numerous prospects, something you can maximize as a lucrative pull to turn people into buyers of your products.

Key points to follow:

  • Find your prospects on different social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.
  • Connect with the prospects.
  • Establish interaction by offering them products in a way considered very friendly and interesting.


Map out a workable strategy, such as – what are your customers? Are they entrepreneurs or educational professional? A young customer? Someone looking for services matching with what you offer?

Besides, let your prospects feel you are there to solve their problems. Share helpful guidelines. If truth to be told, the first thing you need to succeed your social marketing is to earn the trust of your prospects.


Received wisdom says, companies and brands that maximized the potentiality of content marketing had successfully materialized targeted sales achievements. This asserts power of content marketing par se in context of increasing your sales through social media sites.

Now a days, textual content is being fast dominated by its visual counterpart as the latter invigorates ‘buying’ urge in people more powerfully and convincingly. Hence, build a rock solid content pertinent to your sales.

The point is, create right content for your right customers and it will help you generate higher rate of progress in customers’ engagement.


The beauty of promoting and selling products through social media platforms is having the opportunity to interact with numerous prospects with ease and comfort. However, this turn up a mirage-like chase if you fail to reach at your prospects in a way that is sure to yield results in your favor.

Joining a community on social sites is one of such ways helping you take your products to large number of prospects.

For this, you have to be very cautious to ensure that your approach doesn’t sound to your prospects that you are to do business with them. This might be your inherent strategy but make it unnoticed. Focus on creating your individuality and earn trust from people.

The friendlier and accommodating you represent yourself, the better result it will fetch for your social marketing in terms of boosting up sales of your products.


This is one of the best strategies you must put in place to sell your products on social media.

Many companies which intently focus on adopting a hard-hitting campaign describing importance of their products in an inflated manner end up facing cold response from the prospects.

As said, do not let your prospects feel that your approach is sales-centric, as it conveys your motive is all commercial and so, it may lack creating human values. Therefore, when it comes to selling products on social media, one of the most productive ways is to build relationships with the prospects. This is a surefire way to succeed your sales on social media sites.

In short, selling products on social media is not a difficult chore at all, although it is made far more effective a tactic if you smartly plan your strategies and put in place workable techniques.

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